Handles are holding elements that can be found wherever handling is required. Handles enable a person to grasp and operate something. Today, handles can be found on drawers and machine parts. Plastic as well as steel or stainless steel are mainly used in the production of handles.

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Handles Plastic Stainless Steel V2A V4AIt would be almost unimaginable if the world did not use handles and levers and we did not have these small but important helpers at hand when they were needed. Handles have a very long tradition and were successfully used on products many hundreds of years ago. Surely you will think now, what is a handle? We would like to give you a nice example that you can understand where handles were used many years ago. Just think of a drinking vessel or a wine bottle from the Middle Ages. Yes, exactly, clay handles were already used on these everyday objects. They help you to hold shapeless vessels and ensure a firm grip inside the hand, if the handle can be seen as a control element. As you can see, handles in general have a very long history of development and have proven to be indispensable aids to this day. But not only that, the handles of antiquity and modern times have essentially developed further and further, so that today handles are used and applied in all conceivable areas. Let's take a look, for example, at the furniture industry, which produces thousands of cupboards with doors or chests of drawers every day, with doors built into them and drawers as well. All of these pull-out kits must of course have a handle, otherwise the cabinet would be very difficult to grip. This all makes sense, because handles make life in everyday life extremely easy. They are directly optimized for use and operation by one hand, so that gripping is very easy and pulling or pushing is made easier. Handles always have an adapted shape, which is exactly appropriate for the respective products, so that the handling can be designed exactly from this. Handles are not only found on furniture, but also increasingly in the industrial production of machines and technical equipment. Especially in mechanical engineering, such helpers are the ideal solution for hoods and covers and on moulds as well as in fixture construction. We would also like to inform you about the basic materials of which handles are used today. On the one hand, plastic handles are used again and again in all industries and as the most economical variant. The second category is the steel handles, which are particularly used in mechanical engineering, since the material alone makes them indestructible and highly resilient. The third category are the stainless steel handles. These are very high quality and are used on machines and equipment when it is necessary to emphasize an optical aspect or to achieve a confirmation against all materials. These alloys of stainless steel handles include stainless steel V2A and stainless steel V4A, which is acid-resistant and completely resistant to alkalis and salt water.

The stainless steel handles

Handles Plastic Stainless Steel V2A V4ALet's take a closer look at stainless steel handles, which today no factory can do without and sales in the industry continue to rise. Handles basically have a long history and with the industrial revolution, stainless steel handles have also become more and more interesting for industry and are now used in all machines and systems, so that it is precisely these stainless steel alloys that further reduce the corrosion of stainless steel handles and are resistant to all acids and alkalis when it comes to the use of V2A handles. Let us also think, for example, of the stainless steel processing industry, which manufactures all stainless steel furniture for canteen kitchens. This has the advantage that no corrosion can occur when handling water and other substances in the kitchen or canteen kitchens, but it is also a regulation that only stainless steel products may be used in kitchens. We can quickly see how important stainless steel handles are in today's world. In order for the industry to be able to take over their design tasks without restrictions, it is important that the market can provide companies with the appropriate standard parts of stainless steel handles in sufficient quantity and selection. We therefore offer our customers a selection of stainless steel handles which can be installed directly as standard parts in industry without any problems.

The steel handles / metal handles

Handles Plastic Stainless Steel V2A V4ASteel or metal handles are also indispensable in industry today, because wherever steel construction is used, steel / metal handles are also used. For example, in jig and fixture construction in mechanical engineering. This sector develops fixtures to enable repeatable work and manufacture of products in a fast way. In this case, usually not the expensive stainless steel handles are used, but functional steel handles / metal handles, which do not have to have any strain. The strength of such steel handles / metal handles is similar to that of other stainless steel handles. So the use of these quite cheap fasteners is a perfect way to build and offer machines and technical equipment in a cost effective way to the customer. Or think for example of scaffolding construction, where steel handles allow the quick assembly of scaffolding elements and equally quick disassembly on site. Exactly such areas of application have conquered today the steel or metal handles. The material can be used in a bare type and form, which is unusual, or in a galvanized form. Surface refinements are also used, which are a nickel plating, bronzing or similar to painting. Metal handles can be found in all branches of the manufacturing industry and also more and more often in private areas.

The plastic handles

Handles Plastic Stainless Steel V2A V4AThe plastic handles are the latest creation in modern production. As in the last decades the plastic processing industry in general has grown more and more, the use is also due to the progress of the plastic industry and the more and more modern techniques, which make the production of plastic products cheaper and more economical, this trend has also become more and more evident with the plastic handles. The interest in handles made of plastic is also increasing due to the ever more favourable production possibilities. All these handles are a very favourable possibility to use on parts which have to be screwed together quickly and have to be released again by hand. The quality need not necessarily be poor. Quite the opposite. Today, handles made of plastic are used almost everywhere where "weight" plays a decisive role in the construction of machines and technical equipment. This is exactly where plastic handles can be the means of choice. So we offer handles, no matter if they are made of plastic, steel or stainless steel to our customers all over Europe and in Germany to order your products fast and at low cost via our online shop.


Further links on the subject of handles

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