Tube linchpins are plugs that are inserted into a tube and are turned over by the latching mechanism. In this way, a pipe lynch pin can be used as a fuse. Pipe linch pins are usually made of steel or stainless steel.

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Many questions keep coming up what exactly are tubular linchpins and how are they used and constructed? We would like to clarify all these questions today in this amount. But we will not only answer these questions, but also questions about the use of tubular linchpins and the material that can be used as standard material today. Of course, again in this amount, the point of manufacturing tubular linchpins. We would like to start with how these are used in industry and also in many private areas. Basically, hinged pipe connectors are a safety element which can be quickly applied and secured by manual operation alone, i.e. without tools. Tube linchpins made of steel can be manufactured in such a way that they are so-called tube securing elements. Axial movements can be greatly reduced and limited and components are thus limited in an axial space to such an extent that the hinged pipe connector can release them by removing them. If, for example, pipes are manufactured with a component attached to them and the component can move axially back and forth on the pipe, the linch pin can limit this movement so that the component cannot fall down or be removed. For this purpose, a through hole must be drilled through the tube at the point defined for this purpose, which leads through both tubes. The tube lynch pin has a pin and this can now be inserted through the holes. The spring element is arranged in such a way that there is a wire clip which is placed half round around the tube when it is folded in. The pipe lynch pin is thus a pipe safety device and can be removed manually as required, so that the component can also be removed. The basic material from which the hinge pin is made is actually always blank steel, which is nickel-plated. The much better variant is that the stainless steel is used. This alloy can be V2A or also V4A. This variant is much more acid-resistant and resistant to alkalis and salt water.

Our stock assortment of pipe lynch pins - buy online in our online shop

Lynchpins Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn recent years, these special fuse elements have become more and more established in industry and have found their place in more and more applications. Private users have also discovered the tubular lynchpins made of steel or stainless steel for themselves, and the demand for them is therefore also constantly increasing. In order to meet the increasing demand in the long term, we have decided to include the tubular linchpins in our product range and offer you the possibility to order them from us. With our online shop, we offer all buyers the possibility to order their connectors quickly and easily at low prices via our online shop. So that the purchase can also run safely, data security is a central role in the operation of a website, as we offer you. To ensure that data security has priority, we have decided to convert the entire website to the encrypted SSL procedure, so that all your data is stored securely and cannot be accessed by third parties when exporting data to our merchandise management system. While we are already on the subject of shopping and shopping, we would like to go into more detail about how a clean order should take place on our domain. Now that you have found us via a search engine, you have the possibility to put together all of our steel or stainless steel linchpins and put them into your shopping cart. If this first order section is completed, the second step follows, which offers you the possibility to create your account with us. Then you deposit all the required data that are important for you to complete your order. If you wish to complete the purchase on our website, simply follow the instructions of the shop and you will be offered a choice of payment options, where you can choose the one that suits you best and confirm by clicking on the purchase button. If the purchase was successful, you will receive as always an order confirmation from us by e-mail in which you can see exactly which linchpins you have ordered from us and in what quantity.

The production of tubular linchpins

Lynchpins Stainless Steel V2A V4ASurely you are also a person who has worked a lot with these pipe linchpins or still handles them. This is done by many people who want to create axial safety devices that can be attached quickly and manually using a tubular linchpin made of steel or stainless steel. So much for the application. Now, of course, we would also like to tell you how these plugs can be manufactured and how production can proceed. In order to be able to produce a pipe lynch pin made of steel or stainless steel, modern machines are required today, which are controlled by a CNC system. These machines are called lathes. With these machines the pins can be manufactured and also turned as shank pins. At the upper edge of the bolt, a cross hole must be drilled into it, which can then later accommodate the spring of the pipe lynch pin. These lathes always have a loader downstream, which can pick up the raw material. This way the machine can process the bolts in an automatic procedure and also produce them. Everything is processed by CNC control until all the bars are away from the loader. With this we would have already processed and produced the bolt for the pipe lynch pin. Now we come to the actual linch pin, which is the main feature that makes the tube linch pin the actual securing element. Of course, this also requires a machine that can bend the plugs or the spring and produce them exactly according to the specifications. These machines also have a CNC control and a processing center in the middle. Outside there is either a loader or a drum holder which can take the thinner raw wire material. When the raw material is then fed into the machine as spring wire on a reel, production can begin. Now the contours of the spring are produced by bending inside the machine. Small arms reach into the wire and bend it skilfully back and forth until the spring is finished. After this production program the spring is hardened in a hardening furnace. Only now is the spring effect given. Now the pin can be assembled with the spring wire and then results in the finished pipe lynch pin made of steel or stainless steel. These parts can now be stored in our warehouse and when you order, the connectors will be sent to you.


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