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Hexagon head screws are so called because of their hexagonal head. So such hexagon head screws can easily be tightened with an open-end spanner. Mostly Hexagonal head screws are equipped with such heads.

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Hexagon head screws are a very special type of fastener, which can be found in the large family of screws. When we talk about hexagon head screws, we always mean screw heads that are equipped with a hexagon. These screws can be wood screws with a Hexagon head screws, as well as machine screws that have a hexagon head screws to which an open-end wrench or spanner can be attached to secure the screw. In the case of machine screws with a hexagon head screws, it is the case that these screws have established themselves in mechanical engineering and all important machine parts, which can be screwed into metal parts or steel parts by means of a predefined machine thread. In the case of wood screws with a hexagon head screw, it is the case that these fastening elements are mostly used in wood construction or wood processing. No threads need to be pre-cut in steel parts, but the wood screws as hexagon head screws can be screwed directly into wooden beams or boards. Mostly even without pre-drilling. With the very popular hexagon head screws, it is so that especially in engine construction, this type of screws are often used. Now it must be said that with hexagon head screws, the threads and the bolts can suffer from vibrating parts or in the installed condition over many years. This means in plain language that the screws with the hexagon slowly elongate and the material slowly gets tired. Due to this permanent stress, it is advisable to replace the hexagon head screws with new ones after every service on engines or technical equipment. In the long term, this can prevent unintentional loosening and breakage. The hexagon head screws are also detachable connections which can be tightened force-lockingly if necessary and can also be unscrewed non-destructively if disassembly is required. In industry, in addition to the hexagon head screws with a wood thread, machine screws with a metric thread are also used permanently. The material is usually steel or stainless steel in V2A or V4A. The hexagon head screws, as the name suggests, have a screw head with six spanner flats, to which an open-ended spanner or a ring spanner can be attached to generate a torque on the screw, so that either the screw can be tightened or it can be loosened from the frictional connection.

Our delivery program of stainless steel hexagon head screws - buy online in our online shop

Hexagon Head Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ASince hexagon head screws with metric thread or also with a wood thread are common fastening elements today and it is impossible to imagine life without them, this type of screw was included in our standard delivery program right at the beginning of our company. Hexagon head screws made of V4A or V2A are used in many areas today. So also, or just because of this, in boat building or in yacht operation or in port operations. Because only these alloys can permanently demonstrate resistance to water in general or to salt water. So we offer our customers from all over Germany and many other parts of Europe the possibility to buy our hexagon head screws quickly and safely, 24 hours a day, the goods and products of our company around the clock from our online shop. So it is no problem to order even the smallest packaging units. This "round-the-clock service" is gladly accepted by many of our long-standing customers and can save time and costs in the procurement of goods. In order to guarantee you a very secure purchase of your stainless steel hexagon head screws in our online shop, we have converted the gestem online shop to the extremely secure SSL certificate. This move has many advantages for the purchase and the transmission of data to our merchandise management. Only in this way can your sensitive data be protected during transmission to our systems. An access or tap of the data is now no longer possible through the encryption by third parties. At the same time we would like to inform you that we can arrange a purchase in our shop for you. First of all, find all stainless steel hexagon head screws and all other products from our shop and simply put them in your shopping cart in the desired quantity. If you have completed this section successfully, you will be asked to create a customer account or a guest account. Thereby you open this account and enter all your address data and the delivery address. If this section has also been successfully completed and you have all products together, you can click on the "Checkout" button and will be immediately forwarded to the payment options. Now you can choose between many different payment options. Once you have decided, you confirm the payment process by clicking on the payment button. If the payment of your hexagon head screws was successful, you will receive an order confirmation directly by e-mail. At the same time we will start with the compilation of your order and hand it over to the responsible shipping company in due time. After a few days the ordered hexagon head screws according to DIN should be delivered to your company or private address.

The production of the stainless steel hexagon head screws

Hexagon Head Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AModern CNC screw machines are always used for the production of hexagon head screws made of V2A or V4A. In former times these screws were produced on conventional old machines, which had a turning control. The processing time was correspondingly long and the cycle times of the mechanically controlled machines correspondingly slow. Today's modern machines are no longer mechanically controlled, but controlled by a CNC program. The cycle times for the production of the hexagon head screws were extremely increased, so that the costs can be reduced again by the production. These machines for the production always have a wire feed, which is installed at the front side of the machine. At this side the raw material is fed in the form of a wire coil. These are usually large drums where all the wire is wound up. This wire end is fed into the machine and is guided inwards via the spindle. In order to produce the hexagon head screws, the material must first be cut to the desired length. When this operation is completed, the cut shaft is compressed by means of a cone so that a collar is formed. Now comes a second pressing unit, which forms the screw head and then simultaneously forms the contour of the hexagon on the screw head. The screw head already has the corresponding key width, matching the screw. Now the hexagonal head and the shank are ready and finished. What is still missing on the hexagon head screw is the important thread. The shank of the screw is now rolled in or rolled through between two threaded plates, so that the metric thread on the shank is rolled in with high pressure. The threaded plates have the contour of the metric thread incorporated and are hardened. Once this section of the hexagon head screw production is also completed, the screw is almost finished and only needs to be washed or electropolished and can be sorted into the warehouse. If now your order comes in via our online shop, we can ship your hexagon head screws promptly.


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