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Flagpole holders are exclusively intended for the reception of flags within maritime articles. Flagpole holders are usually attached to the stern of boats and yachts or on the roof and flags can be plugged into the flagpole. Also here flagpole holders always come into contact with water and humidity and should be made of stainless steel.

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Very often in winter, but also in summer, when all boats and yachts are in the port facilities and have a winter break or are indented for maintenance, all parts have to be serviced and partly renewed. In some cases also the flagpole holders. Flagpole holders made of stainless steel are small holding instruments that have a direct influence on the indicating instruments, the flags that a boat or yacht must have. Of course, many boats and yachts have flagpole holders on board that are made of steel, but these are not really helpful solutions, because if you have a beautiful and modern motor boat or yacht, you want clear details and stainless and shapely elements on deck that show your boat from its best side. Of course, this also applies to the stainless steel flagpole holder. In this article we would like to give you all the details about our stainless steel flagpole holders, so that you can know and record many details. In this article we would like to give you everything about the construction, the function and the fastening of flagpole holders. In the same breath, we would also like to introduce you to our stock programme of flagpole holders and briefly explain the production of a stainless steel flagpole holder using the casting process in the final section. This is the only way you can get an idea of our flagpole holders. Let us begin with the pure construction of such holders for the flagpoles. Like all elements that are to be attached to a deck or the floor, the flagpole holders made of stainless steel also have a base plate. This base plate always has drillings, which are designed as countersunk drillings, so that these can be screwed by the use of stainless steel countersunk screws securely to any underground. The actual flagpole holder is attached to this base plate. Of course everything from one casting! At an angle of 84 degrees, the holder is slightly inclined. This is important so that the flagpole is slightly inclined backwards and the flag can stand well in the wind. The whole flagpole holder is a beautiful shape. In order to secure the flagpole securely in the holder, a stud bolt is available. This can be screwed simply with pressure against the flag stick. As a material for such flagpole holders are almost always made of stainless steel, the stainless steel. This alloy is called V4A stainless steel. In order to make the shape even more glossy, the flagpole holder is highly polished.

Our stock program of flagpole holders - Buy online at Online Shop

Flagpole Holder Stainless SteelSince there are more and more boats and yachts on our waters, it is also obvious that more and more flagpole holders are in circulation and must be screwed on new boats and yachts. Especially when it comes to the production of new boats, boat manufacturers are also looking for the right flagpole holders to use on the boats and yachts. Of course also the increased demand with the many on-line Shops which have the flagpole holders in the offer must be guaranteed with it also the availability, so that the customers get your goods promptly delivered. So that also our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe can buy their stainless steel flagpole holders quickly and cheaply via our online shop, we have greatly expanded our online shop. We have also kept an eye on the issue of security and switched the entire domain to the secure SSL certificate. Only with it every transmission becomes safe! In this course we would like to explain to you also briefly detailed, how a fast and uncomplicated purchase of your flag stick holding aging should expire. Let us assume that you have entered the category via a large search engine under the search word "flagstock holder". You have come to the right place. Now take your time to look around which of the flagpole holders you need and put the product in the desired quantity in the shopping basket. Now you can either buy other items or you want to pay for the flagpole holder and complete the purchase. If this is the case, you can now create an account and enter all your data that are important for the purchase. If this step is completed, go back to the shopping cart and stay logged in. Now check again how many flagpole holders you have in your shopping cart. If the result is correct, continue clicking until the payment options are displayed. Now select the payment method you would like to use to pay for the holder and confirm your purchase! If the purchase was successful, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail in which you can see exactly which flagpole holder you have ordered. Now we can also process your order in our house and send the flagpole holder to you.

The production of stainless steel flagpole holders

Flagpole Holders Stainless SteelArrived in the last section of this category of flagpole holders, it should give as always also a small insight, what the production of such holders for flag sticks is about. Of course this section is not so interesting for many of you, but many of you read this section to get some details about the production of such flagpole holders. Since such a part is a casting, it is only possible to produce it by a casting process. As already mentioned, there is a direct connection between the base plate with the holes and the holder itself, which is only possible by the casting process. In the past, steel castings such as the flagpole holder were made using the sing casting process. Today, these types of process engineering are no longer so up to date and have been replaced by the wax-loss process. This method of manufacturing flagpole holders is far more economical and faster. The basic structure is printed out of wax as a positive model with a 3D printer and then coated with a layer of sludge in a sludge bath. This sludge layer is now still liquid and is then burnt out in the kiln. Now the heat in the kiln increases and the sludge becomes solid and at the same time the wax slowly evaporates from the model. Now, after the burnout, only the solid casing of the stainless steel flagpole holder remains. A battery of such covers is then manufactured and connected to a cast strand. Now it is time to pour out all empty cases with the liquid stainless steel - V4A. This number is almost unlimited. After cooling down, the sludge moulds can now be knocked off and the cast blank of the flagpole holder sees the light of day. Now comes the pre-grinding with coarse grinding belt up to the ever further and finer grinding belt. In the last step, all flagpole holders are polished to a high gloss and then provided with the countersunk holes. When all flagpole holders are finished, they can be stored in our warehouse and wait for your purchase. These will then be packed and shipped to you. After a few days, you should hold the package with the flagpole holders in your hands and can install them.

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