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Eyebolts are screws that have an eye that is directly attached to the threaded pin of the eyebolt. Eyebolts are available in steel and stainless steel.

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Eyebolts made of stainless steel for wooden constructions are indispensable nowadays. The use of eyebolts with wood threads made of stainless steel is not limited to only a few industries, but is expanding to many different industries. No matter whether you need a fixation for a rope or want to stretch a clothesline across the yard, eyebolts are optimally suited for this. They can be easily used as levers by simply inserting a screwdriver through the ring attached to the end of the pin and screwed firmly into wooden constructions. Simply make a hole in the wood using a pricker and the eyebolt can be screwed in. A large spectrum in the industry and privately need every day thousands of eyebolts to complete building projects. Do you still have an unusual idea to use eyebolts?

Which eyebolts can we supply? - Buy online in our online shop

Eye Bolts Stainless SteelFor a very long time we have been supplying customers all around Germany with eyebolts made of various materials. However, our main focus is still on the sale of eyebolts made of stainless steel V2A or V4A. Our customers have the possibility to easily buy their products via our online shop. The eyebolts with wood thread are of different sizes and lengths. These would be with a diameter of 5 and 6 as well as 8 and 10 mm. Some time ago, we converted our Internet site to a very secure encryption method, which offers you many advantages, because your data can no longer be tapped when downloading into our system. Thus your personal data have become even more secure with the purchase of our eyebolts. Whereby we are already with the topic Shopping, we would like to explain to you still briefly the expiration of an order in our Shop a little more near. Please take your time to look for all articles from our stock. Once you have selected all of them, add them to your shopping cart and the next step will be to select the different types of payment. If the payment was successful, then you will receive a confirmation from us by mail. At the same time your order will be put together in our warehouse and handed over for dispatch.

The assembly of eyebolts made of stainless steel

Eye Bolts Stainless SteelWhen mounting eyebolts with a ring, it is most important to determine the exact position on the beam or wooden construction. Once this has been done, the eyebolt can be screwed in. If the wood is very hard or if the eyebolt with wood thread does not want to grip, take a pricker, a tool similar to a screwdriver but with a tip, and press the pricker slowly by hand with the tip 2-3 cm deep into the hard wood. If this does not work, use a hammer to carefully hit the pricker until it disappears into the wood. Then put on the eyebolt and turn it into the wood until it stops. This is important because it is the only way to fully load the eyebolt. A second possibility is to fix the eyebolts in a house wall with a dowel. When the position is fixed, simply drill a hole in the wall with a masonry drill and then insert the anchor. Then you can screw the stainless steel eyebolt with wooden thread into the anchor in the same way until it is fixed. Then the eyebolt can be loaded.

The production of eyebolts

In the production of eyebolts, the WAX-lost process is the best and most cost-effective for the production of eyebolts made of stainless steel. A negative mould is required. This is then coated with sludge. This slurry then hardens in the kiln and the wax mould runs out of the slurry. Now the liquid stainless steel can simply be poured into the finished solid slurry mould. Then the hard sludge is removed and the eyebolt is almost ready. Now only the grinding and polishing is done. The eyebolt is ready for trade. Read more information about screws with wood thread made of stainless steel from our blog.


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