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Stone screws have the task of serving as a fastening element in the stone. Stone screws are designed in such a way that they offer an optimal hold in the stone.

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Many people go in search of stone screws because they want to make a connection between a very hard brittle product such as a solid stone and a metal. If you go on a search to find the right stone screws for your building project, you are sure to have found us by using a search engine. In this article we would like to go a little deeper into what a stone screw is and which possibilities there are with the different possibilities to fasten stone screws safely and firmly in a brittle material. Such screws are actually a very special species among the screws and represent a very special kind of fastening. Now it is so that you cannot simply drill a hole in a stone and then cut a thread into it to screw a metric screw into it, as with a metal joint. This type of connection is a speciality. The simplest type that is often called a stone screw is a screw with a coarse thread and this can be easily screwed into masonry with a plastic plug. To do this, you only need to drill a hole in the stone, insert the plug until it is countersunk and then simply screw in the stone screw. The second possibility of a stone screw, is that this screw has a long shaft, at one end a thread, which can be metric or inch thread and at the opposite thread a spread of the shaft. This spreading is done by sawing the shaft and then spreading it in both directions of the newly created wings. The result is a stone screw which can be firmly connected to an existing stone by concreting it into the stone. Once the cement or adhesive has hardened, the stone screw can be subjected to high loads. This type of connection is very strong and is often used. The next possibility of a stone screw would be a screw, which again has a thread, which can be metric or as an inch. Then a shaft is made, which at the end changes into a bow or hook and is bent. This bow or shaft can also be inserted into the stone using an adhesive or cement. This connection is also highly resilient. The last possibility of a stone screw is the metal or stainless steel impact screw. This can be designed in V2A or V4A. The shaft has a thread and a shaft that protrudes into a metal plug. This metal dowel can then be inserted into the stone bore on the stone and after countersinking it is firmly anchored by shuttering the expansion inside the dowel. Now the threaded shaft of the stone screw can be screwed in and the entire construction can be subjected to high loads. Now you can see the possibilities of stone screws, so that loadable screw connections in different materials can be created.

Our stock assortment of stone screws - buy online in our online shop

Stone Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs we were able to tell you in the previous article, stone screws have become an important and popular fastener in the industry. How else could metal or wooden parts be anchored safely and firmly in a brittle material by means of stone screws, so that a high load-bearing capacity could still be expected. Only the stone screws made of stainless steel or steel meet today's standards in fastening technology and therefore these special screws have become the means of choice when it comes to stable and loadable anchoring in stone or similar brittle materials. Our customers are aware of the fact that we have been offering all kinds of stone screws made of stainless steel (V2A V4A) in our product range for many years, so that we can successfully supply many customers in industry and also in private areas with these types of screws in all imaginable variations. We offer our customers through our modern online shop throughout Europe the opportunity to buy your stone screws around the clock from us and thus quickly and easily purchase all other products from us. The security is also in focus, if you use our online shop to order your goods quickly from us. Since the security of your data is becoming more and more sensitive, we decided some time ago to change the entire website. This change concerns the certificate, which affects the data security. This SSL certificate protects your customer data optimally, so that you can use your purchases quickly and easily through our online shop. Now your data is protected during the data export to our merchandise management system to such an extent that no third parties can access the data or the order or your order data. In this context we would like to inform you how an order in our online shop can be processed quickly and easily, so that your stone screws and all other products can be delivered to you quickly. Surely you have used the search function of one of the search bars to get to our subpage with the category "stone screws". Congratulations! Now find all your stone screws for the stone material and put the desired quantity you need into the shopping cart. If this order section is completed, please check if all quantities are available in our online shop. If there is no availability, you will be informed. Now create a customer account for your purchase and enter all your order data. If you are now ready to check out, simply follow the instructions of our online shop and you will now receive a list of possible payment methods. Choose the one that suits you best and confirm the purchase of your stone screws with your payment. If the payment was successful, you will receive an order confirmation by email after your order. The goods can now be commissioned for you in our warehouse and handed over to the transport company. In a few days you should receive your ordered stone screws by mail.

The production of stone screws

Stone Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn order to be able to install stone screws and thus also to produce strong and highly resilient connections, it is essential to manufacture them by means of technical production. In order to make a production possible it always requires technical machines and apparatus. Certainly many assemblers and other people use the most different stone screws in the most different versions, but many do not know how they are produced. Here we would like to bring some light into the dark, so that you also know how these products can be manufactured on technical equipment. It does not matter whether the stone screws can be made of steel, stainless steel (V2A, V4A) or other materials. These special technical installations are called CNC screw machines. These machines are designed for the sole purpose that screws - also stone screws - can be manufactured and produced on them. These screwing machines are constructed in such a way that they always have a chuck in which most of the machining processes take place. Outside the machine there is always a container or drum which can hold the round raw material, which can often hold several hundred meters of material with a thin shaft diameter. This advantage makes it possible that the CNC screwdriving machine can produce your stone screws independently and almost "unmanned" for several hours without human intervention. Once the material has been fed into the machine from the outside and into the processing chuck, the production of the stone screws can start. The first step is to cut the whole screw to the desired length. Once this step has been completed, a side milling cutter cuts the shank length of the stone bolt. This step is important, because later on the two wings can be bent out, so that the stone screw can be mortared into a stone, which creates the appropriate hold. Now it is also important to roll the thread onto the screw. The shaft blank is rolled back and forth between two thread rollers. The hardened thread rolls are now pressed under high pressure against the rotating shaft of the future stone screw. Now the threads are transferred to the shank. In the last operation the stone screw is now split at the milled end so that the screw is ready for sale. Now everything is only washed and freed from oil residues. Now all stainless steel stone screws can be stored in our warehouse.


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