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Blade screws also belong to the large group of screws and so, as the name suggests, blade screws have a blade. These can have a hole to ensure a fastening.

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In this article we would like to tell you a lot about the use, the construction and the different materials of blade screws, because these very special screws have become more and more important in the last years and are indispensable in today's fastening technology. Blade screws are fundamentally different from a normal standard screw, because the construction and the assembly and the application do not really resemble a normal standard screw. But we would like to tell you more about this later. What would industry and trade be without screws? These special connecting elements can be found in all clamping units and can be used for many other applications without any problems. Basically such special screws belong to the large group of fastening elements, but these screws differ from your application and your construction as well as the actual function from all other types of screws. Surely you know normal hexagonal screws or wrench screws, etc. All these screws are constructed according to the same principle. Each of the individual screws has a screw head. This screw head always serves and we say exclusively always to firmly connect two different elements to one. The head of a screw is the central element, which is responsible for the drive and should also allow the "holding" in one element. For this purpose, the shaft and the connecting thread are always located underneath the head of such a normal screw. These threads can be metric threads or coarse threads or wood threads. Now you can simply drill a hole in one element, insert the screws and screw them into the second element. With blade screws the whole thing looks a bit different. A blade screw is constructed in such a way that in the actual sense it has no real head at all as a screw, but is equipped with a flattened sheet metal form. This sheet metal or blade is only a fraction as wide as the blade screw or the shaft of the blade screw itself. The blade always has a through hole at the end. This hole serves again as a fixing hole to hook a wire into the blade screw or to thread it through or to screw another screw through to fix further elements to it or to use nails within the hole or to use further fixings. Such screws can also be used as tensioning screws for wire fences or similar construction projects. In terms of material, leaf screws are actually always produced in the standard version as a structural steel leaf screw. This is then galvanized or burnished or nickel-plated. The corrosion of such a blade screw cannot of course be prevented, but only slowed down. The optimal materials for such screws, however, are still stainless steel. This alloy can be manufactured and supplied as V2A or V4A.

Our stock program of blade screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Blade Screws Stainless Steell V2A V4AWe have already been able to inform you about some things in advance of the stainless steel blade screws (V2A or V4A), because these special screws really have an effective function and can be screwed into all wooden parts as clamping blade screws or connecting blade screws if they have a coarse thread or a wooden thread or are screwed into a metal frame, where a metric thread or an inch thread is the basis for fastening. As you can see, metal leaf screws are an invention that can be used in all imaginable areas today and can also serve many other functions. Of course, we could not list all of them, but we are sure that you know many more applications for screws. So we created with our on-line Shop a platform, which makes it for you possible as entrepreneurs or also a hobby handicraftsman to buy your leaf screws around the clock with us in the Shop favorably and create thus much time with the procurement of your products. In order to make shopping even more secure, it is particularly important that the purchase is also a round thing and we can protect your data in an optimal way. This means in plain language that all of your stored data runs on an encrypted server and can no longer be tapped by third parties when data is exported to our merchandise management system, thus causing fraud. This secure type of encryption enables us to handle your data in a secure manner when you make your purchases from us. Let and please also briefly touch on how a purchase with us in the shop can be processed quickly and uncomplicatedly, so that you get your goods quickly and uncomplicatedly delivered home or to your company. Surely you will agree with us if we claim that you have also found us via one of the major search engines and have entered the search word " blade screws". If you have now found your products with us, simply enter the desired quantity you require. If you would like other goods in addition to the leaf screws, then also put these in the required quantity in the shopping basket. If the order process is finished, you now have the possibility to store your data in our account after logging in. We need this data for invoicing and shipping the goods to you. If you would now like to complete the order section, simply follow the shopping cart and click on the correct button. You will now be offered a list of payment options where you only have to decide on one. If the decision has been made and you know how you want to buy your metal blade screws, confirm your decision and make the payment. If everything was successful, we will send you an order confirmation by e-mail. Now we can also become active and assemble your ordered screws in our warehouse and send them to you.

The production of blade screws

Blade Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow you have been able to quickly see what important possibilities the leaf screws with their blade on the screw these screws serve the craft or industry. Without screws it would not be possible to produce tensionings with ropes or wires and the industry would not have any possibilities to make or implement certain fastenings. However, it is also possible without problems to quickly adjust or adjust a type of adjustment or adjustment of wooden structures or wall suspensions or compensating screws with metal or stainless steel blade screws and standard thread or metric thread or inch thread or coarse thread or wood thread. Now, of course, all screws have to be manufactured in different lengths and diameters so that they can be sold and shipped to you. At the same time we would like to explain to you some details about the production of these screws, so that you are familiar with them. To learn more about this, we would like to explain the production possibilities from earlier times in more detail, as well as today's modern production processes of blade screws in industrial manufacturing. Everything used to be different, including the production of metal screws. These could always only be produced on machines because a production with the hands would have been totally uneconomical. The old machines were constructed purely mechanically and were also programmed via a purely mechanical control system. These cam discs could be put together and adjusted according to production type. all purchases were very difficult to adjust and the set-up costs were very high. Therefore, several million leaf screws had to be produced in one pass, so that the changeover times could be absolutely minimized. The new CNC machines combine all situations in terms of economy, speed and short changeover times. The new CNC screw machines are designed in such a way that all data can be loaded into the machines via a CNC interface. All parameters for the production of blade screws are included. Inside the machine there is always the machining chuck where all processes take place, which are important and of importance for a production. Outside there is always the storage drum, which stores the entire stainless steel wire as the shaft diameter of the blade screws. This continuous wire production is important because it is the only way to ensure economical and almost "unmanned production". If the wire is now inserted into the chuck of the CNC machine, the production of the metal blade screws can begin. Now the total length is always cut first, which the screw should have later in the finished condition. Now the pressing of the blade head of the blade screw takes place. The stainless steel shaft between a press is pressed together to form a blade and the hole is drilled at the same time. The last step is to roll or roll the shaft so that the standard thread or the metric thread or the inch thread or the wood thread can be rolled in. The blade screw is rolled back and forth between two rollers until the thread structure is transferred to the shaft. A rolled thread has to carry more and more load than a cut thread. Once all these manufacturing steps have been completed, the last step is the cleaning of oil residues. Once these final steps have also been completed, the blade screws can be stored in our warehouse and delivered to you when you place an order.


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