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Slotted spring pins are slotted steel or stainless steel sleeves that can be driven into bores. Such Slotted spring pins have a preload and therefore remain well inserted in the bores. Stainless steel or steel is used in the manufacture of Slotted spring pins.

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The industry today requires Slotted spring pins in a wide variety of designs in all different areas. Slotted spring pins are hollow bodies which are designed as Slotted spring pins. Slotted spring pins can be of a certain diameter, length or material. In the following article, we will explain the differences between all the above-mentioned variations in more detail. The industry processes thousands of Slotted spring pins every day, for example in the automotive industry or mechanical engineering. These really excellent position fixing elements can be found in all technical installations and are particularly useful for connecting shafts with hubs in mould making or for securing shafts, an indispensable element which can be installed quickly thanks to quick assembly and simple preparation. As already mentioned, a certain position can be permanently secured, or a shaft with a through hole can also be quickly and efficiently connected to a hub. The costs for such locking elements are kept within an economic range compared to the others. Metal Slotted spring pins are also often used on mould halves which can later be filled with a liquid. If a through-bore is drilled through both mould halves, the Slotted spring pins can also be driven in. In this case, the Slotted spring pins is compressed via the slot when hammering in, as the lower bore in the second half of the mould no longer has a high pretension and only functions as a position-securing element, so that the second half of the mould can be separated from the first half at any time without great effort. A wonderful securing element that can be attached to a wide variety of locations. Slotted spring pins are generally brought into the market in three different materials. On the one hand it is the bare, normal steel. The second group, which is divided again, is the stainless steel Slotted spring pins, which can be V2A or V4A variant of the Slotted spring pins. In the past, the industry often used to insert steel Slotted spring pins into machine elements to secure these positions. However, in recent years there has been a clear trend towards Slotted spring pins made of stainless steel. An alloy of stainless steel V2A is sufficient to be used in most of the applications.

Our stock program of Slotted spring pins - buy online in our online shop

Slotted Spring Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we have been able to explain some more details about the Slotted spring pins used and you will surely understand even better how these Slotted spring pins can be used everywhere and on mechanical equipment as position element securing devices or simply as power transmission elements. Many other types of securing can be carried out using Slotted spring pins made of metal, steel or even stainless steel (V2a or V4A), but the possibilities listed here should only serve as examples. In our online shop system we have a large number of Slotted spring pins in various materials, sizes, diameters and lengths. All these metal Slotted spring pins should satisfy the standard requirements in most industrial applications and you can buy your suitable elements from us. With our large online shop, we offer all customers from all over Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy your Slotted spring pins at low prices, around the clock, through our online shop. Material procurement today could not be simpler. In the past, thousands of catalogues had to be looked through to find the right part that was needed. Today, you enter the search word "Slotted spring pins" into one of the many search engines and the best offers are displayed, where you can freely choose the best one. If we were also able to reach you via the search word "Slotted spring pins", you now have the opportunity to collect your sleeves and put them in your shopping cart. Once all the items you need are in the shopping cart, you can now take some time to create your own login account. To do so, create an account by entering all the data requested. Once you have completed this stage of your order, you can continue shopping or if you are finished and want to log out, simply follow the instructions to complete your order and you will be offered a number of payment options. Now choose the best payment method for you and complete the payment process so that the order of your Slotted spring pins can be completed. If everything was successful, you will now receive an order confirmation by e-mail. Now also we from the Edelstahldepot are used to compile your order and send it to you.

The production of Slotted spring pins

Slotted Spring Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow, as in other articles, we have already been able to tell you a few things about the Slotted spring pins made of metal or steel or stainless steel in detail, but we are not really sure whether you know how stainless steel Slotted spring pins for metal construction and mechanical engineering as well as for all mechanical devices are actually manufactured? In this article we would also like to take a closer look at this point and give you an insight into how these machines, where these Slotted spring pins are manufactured, look and function. In order for such Slotted spring pins to be installed in technical equipment, they must first be manufactured. So far it is already clear. In order to make production possible, highly modern, fast and economically mature CNC forming machines are used today, which make "sheet metal forming" possible. These fast working machines are designed to have an external reservoir outside as a storage container, which has the steel strip wound on a roll, thus enabling "endless production" over several hours without human intervention. This enables a low-cost production of Slotted spring pins in the forming technology. Once the steel strip, which can be made of steel or stainless steel, has been fed into the machine and all the technical parameters of the machine have been loaded, the production or the forming of the steel strip into a tension Slotted spring pins can take place. For this purpose, the steel strip is pressed into the round form via a mould and practically rolls itself in a forward feed around a pin which as a result reveals a sheet metal Slotted spring pins which is hollow inside and has a long slit. Since the Slotted spring pins are manufactured with a production oversize, they have a larger outside diameter than the later bore diameter where the Slotted spring pins can be pressed in. Once the mould has been produced, only the insertion chamfer must now be attached to the sleeve. This enables a better attachment to a bore and the pressing-in. Once all these manufacturing steps have been completed, the steel strip is cut to the desired length. Now the metal Slotted spring pins is finished and falls into the storage container. Now all sleeves have to be washed and freed from oil residues and can then be stored as packages in our warehouse. If we receive an order from you for one type of Slotted spring pins, we can pack it and send it to you.


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