Handwheels are operating elements that enable a rotary movement that is made possible by pure muscle power. Handwheels are available in various designs. Handwheels can be made of plastic, steel or stainless steel.

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Like hand cranks, handwheels are becoming more and more important in the industrial production of high-tech systems and it is no longer possible to do without these manual control elements. In the past, completely different requirements were placed on machine parts or on devices, as is the case today. For example, in the last 40 years, handwheels have proven to be one of the safest and most user-friendly power generating elements, which have a serious advantage over cranks. But we would like to shed some more light on everything about our handwheels in this article. In order to explain all the details of what is important to mention around the handwheel, just read the report. We will go into more detail about the construction of handwheels, as well as the operation and the advantages and disadvantages of a crank. The materials used for handwheels are also highlighted in more detail, as well as the stockkeeping in our warehouse. As the last part we then go back to the production of handwheels made of plastic or steel or the stainless steel handwheels. However, we always want to start with the detailed construction. A handwheel is always a wheel which has a hole in the middle to be fixed on a shaft. A positive connection between shaft and handwheel is necessary to transmit a generated torque from the handwheel via the shaft to a component. The handwheel itself can be designed as a full handwheel or as a strut handwheel. The strut handwheel has a handwheel core with the fitting bore and is connected to each other by an outer ring using struts. A handle is always attached to the outer ring, which forms the basis for the handwheel and is an important element for generating a rotary movement by means of the handle. The wheel on the handwheel itself is the difference to a crank. Because especially the use of these wheels on lathes or other devices makes the following prerequisite important. This is fulfilled by the handwheel, because the wheel structure allows the entire wheel to be used as a control element and not just the handle. This allows a very sensitive control of the handwheel and exact positioning of positions. These advantages are used by all those who consider this function important and thus require a perfectly sensitive control element on equipment. The materials used for handwheels are mainly plastics. But also wheels made of aluminium or painted steel or stainless steel handwheels are the highest level of these operating elements. For the stainless steel, the alloys V2A or V4A are used and therefore absolutely water-resistant.

Our delivery program of handwheels - buy online in our online shop

Handwheels Stainless Steel Plastic V2A V4AAs we have seen, handwheels have become more and more interesting in the past and the industry has discovered the advantages of such manual controls. This is what makes it so difficult for online shops to deliver the desired handwheels made of plastic or steel or stainless steel in the requested quantity to the manufacturing industry. It is equally important that the manufacturing industry can produce the handwheels in a high quality and quantity to supply the online shops. For exactly this reason we have decided to sell different types of handwheels via our online shop, so that we can supply our customers in Germany and the rest of Europe quickly and promptly with the appropriate material and our customers can also buy the handwheels cheaply via our online shop. So that the purchase of your handwheels can also be carried out safely, it is very important that the subject of security on our domain is taken very seriously and that all data that you deposit with us is also securely encrypted so that access by third parties is not possible in this case. Especially when your order is transferred to our merchandise management system, access by third parties is no longer possible. This creates even more security when purchasing your handwheels made of plastic, steel or stainless steel V2A or V4A. In this context, let us also say a few words about the order process and show you how a quick order or purchase via our online shop can be processed. We assume that you have found us via a search engine and the search term "hand wheels" to buy either plastic hand wheels or steel rim wheels or stainless steel hand wheels from us. You are now in the desired category to put together your handwheels and put them into the shopping cart. Once this is done, you can start the next ordering step, which will allow you to create your customer account with us and store all your data. This data is important so that we can send you the handwheels and the other products. When this is completed, the last step of the purchase comes and at this step you will be shown the payment options you can choose if you want to pay for your handwheels with us. Once you have paid for the goods, we will receive your purchase and can assemble all the handwheels and send them to you from our warehouse.

The manufacture of handwheels

Handwheels Stainless Steel Plastic V2A V4AIn this last article, we will also look at the production of handwheels made of plastic and metal, i.e. steel or stainless steel. Surely most of you know exactly how a handwheel can be installed on a machine and how the assembly should be done so that everything fits without play and which are the advantages of a handwheel compared to a crank. But unfortunately most of them do not know much about how such hand controls can be manufactured in industry on modern machines and then installed on technical equipment. But let's start with the details of handwheels and their production. Basically we would like to show you how plastic handwheels and also steel handwheels can be manufactured in two different processes. However, we would like to start with the production of handwheels made of plastic. These consist of three materials. Firstly, the handwheel itself and the handle, which is also made of plastic. The pin which is inside the handle and connects the grip with the handwheel is made exclusively of steel and is produced on modern CNC lathes which are operated by a loader. The plastic parts, such as the handle and the hand wheel, are produced exclusively as injection moulded parts and assembled later. Two halves of the mould must always be milled on a CNC machine to give the final handwheel contour. The same applies to the handle. When the mould is finished, it can be clamped from an injection moulding machine. Now the liquid plastic can be pressed into the mould under high pressure and after cooling down the mould can be opened and the finished handwheel and handle can be removed. Now the final assembly takes place. When manufacturing a steel handwheel or a stainless steel handwheel, the production is slightly different. Here always a negative mould must be made from a very hard wax. Once this has been done, the wax parts can be dipped in a special slurry in a subsequent step and then fired in a furnace at a high temperature. In this step the sludge layers are burnt out so hard and the hard wax is evaporated in between. Now the empty shell can be filled with a cast steel or stainless steel casting to be removed from the mould after cooling. Thereby the casting mould has to be destroyed. In the subsequent finishing process, the holes can be drilled into the handwheel and the surface can be ground. When all parts are finished, the handwheel can be mounted firmly with the handle and can be stored in our warehouse. If an order or a purchase comes from you via these handwheels, we can assemble the parts in our warehouse and send them to your stored address. After a few days the order should reach you and your handwheels can be installed on the machine or plant.


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