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Chipboard screws are intended for fixing chipboard and are therefore ideal. With chipboard screws, cost-effective fastenings can therefore be achieved.

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Many people are certainly familiar with the type of screw "chipboard screws". These screws should be known if you work a lot with wood or chipboard. These screws are therefore used more and more often in timber construction or drywall construction or in roof truss construction. These small or even large screws are so perfectly constructed that they can be screwed or screwed into wood and chipboard as if by magic without having to apply extreme pressure. This is only possible if the chipboards or wooden panels are extremely covered with hardwood. Here there are two ways to force the chipboard screws quickly and safely to "grip" into the wood. For this purpose, a very small hole can be drilled into the material to be screwed using a drill or a kind of channel can be cut into the hardwood using a pricker. Now a little more about the structure and the material, how chipboard screws can be used. Basically, it is also with this type of screw that chipboard screws as standard screws are actually always manufactured and installed as mild steel screws. This is the most common way to use chipboard screws in drywall construction or other trades in interior construction. It is so that these screws would rust immediately due to the humidity and therefore have to be covered with a protective layer. However, this layer does not really prevent corrosion, but only delays it. The barrier or protective layer of these screws is almost always made of nickel, which can be very thin, and can vary from factory to factory. Chrome can also be used for these screws, but is rare. So the chipboard screws, which are made of stainless steel, have established themselves as the screw of first choice in all trades. As a rule, an alloy of stainless steel as V2A is perfectly adequate for all construction work outdoors as well as indoors, such as bathrooms or other rooms. However, if you want to use the chipboard screws near sea water, you should always use the highest alloy under the stainless steel, which is the stainless steel V4A. Only this alloy for the chipboard screws is absolutely resistant to salt water and also for use in the chemical industry, where screws can also come into contact with acids and alkalis. In the next article we would like to tell you more about our stock assortment of chipboard screws.

Our delivery program of chipboard screws - buy online in our online shop

Chipboard Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ACan you imagine that you would like to have a partition wall built as a drywall construction measure or you would like to build it yourself and there would be no wood construction screws or chipboard screws at all? That would be fatal? Wouldn't it? This kind of screws are specially designed to have an optimal grip and can be screwed perfectly into any chipboard thanks to the very coarse thread and the large Szeigun. The tip on the screw makes it much easier to screw into chipboard and often it is not necessary to pre-drill or to make a notch in the chipboard with a pricker to make it easier to insert the chipboard screw. When we started to build up our online shop slowly and brought all screws into the internet, we only started to sell the standard screws to our customers at that time. But soon more and more telephone inquiries came in, which reached far beyond our then existing assortment. Among them were more and more inquiries about the possible availability of chipboard screws which were requested as stainless steel chipboard screws or steel chipboard screws. Of course, we also followed up on this request and looked for a suitable supplier who could supply us with high-quality screws of this type in very large quantities. The search proved to be not very easy, because the quality of our products is absolutely crucial. In order to be able to buy chipboard screws without any problems in our online shop, the subject of security has become very important for us. For this reason, we decided some time ago to switch the entire website to the secure SSL certificate. This effort was worth it, because our customers have the possibility to enter their data absolutely safe and to buy our products around the clock. The data access by third parties during a data export is no longer possible, because all your personal data is encrypted and protected. In this context we would also like to inform you how an order process should be fast and uncomplicated in our shop, so that your order can be processed quickly. In order that you can order your chipboard screws quickly, please read the following steps carefully. Surely you have also reached our website via one of the many search engines. Once you have put together all your products and placed them in your shopping cart, you now have the opportunity to open your account by entering all your data. To do so, please enter your email address and your delivery address. Once this section of the ordering process is complete, please select one of the many payment methods and confirm the payment with the purchase. If everything was successful, you will receive an order confirmation about your purchase of the chipboard screws. Your goods can now be processed and shipped to you.

The production of chipboard screws

Chipboard Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn this article we would like to go into more detail about the production of individual chipboard screws, because many people process thousands of these screws every day, but how many people really know how these chipboard screws can really be produced. We have already told you how these screws look exactly and how such screws can be screwed and processed in the chipboard. But now we come to the old and the manufacturing methods of screws. First we would like to go into the older methods of manufacturing chipboard screws. In the past, as demand increased, the manufacturing processes had to be improved so that larger and larger quantities of screws could be delivered. From then on, the quantities were increased more and more and this trend has continued until today. Today the industry and the handicraft absolutely cannot do without screws for wood boards or chipboards. The demand is unbrokenly high and so the technical equipment of the screw machines must be improved and become more and more effective. The old machines were so-called cam plate machines. These clearly had the advantage of a high capacity utilisation with hardly any failures, because the controls were purely mechanical. The disadvantage, however, was the extremely long set-up times and the relatively slow production compared to today's machines. Today modern CNC machines are used, which of course see the economic factor as the first priority in the production of chipboard screws. The set-up times for other types of screws or screw types are relatively short, as most of the data is loaded in the form of CNC programs and the parameters can be changed quickly. The basis of such systems is always the processing head. This is the main machining station within the production. Outside it is always the coil adapter or also called drum. This serves as a holder for the raw wire and as a storage, so that production can be carried out for a long time without much attention from the machine, almost unmanned. This saves further costs in the production of chipboard screws. If the stainless steel wire is now inserted into the machine, the cutting to length can be carried out as the first step. Once this process is completed, the head is pre-cut. The head now receives the rear bearing surface, i.e. the collar of the screw. Then the production head comes and presses the final shape of the head on it. Now the last step is the rolling of the thread. For this purpose, the shaft of the thread is rolled between two thread rolls at high pressure and the thread is transferred to the screw. Now the production is finished and the finished chipboard screw can be stored in our warehouse.


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