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Floorboard screws also belong to the large group of fasteners. These special screws are designed in such a way that they can be used for planks as floorboard screws.

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Also floorboard screws belong to the large family of screws and fasteners. Today, it is impossible to imagine craftsmanship without these screws, because without these special screws a correct, quick and splinter-free fastening of wooden constructions would no longer be conceivable. Especially in the trade, which specializes in interior fittings, floorboard screws made of various materials are used permanently. These materials are usually made of structural steel. The floorboard screw has no protection against corrosion if it has no protective coating. This can be a nickel layer or even an anodised finish as a protective layer. However, this protective layer only provides limited protection and slows down the corrosion of a metal floorboard screw. Everyone who works in the trade should know this. So we recommend only these construction steel screws, if the planks are to be used and screwed also only in really dry areas in the interior. Today, however, the standard is for floorboard screws made of stainless steel (either V2A or V4A). Only these screws made of this metal can withstand the weather conditions, both in damp rooms and outdoors in general. However, if you want to screw floorboards on boats and yachts, where salt water in combination with high humidity is the rule, you should definitely use V4A floorboard screws. The majority of our long-time customers, however, buy these stainless steel floorboard screws from us also for indoor use. So stainless steel screws have become more and more popular in recent times and have found their way into many craft businesses and private hobby cellars. What makes the floorboard screws so interesting? Let's take a closer look at the structure of a floorboard screw. This screw also has a screw head, which is usually in the form of a cone, so like a countersunk screw. Also with this screw the Torx drive is the best and safest possibility not to overtighten the used bit, if the board screw is screwed into the wood. The long shaft is located at the head and the very coarse wood thread opens out at it, which tapers to a point at the beginning. So it is possible to screw the screw into the floorboard without pre-drilling. Wooden planks can be laid as terrace planks or as floor planks or even as wall planks. The same plank screws are used everywhere.

Our stock program of floorboard screws - Buy online in our online shop

Floorboard Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs we have already been able to inform you, it is no longer possible to imagine the economy without floorboard screws today. The demand for such special screws has been rising steadily in recent years. There is a reason for this. Because the building fame has risen in the latzten years proportionally to the floorboard screw consumption steadily. For some years now we have been supplying craftsmen throughout Germany and the rest of Europe. Every day many board screws in different sizes and lengths leave our warehouse and can therefore be delivered quickly to our customers. We offer our customers around the clock the opportunity to buy their stainless steel or steel flooring screws quickly and easily via our online shop and thus receive the goods by transport company. So that your purchase in our online shop can also be carried out quite safely, it is important that all your data is saved and cannot be tapped by third parties when exporting data to our merchandise management system. In order to prevent this circumstance also surely, we converted some time ago the entire web page to the safe SSL certificate, so that now all data are encoded. This makes the purchase of your flooring screws and all other products you will find with us even safer. At the same time, we would also like to explain to you how a purchase on our website should be designed so that you receive your board screws quickly. Surely you, like most of our customers, also came to us via one of the big search engines. Now you have the possibility to choose the suitable screws and to put all required products in the desired quantity into your shopping cart. You can also add any other products you need. Once this first process is completed, you will move on to the next step by creating an account. If this is created, you enter all your data and define your password. If you want to complete your purchase, simply follow the shop's instructions and define your payment method. Through your payment, the goods are concluded as a purchase. If the payment was successful, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. The goods will now be put together for you in our warehouse and shipped promptly.

The production of floorboard screws

Floorboard Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AOf course, many people are familiar with floorboard screws in all different sizes and shapes, but many do not know how these screws are manufactured. In order to get a little deeper, we would like to explain a little more about it. Basically, these screws have been used before, but at that time the use of such products was much smaller. So at that time the old production facilities, which produced the floorboard screws, were also sufficient. These machines, which were purely mechanical automatic machines, could only produce the screws very slowly. The advantage of these old machines, however, was that the mechanical components, including the drive and the control system, meant that they hardly had a long service life and no downtime whatsoever during the production of the plank screws. Today, other criteria are important, which at that time had no requirements whatsoever. So the machines also had to adapt to the conditions and produce far more economically. This resulted in the so-called CNC machines. Only these are able to enable efficient and cost-effective production. The programs are written on a stick and read into the machine. The changeover times from one type of piling screw to another can be carried out quickly and without long downtimes. Within the CNC screw machine there is always a machining chuck which is responsible for most of the operations and sequences. Outside there is also always a stockroom which is a drum. Inside this drum the raw wire is wound up and stored as a continuous product. When the wire is inserted into the machine and the program is started, the wire can first be deflected to the correct length. Then comes a pre-heading tool, which presses in the head of the floorboard screw under high pressure. The screw collar has been created. The next step is to press in the final head with the integrated drive. The head of the screw is now finished. Now comes the last step in the manufacturing process, which requires the thread to be rolled on. This process is now made possible by two rollers, whereby the floorboard screws are rolled back and forth between the rollers under high pressure. The board screw is now ready and can be stored in our warehouse.


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