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Cross handles are handles that have the handle positions crossed over. By this arrangement at the cross handle it is possible to find a good grip with the fingers. Cross handles are used in plastic and steel or stainless steel.

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Today, cross handles made of metal, steel, stainless steel or even plastic are part of the standard range in every company that uses cross handles that have to perform certain functions on machines or technical equipment. In this article we would like to take a closer look at the most important key data of cross handles and also describe the structure of such handles. We would also like to discuss the different materials and the possible applications in industry and also for private users. As a last, but not least important point, we also briefly discuss how the production of cross handles takes place and with which technical devices or machines this process is made possible. However, we would like to start with the first point of the divided description of the construction of cross handles made of steel / stainless steel or plastics. The name cross handle comes mainly from the fact that the handle of this nut or screw depends on the shape. The arrangement of a cross is the main focus of each handle, which is called a cross handle. The upper side of this screw or nut is arranged in such a shapely way that a grip or intergrip with the fingers offers a very secure hold, so that a 90 degree arrangement of the single cross to the next one is an optimal form. Due to this shape, these operating elements can be perfectly used on, for example, hoods or devices on machines or technical equipment, so that tightening or loosening without tools also enables a secure screw connection. The materials used for these cross handles are always steel, which is coated or painted, or the stainless steel cross handles, which can be made of two alloys. On the one hand it is V2A or V4A. Or plastic cross handles are also becoming more and more widespread in all areas of industry or private applications. These cross handles can be supplied as nut handles or as screw handles, so that they can be screwed onto screws as nuts or screwed directly into components or technical systems as cross handle screws. No matter what kind of handles are involved, the industry needs thousands of cross handles made of steel or stainless steel or plastic every day to equip and deliver systems.

Our stock range of cross handles - buy online in our Online Shop

Cross handles stainless steel plastic V2A V4ACross-handles have been gaining ground ever since the industrial revolution began in the 19th century. With the constant development of technical equipment and machines, the range of cross handles, such as the cross handles, has been continuously expanded. Especially for the attachment of components, such as hoods or tools, which require a quick and tool-free adjustment, steel cross handles or stainless steel cross handles are the perfect form to create a secure hold with hands or fingers. Due to the rather large handle, it will also be possible to generate a correspondingly large torque so that the screw or nut has a secure hold. Due to this increasing demand from industry, but also from the private sector, we have decided to include the variety of cross handles in our product range. We have a rich assortment of cross handles made of stainless steel, steel or plastic ready for you and offer with our online shop all our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy your cross handles fast and uncomplicatedly over our shop. So that the purchase of these products can also be carried out safely, we have also dedicated ourselves to the topic of security and decided some time ago to convert the entire domain to a secure SSL certificate. Thereby your deposited data is also completely safe and encrypted and cannot be accessed by third parties during data export. But not only the topic of security was important to us, we also want to give you an understanding of how a purchase in our online shop should be carried out as an optimal version when buying your cross handles. We are sure that we can also welcome you to our website, because you have found us via a search engine with the search word "cross handles". We are happy about this and so you have all the time in the world to choose your cross handles and put them in your shopping cart in the desired quantity. If you have completed this first purchase process and also have all your other products in your shopping cart, you can now create your guest account or your customer account. To do so, open a customer login and enter all your data and your e-mail address. If you would like to complete your purchase, you can check out via the shopping cart. Just follow all instructions and choose the best payment method for your purchase. If the payment was successful, you will receive an order confirmation about your cross handles and an order confirmation will be sent to you by mail.

The production of cross handles

Cross handles stainless steel plastic V2A V4AIn the last section we come to the production of cross handles. Many of you surely know exactly how cross handles are constructed and how to handle and assemble such parts. But what only few of you know is how to manufacture them. We would like to explain and tell you a few things about this chapter so that you know how such manufacturing processes can take place with cross handles. We would like to start with the cross handles made of stainless steel or steel. As a rule, these always consist of a cast steel part. In order to be able to produce this casting, the casting process is always used as a wax-loss process. In the beginning, an exact form must be created from wax so that it can then be immersed in a sludge liquid. In a subsequent firing process, the sludge layer is burnt and the heat causes the wax to evaporate from the mould. Now a shell is created which can be filled with liquid stainless steel V2A or V4A. When the mould has cooled down, the cross handle can be removed. Now the grinding of this cross handle and the insertion of the threaded hole takes place. When all these processes are completed, the star knob is ready for sale. The finish of the plastic cross handles is slightly different from that of the stainless steel or steel cross handles. The plastic cross handles are produced in an injection moulding process. A mould has to be produced, which then presses the liquid plastic into the mould by means of a plastic injection process through an extruder. When the plastic has cooled down, the mould can open. In the injection moulding process, a threaded sleeve inside the mould is overmoulded so that a screw can be screwed into the metal threaded insert without damage. The cross handle does not need to be reworked any more, because the mould already has the final surface structure. If enough cross handles are produced, they can be stored in our warehouse. All parts are now ready for sale and if you place an order, the parts can be made ready for dispatch and sent to you by the transport company.

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