Weld-on Hinges

Weld-on hinges are connecting elements which are also used in some railing accessories, but mainly where connections have to be created which are to be mounted rotatably.

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Weld-on Hinges Stainless SteelWelded hinges made of stainless steel are in the far distance rotary hinges - which of course are designed so that they can connect two components separated from each other via a bolt as a hinge and move around this bolt. Between the two components that are installed on each individual side of the stainless steel weld-in hinge is always the bolt "fulcrum and pivot" Stainless steel weld-in hinges can be quickly and cost-effectively welded to frames of machine parts and the other side to: for example, stainless steel doors or other movable segments. Welding hinges made of stainless steel have a so-called "welding edge" which is specially designed so that the welding seam can be drawn to the following component at this edge. These welding hinges made of stainless steel are available in many different sizes depending on the loads and heavy parts used. Furthermore, we often find weld-on hinges in garden gates made of stainless steel or entrance gates. For large loads such as entrance gates, welded hinges must of course also be used, which can be installed without yielding to the loads! Today, weld-on hinges are mostly and almost exclusively used in industrial production and manufacturing. For example in switch cabinet construction or railing construction. The hinges are welded to gates and posts to allow garden gates or railings to move and thus rotate around their own axis. If you would like further information on stainless steel weld-in hinges, please visit our blog.

Our stock program of stainless steel weld-on hinges - V4A or V2A - Buy online at our online shop

Weld-on Hinges Stainless SteelWe started with the foundation of our company many years ago. At that time our main focus was always on fastening elements and connecting elements, which can connect at least more than one component with another fixed and detachable. This includes screws and nuts made of stainless steel and many other materials. Spacer sleeves and spacer bolts are also important connecting elements in our extensive range for industrial processing and production. After a few years on the market, we have also decided to include railing parts such as pipe bends and welded hinges in our range. We were not aware of how strong the demand for stainless steel hinges for welding was. Only by some inquiries of our customers of many years we understood that we can supply also thereby many locksmiths and metal construction enterprises with favorable hinges. With our online shop we offer our customers in Germany and all over Europe the possibility to buy their welding hinges around the clock in our online shop. In order to offer you the greatest possible security during your shopping experience, we decided some time ago to convert the entire website to the very secure SSL certificate. This step was particularly important to us so that your sensitive data could not be tapped by third parties. Otherwise, this can easily happen when your data is released for data export to be transmitted to our data interface. If we are already on the subject of security, we would also like to explain to you in a few short sentences how a purchase in our shop can be uncomplicated. First of all, look for all products, such as your welding hinges from V2A or V4A together and put them in your shopping cart. If this section is finished, you open a customer account or a guest account and enter all your relevant data, which we need for the processing. Once your purchase is complete, you have the opportunity to check out and we suggest a number of payment options. Now select the best one for you and confirm the payment by pressing the "buy" button. If the payment was successful, you will receive an automatic mail from our system. Now we can process your order in our warehouse and pack your welding hinges and hand them over to the responsible shipping company.

The weld-on hinge and this structure

Welded hinges made of stainless steel can actually be four-part or five-part. This means, if a stainless steel weld-in hinge is four-part, it consists of the two separate wings, the brass or bronze ring between the hinge as wear ring - and the bolt - which can be fixed to one wing or pluggable (removable). However, if a stainless steel weld-in hinge is five-piece, then three separate blades - the bolt and the brass ring or bronze ring - can be found as wear rings. Both wings of the weld-in hinge are under load and press against the brass spacer ring. The brass ring often plays a decisive role in this and assumes the function of the wear ring. Due to the constant rotation of the later fixed hinge and the permanent pressure between the two hinge parts, the ring absorbs the forces with each rotation and transfers them directly into the brass ring. Once the ring is worn out, it can easily be replaced by the unhinged ring and replace a new ring. Due to the relatively soft brass or bronze material, the other parts of the hinge remain largely unworn.


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