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Disposable screws are screws that should only be used once. This means that disposable screws are screwed in once and can no longer be used afterwards.

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Disposable screws are today one of the most popular fasteners in fastening technology, which is used in industrial manufacturing to fasten entire components or workpieces or other parts safely and no longer so easily removable. In the industry such cases, where disposable screws have to be used, are to be found today more and more often. This means in plain language that these screws are able to tighten certain parts in only one direction. The disposable screws are designed in such a way that they have a very special structure, which can only be tightened properly once using a disposable screwdriver. This tool is exactly adapted to the screw head and sounds exactly into the screw head of the disposable screw, so that the screwing process can be started. The shape in the screw head of the screw is so ingeniously worked out that the contour inside the screw is milled out in such a way that a fitting with the disposable screwdriver can only grasp in one direction and then move the screw to tighten. If, for example, you want to loosen or remove the disposable screw again, this is not so easy, because there is virtually no possibility to attach it to the screw head with a tool, so that the screw head can be unscrewed again. This is also intended, because it should make it as difficult as possible for the user to unscrew these types of locking screws. Of course we would also like to inform you how you can remove the disposable screw from an existing connection in order to remove the part which firmly connects this screw. Since the head of the disposable screw is of course very flat, similar to a cup screw or similar to a pan-head screw, only flatter, there are now the following possibilities. It is absolutely not possible to use pliers, because you will slip off immediately, because there is no support to be found. Here it is only necessary to drill a hole in the middle of the screw with a drill bit, which has at least the strength of the shaft diameter of the disposable screw. Only then can the head be separated from the shank. It is therefore only possible to open this connection again if the disposable screw is destroyed. It is important that you create a heavy impact with a punch right in the middle so that the drill can grip. If this is not possible, there are two variants. With this variant, please take an angle grinder with a cutting disc and flex two times crosswise into the screw head of the disposable screw until the pressure of the screw automatically detaches the head. Then you have destroyed the disposable screw and the shaft of the screw is exposed. You must now replace the old screw with a new disposable screw if you want the connection to function as "non-detachable" again.

Our range of disposable screws - Buy online in our online shop

Disposable Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ASuch "safe" connections, which are indispensable for machine parts in today's industry, can only be done by so-called disposable screws. The perfectly designed head has only one task. This is because the disposable screw can only be tightened properly once with a disposable screwdriver, and then opening it is simply no longer possible. Because the contour of the screw head no longer allows this, which is also intended. We offer you disposable screws in various materials, which are always used as standard in the steel version. This steel version must of course always be coated with a corroson layer so that corrosion can be avoided in the long term. In the past, however, it has often been shown that this nickel layer over the disposable screw is of course not so good and many customers have recognised that it is better if you use these screws in the stainless steel version for your construction projects. The advantage is obvious. The alloying of the steel alone makes rusting impossible in normal outdoor environments, such as indoors, where V2A as stainless steel is usually sufficient. However, if you want to use safe screw connections at sea, i.e. on boats and yachts, you should definitely use stainless steel V4A because of its resistance to salt water. So we offer our customers in Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy their disposable stainless steel screws quickly and cheaply through our online shop and to have all goods delivered to your home. Security also plays a decisive role. In order to advance security even further, we have converted our entire Internet presence to the secure SSL procedure. Only this allows it to restrict the access by third parties to such an extent that it is no longer possible to access your order of disposable screws with the data. Have you also come to us via a search engine using the keyword "disposable screws"? Then we would like to welcome you! Now find all the disposable screws you need and put them in your shopping cart. Once you have put all your products together and you want to take the next step, open an account and create your data. If you now want to complete the purchase of your screws, please follow the instructions of the shop and you will now be shown a list of payment options. accept the best for you and pay your disposable screws. Now you will receive a mail as confirmation from us, so that we can assemble your goods in our warehouse and start shipping.

The production of disposable screws

Disposable Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ASo that you can also use all your disposable screws that you would like to install, these must of course be produced first. That is certainly everyone of us clear? Since the disposable metal screw is a safety screw, a special production is necessary because milled grooves must be made in the screw head. In the past, this was done by mechanical machines that had to be operated semi-automatically by hand. This type of production of disposable screws made of steel or stainless steel was laborious and slow. These times are long gone. Today, the demand for disposable screws has risen steadily, so that the economy of production must come first. Today, fully automatic CNC screw machines are used, which can feed the raw bundle on a wire into the machine as endless material by means of a drum loader. This advantage is important because it allows night shift operation to be guaranteed and the machine can produce disposable screws without having to monitor the machine. Inside this machine is the chuck station, which is designed as a chuck. This chuck holds the wire in place and thus the processing steps can be carried out. Once all the data required for manufacturing these disposable screws have been loaded, production can begin. First, the wire is always cut to the correct length. Now the pre-pressing of the screw head takes place, where the collar gets the decisive feature. When this section is finished, the final head is pressed against the disposable screw, which is semicircular and flat. Now comes the most important part of this production, which mills the two grooves into the head using a side milling cutter. Finally, only the thread is rolled onto the shaft of the disposable screw. This production stage is the last in the production process. Finally, the almost finished disposable screw has to be washed so that all oil residues disappear, then the screw can be stored. It is now ready when you order it to be shipped to you.

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