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Combi nuts are universal nuts which are ready for use for various applications. This large group of nuts is called Combi nuts precisely because it does not limit the applications.

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What are combi nuts actually? These questions are certainly asked by many people who are looking for very special nuts, which have a very special design, construction and can be used in a special way. These combi nuts made of steel or stainless steel are no ordinary nuts, but are extremely different from the standard nuts as we all know them. In this article we will explain how a metal combi nuts is constructed exactly and also which materials can be used to manufacture them. We also want to shed more light on how combi nuts can be used and applied. Furthermore, we would like to take a look at how these nuts can be manufactured and also which combi nuts we sell in stainless steel and steel for industrial use. But we also want to start again with the construction of such special combi nuts. In principle, at first glance a combi-nut is to be seen as a normal nut, but with a significant difference. This difference consists in the fact that on the hexagon nut itself, a washer is attached, which is convex outwards. This washer is extremely large in relation to the hexagon nut itself, even in excess. But there is a reason for this. Furthermore, the special feature is that the washer can be turned freely, which offers a further advantage when mounting on a component, which we would like to discuss in more detail. As the disc is rotatably mounted, the nut has a collar which is flanged at the bottom, i.e. behind the disc. This allows the nut to be turned freely from the washer. When mounting a combination nut, a very low surface pressure on the component is to be expected due to the extremely large surface of the washer. This has the advantage that no impressions can occur. Furthermore, when tightening the nut, the washer is left in a resting state, which is very important for some components. The material used for metal combination nuts is usually bright steel with a surface coating. This is important because only in this way can corrosion be delayed, but not completely prevented. If you naturally want to achieve the optimum in resistance and want to use the combi nuts near water, you should always use stainless steel V2A. Only this alloy of stainless steel defies the corrosion against water. If you want to use the combi nuts near salt water, on boats and yachts, you should always use stainless steel V4A, because only this material is resistant to all substances, such as alkalis and acids.

Our stock range of combi nuts - buy online in our online shop

Combi Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4ACombi nuts are becoming increasingly popular in industry and also among private users. This also means, however, that the demand for such nuts has been increasing in recent years. The reason for this is that components, especially soft materials, must be better protected when nuts are tightened, and therefore combi nuts can be an ideal fastening option. We have also responded to this demand and now offer our customers the combination nuts in our online shop, so that you have the opportunity to buy all products easily, quickly and promptly from us. This offers advantages through the online shop, because you can buy from us around the clock and are not bound to time. So that the purchase can also run off fast and uncomplicatedly, it is important to keep also the security of your data constantly in view. We have done this and decided some time ago to change the whole domain to the secure SSL certificate. The changeover was such that the domain now runs on an encrypted SSL certificate and all your data is safe from access by third parties when purchasing Combi nuts and all other products. Especially the data export of your order and the transfer to our merchandise management was always a weak point, which could now be closed. So there is no longer any obstacle to purchasing metal combi nuts via our online shop. Please let us also lose a few words, what concerns the purchase. Surely you have also come to and on the site, because you have come over a big search engine by using the search word "Combi nuts". Then we welcome you to our website and you can now take a closer look at all types and materials of Combi nuts and also buy them. If you now have the right items in your shopping cart and also all other products, you can create your guest account or your customer account in the next step. This will enable you to log in and pay for the nuts securely in the next step. So we have all your data and know exactly where we can deliver the goods. If you would like to pay now, follow the shopping cart instructions until you see a field that tells you the payment options. You simply choose the best one for you and pay for the Combi nuts made of steel or stainless steel (V2A or V4A). If the purchase was successful, you will receive an order confirmation from us. Now the goods can be packed together and shipped to you.

The production of combi nuts

Combi Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AThe last chapter on this page will deal with the production of combi nuts. Many of you probably know exactly how combi nuts can be used in industry and can also be attached to various elements, but many of you certainly do not know much about the production of combi nuts in various designs. We want to shed some light on this today, so that we can shed some light on the dark. Since a metal combi nuts always consists of two components, we would like to go into more detail about how the washers can be made and also about the nut with the collar itself. We would like to start with the disc production. Today these washers are always produced on machines called punching machines. A steel strip is fed into the machine, which comes from a roll and is then punched out with a punch. In this punching process, the disc is punched out and the disc is pressed into the corresponding curvature so that it can protrude later. The nut is manufactured on a CNC machine. This has a processing chuck where the raw material is clamped. A loader is always connected outside. The raw material is stored as hexagonal material in this loader. Once the CNC program is loaded, the production of the combi nuts can begin. At first the hexagonal raw material is loaded into the machine. Then the drilling of the core hole and the thread cutting takes place. Then the collar is screwed onto the hexagon, which can later hold the washer. Once this stage of production is complete, the nut is cut off. Then the nut and the washer of the combi nuts are pressed together so that the washer can still be rotated. If all these nuts are in a sufficient quantity in the collecting container, the goods can be stored in our warehouse. If an order for combi nuts arrives from you in our online shop, we can pack the goods and send them to you.


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