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Wood screws are screws designed exclusively for the use of wood. For example, wood screws have a coarse thread to grip well in the wood.

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Wood Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4A

Wood screws are a very special type of screw within the family of screws. There are many screws on the market today and also screws for the most different applications, as for metal as metric screw thread or the sheet metal screws, which can be screwed into a sheet metal panel and cut without thread, have to hold very well. There are also wood screws, which are made solely for a perfect fit in the wood and a long-lasting firm screw connection. Wood is a soft yet hard material, so the wood screws must hold securely in all wood materials. In order to achieve this condition, the screws must be geometrically perfect so that pre-drilling is not necessary and the wood screw can be screwed directly into the wood. The head of a wood screw can take on different forms and take on the form of a flat-head screw with wood thread or a countersunk screw with wood thread or completely different head forms. Also the drive can have different forms with wood screws. These can be produced as Torx screws or cross slotted screws or even as slotted screws. A wood screw has the following structure: The head of the screw that has incorporated the tool holder for the respective tool is always located above it. Due to this contour inside the screw for the wood, gate holders or slotted screwdrivers or cross slot holders can be used to tighten or loosen the screw. They form the drive. The screw heads on the screw can vary in different ways. Directly at the screw head, the screw shank is always connected, which can be different in length depending on the desired length. This shaft of the wood screw made of stainless steel (V2A or V4A) is equipped with a wood thread and integrated. If the wood thread has a completely different structure as for example the metric or the inch thread. With this thread the beginning is always pointed, so that the wood screw can pull itself into the wood. The thread has a coarse and yet coarse flanked shape, which is perfect for soft materials such as wood.

Our delivery program of wood screws made of stainless steel - Buy online in our online shop

Wood Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AWood screws made of V2A or V4A are, in contrast to the commercially available machine screws, designed solely for the thread and the type of processing. While machine screws are usually equipped with an inch thread or the metric thread to be screwed into steel parts, the stainless steel wood screws are meant to be screwed into soft or hard wood safely and firmly. The wood screw has a slim and graceful form, which allows the screw to be screwed by a drive into the most different materials. Many use the wood screws also around these in soft plastic or plastic to use. However, a channel should always be created by means of a pricker or a thin drill so that the wood screw can dig itself with the flanks into the material and it does not come to a "eat in" of the screw and the screw head tears off. In our online shop we have been giving our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the opportunity for many years to buy their wood screws around the clock. In order to make your shopping experience even more secure, we decided some time ago to completely convert our website to the secure SSL certificate. This does not have any disadvantages, but only advantages for the purchase in our online shop. Your data which you deposit with us, can now no longer be tapped by third parties during data export. In the same breath we would also like to give you an understanding of how a quick and uncomplicated purchase in our shop is possible. Once you have collected all the wood screws you need and the other products you need, place them in the desired quantity in your shopping basket. If all articles are stored and you would like to continue the purchase, then you create yourselves please your customer account and/or your guest account. If this section of the order is completed and the purchase should be completed, you will now be asked to select your payment method. Once you have decided how you would like to pay, you simply complete the purchase by paying. You will be guided through the system. If your payment was successful, you will receive a payment confirmation from our system about your purchase of your wood screws and the other products. Now your goods will be placed in our warehouse and shipped to you.

The production of stainless steel wood screws

As with the other screws - a wood screw made of stainless steel must first be produced - in order to process them in larger quantities. In order to start a production, modern CNC screw machines are always necessary in order to guarantee a fast and cost-efficient production of wood screws in all common sizes, lengths and diameters. Today, these machines are equipped in such a way that they have relatively short set-up times, i.e. the machine only needs a few minutes to change over to a different screw length or diameter. This can only be achieved by storing all parameters within the CNC program on the machine. Behind the screw machine there is always the raw material drum, which has wound up the continuous material as round steel. This must then be inserted into the machining chuck of the machine. Once this process section has been completed, the machine starts producing the wood screws. First the shaft of the screw is cut to length. Once this section has been completed, the screw head is upset against the future wood screw by means of an upsetting tool. Now the collar of the screw head has already formed. Now the last part of the screw production is finished by upsetting the final screw basket. At the same time the tool holder is also pressed into the screw head. This can be a gate receptacle or a cross slot or simply a slot. Now the wood screw is basically almost finished but the wood thread is still missing. To produce this, the screw shaft is now rolled back and forth between two very close together hardened thread plates. The wood thread of the wood screw, which is tapering, is created under high pressure. If this section is also completed during production, the finished screw only needs to be washed or brought to the desired glossy surface with an electric polishing bath. The finished wood screw can then be stored in our warehouse so that it can be dispatched directly from you when you place an order.


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