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Wrench screws are screws that can be opened and closed with a wrench. Furthermore, wrench screws are usually equipped with a coarse wood thread.

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Today we would like to tell you some things about the wrench screws, their construction and application as well as the preferred materials, so that you know exactly how these screws can be used when buying them. Today, the areas of application for wrench screws are as varied as the hairstyles of some women. The use of wrench screws has been slow to really take off with the industrial revolution at the beginning of the 19th century. before that, the wrench screw was already present in some places, but the real breakthrough of these screws was only with the advent of industry. Only then did the demand for such fasteners increase dramatically and so the production of such screws had to be increased enormously. The industry then demanded so much from the screws that the corresponding machines had to be designed for them, so that productivity could grow with them. But we would like to add a little more in the last section. Basically, key screws are made and processed from two different materials. The cheaper variant is the construction steel key screw in its nickel-plated casing. This screw is made of mild steel and is thinly coated with a layer of nickel or chrome as a corrosion protection. Only in this way is it possible to greatly delay the onset of rust. However, it cannot be completely excluded. Due to the material, these structural steel wrench bolts can actually only be used indoors. The second and much more frequently used wrench screw is the stainless steel screw. This screw, with this material, defies most of the materials that surround us in nature. Here it is usually sufficient to use key screws of the quality V2A. If, of course, an application on sea water is planned and the humidity increases and the salt content also increases, it is always recommended to use the screws as an alloy of the quality V4A. Only this grade prevents corrosion on the high seas or use in the chemical industry, where contact with acids and alkalis cannot be ruled out. Now we come to the construction of a wrench screw. As the name suggests, this is a screw that can be tightened with a spanner. Therefore the screw got your name. The head of the wrench screw is formed with an external hexagon, so that the screw can be tightened or loosened with an open-end wrench or a ring spanner. Behind the shank there is always the thread, which is usually a coarse thread, i.e. a wood thread, in some cases also a metric machine thread or inch thread. Depending on how you want to call these screws.

Our stock program of wrench screws - buy online in our online shop

Wrench Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AToday, the wrench screws made of steel or stainless steel find their daily use in many imaginable areas and so the industry has to secure a lot of supplies of these screws to ensure that the flow of demand does not break down. For many years now we have been operating our online shop, but for many years we only had the most common types of screws in our stock programme, which we can use to serve customers all over Europe. After some time, the demand for these screws also concentrated, so that we started to search for our customers in order to purchase high quality wrench screws from one supplier in larger quantities. This search was as always not easy, but we were successful. Now the most different wrench screws, which we distribute all over Europe, are at your disposal and you have the possibility to buy your required screws at low prices via our online shop almost around the clock. This has many advantages, because you don't have to waste your precious time to look for the right screws in shops. Through our online shop, which is already successfully used by thousands of customers, you can have your wrench screws delivered to your company quickly and easily. In order to ensure that shopping is secure, we decided some time ago to convert our entire Internet presence to a secure SSL connection. This has only advantages for you as a customer! Your stored data can no longer be read by third parties due to the encryption process. This makes the purchase even safer. In this context we would also like to inform you how an order process in our shop should look like, so that everything can be done quickly and easily. Surely you have also come to our website via a search term like "key screws". We welcome you very warmly! As a newcomer you can now find all the key screws you need for your building project. Put them in the shopping cart in the desired quantity. Once you have completed this first step, you will have the opportunity to create your customer account. This can be a fixed customer account or a guest account, just as you wish. Enter all your data and addresses that are important for delivering the goods to you. Once you have completed your shopping and you would like to finish the ordering process, simply follow the shop instructions and you will have the opportunity to choose your best payment option. If the right one is there, complete the purchase by making your payment. If the payment was successful, you will receive an automatic Betsell confirmation from us as an overview, so that you can see how many key screws and the other products you have bought.

The production of wrench screws

Wrench Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AMany already know the wrench screws, but many do not know how such screws can be manufactured or what options are available to manufacture such screws. We would like to go into this in more detail in this article, so that you can not only install the wrench screws, but also know a lot more about them. Here we would like to tell you about the earlier, the older method and of course also the modern method, which is highly efficient and thus can increase the efficiency enormously. In former times, i.e. just a few decades ago, so-called cam plate machines were used for the production of wrench screws and also all other types of screws. These robust, purely mechanical machines were very demanding because each set-up process required the machine to be adjusted by fitting and setting the cams to the respective screw. This meant that changeovers were always associated with considerable effort. For this reason, ever larger batch sizes had to be applied to wrench screws, so that set-up on such machines was worthwhile. However, these times are long gone, because these mechanical machines quickly became too slow and the move to so-called CNC screwdriving machines had to be made. These machines, which work CNC controlled, are much more powerful and can produce many thousands of screws in a few hours fully automatically. This lowers the costs considerably and the price can drop significantly. The changeover costs are very low, because it is very easy to set up the screwdriving machines for the respective wrench screw. But what does such a machine look like and how does it work? Basically, these wrench screwdrivers always have a processing head that can produce the screws for the largest part of all working steps. Outside there is always the drum, which has stored the raw wire and wound it up on the drum as a long endless wire. This makes the machine absolutely independent in its production. This also reduces costs. The raw wire, which is usually made of stainless steel, is then fed into the machine and the chuck is loaded. The first step is to cut the length of the future key bolt to length. Now comes the first upsetting tool and produces the coarse head of the wrench screw. Once this has been pressed on, a further pressing head comes and presses the drive, in this case, the hexagon on the head as a finished part. With this the screw is almost finished. Now only the thread is missing, which is rolled, so that it is stable enough. To do this, the screw is rolled back and forth between two threaded plates under high pressure so that the hardened thread grooves roll into the shaft of the wrench screw. The last step is the washing of the screws and the removal of the oil, so that they can finally be stored in our warehouse.


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