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Crosshole screws are special screws which also have a very special holder where the tool wrench can be attached. Cross hole screws have holes in the screw head.

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Today we would like to inform you about the cross hole screws, which also belong to the large family of screw connections. Since the industrial revolution, the range of screws has also increased and the group of screw connections has been further enriched with the type of cross hole screw. Now, of course, it must be said that this type of screw connection is a very special type of screw, because the cross hole screws have a very special characteristic that is not found in the other screws. We are talking about the cross holes, which each have a hole in the middle through the head and a second hole 90 degrees offset to the first hole a second hole. Now both drill holes inevitably cross each other because they lie at the same height. Cross hole screws can fulfil several functions as fastening elements. On the one hand this screw is also a kind of safety screw and at the same time a kind of adjusting screw. Both possibilities can be fulfilled by a cross hole screw with a slot. This type of screw has become more and more popular in industry for very limited applications. If these screws are used on machines and technical equipment, they can act as a safety screw by pulling either a sealing wire through the holes to prevent unintentional unscrewing, or a cotter pin, because the ends can then also be turned over. The second possibility of application is the adjusting screw, which can also be used with cross hole screws on machines and technical equipment. Cross toggles can be inserted into the holes as round material and thus allow precise adjustment piece by piece by careful, slow turning. This allows this cross hole screw to be positioned precisely. This mechanical advantage, which comes with this special type of screw, can only be achieved with this type of screw. Only cross hole screws as steel or mild steel variants are used as material, which are either nickel plated, chrome plated or otherwise coated so that corrosion can be largely avoided or slowed down. In recent years, however, only the cross hole screws made of stainless steel, which occur in an alloy of V2A and V4A, have gained acceptance. The advantages of this material are obvious. As a rule, V2A is completely sufficient for Kreuloch screws, but anyone who wants to use these screws in the vicinity of salt water or chemical lyes or acids should always use the alloy V4A. Because only this alloy offers the desired protection. These screws are used almost exclusively in industry, so only very rarely by hobbyists or model builders, which makes this screw so special.

Our stock program of cross hole screws - Buy online in our online shop

Cross Hole Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIt is not to be renounced therefore also the cross hole screws in the industry any longer, although these screws belong nevertheless to the minority. But this is exactly what makes cross hole screws so interesting to be able to offer these screws to our customers on a long-term basis and thus to complete our product range more and more. This makes us happy that we now also offer with metal cross hole screws many of our customers in Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy their special screws for a security of certain machine parts or as adjusting screws from us in the online shop cheaply. So that the purchase of such cross hole screws becomes also a purchase without risks, we decided already longer time ago to convert the entire web page to the very safe SSl certificate. The advantages are obvious, because data security is a major issue for us, so that all visitors who want to buy your products from us, also have an eventful and carefree shopping experience. Your data in particular is particularly secure if the entire website runs on an SSL server and the data can be transferred to our merchandise management system in a highly encrypted form during data export. Thus a reading out of the data including the purchased contents (the cross hole screws and the other products) is impossible. This means maximum security when shopping on our website. In this context, we would like to give you a brief explanation of how to purchase the cheap metal or stainless steel cross hole screws in our online shop, so that you can quickly and easily get your products and we can send the ordered goods to your home or business. Let us guess? Surely you also came to us via a search engine with the search word "cross hole screws" and discovered our website? Then we welcome you cordially with us so that you can put together your needed products in all peace. Add also all other products, except the cross hole screws to your purchase assortment. If all screws are in the shopping cart, you can now create your customer account with us. Please enter your address data and your email address. If this process of the purchase is also completed and you would now like to complete the entire purchase of cross hole screws, simply follow the shopping cart and its instructions and you will now be shown a selection of payment options to choose from. Now all you have to do is choose the best payment option and finally complete the purchase by paying for the crosshole screws. If the payment process was successful, you will receive an order confirmation email from us in which you will find all purchased products broken down. Now we can also compile your order for you in our warehouse and send it to you.

The production of cross hole screws

Cross Hole Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow the only question that remains is how the cross hole screws are manufactured. We would of course like to touch on this important point so that people like the cross hole screws know how they can be produced. In addition one must say that in former times these screws did not exist, since the need for such highly developed special screws was not yet given. Today, however, the situation is somewhat different. Today whole machine parts are secured by these screws and can thus be effectively prevented from unintentional loosening or adjustment of certain settings. The cross hole screws can fulfil this task perfectly. The screws were also designed for this purpose. To ensure that these are also available in the desired quantities on the market and in the trade, we will bring the production section a little closer to you in a few lines in this section. Today only CNC screw machines are used, because they are exactly designed for the needs of the screws to be manufactured. These special machines can produce thousands of such cross hole screws made of metal or stainless steel per hour without any loss of quality. This speaks naturally for such an extremely economical production, where costs and times are to be found in a unison. But now back to the actual production of these cross hole screws made of metal. The machine itself is always fed with all parameters necessary for production by means of a CNC program before production. This includes speeds, press pressures and distances as well as feeds and diameters of certain tools. Inside there is always the production chuck in which the entire production takes place. Outside is always the drum feeder with the bare stainless steel wire, in a diameter as the later shank diameter should be cross hole screw. If this wire is now inserted into the chuck, production can begin. To do this, the entire screw is first cut to the desired length. Once this manufacturing process is completed, the collar is pre-pressed at the head of the screw. If this process is also completed, the end pressing of the entire head of the cross hole screw takes place. After this process the slot is cut into the head body by a side milling cutter. After this process, the two through-holes are cross-drilled laterally so that the cross-hole screw can be made. Once the raw shanks are finished with the head of the screw, only the thread, which can be metric or inch, is missing. This thread is rolled in between two thread rolls, so that the thread at the cross hole screw is highly loadable. After this manufacturing process all production oils are washed down and the screws can be stored in our warehouse until we receive your order.


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