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As the name suggests, distance screws are designed so that distances can be created between two screwed components.

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Distance screws must not be missing today with the building firms and/or reorganization enterprises no more, which work with wood or wood elements or lay possible also dry construction plates or attach or install other elements, which must be erected on a certain distance. The spacer screw was originally developed for precisely this task. Whereby we would be already with the topic. This article deals with the wide range of spacer screws. Which attachments must these special screws take over and for which applications can they be helpful and useful? We would also like to answer the other questions, which materials are used in the production of distance screws and also for which areas, which materials can be used for which location. As in every article, we would like to start with the design of the distance screws. Since these distance screws belong to the special screws and cannot be classified as normal screws, this article needs a special value in the exact description. Nevertheless the distance screws belong to the big families in the group of screw connections. Now we would like to start with the actual construction of such screws. Here one must mention that distance screws have a head area and in the connection to this head the pin or the shaft of the screw borders directly. This shank is equipped with a coarse wooden thread. Thus exactly for the range of the woods applicable and well screwable. The head is not designed as a cylindrical area like with a normal screw, but as a slim shaft shape. This considerably wider head of the screw compared to the shaft with the thread makes the distance screw so interesting. The head is equipped with a coarse wood thread just like the shaft. Inside the head there is, how else could it be, the drive, which can be designed as a slotted or hexagonal drive or as a Torx drive. With this drive in the distance screw made of steel or stainless steel, you can now create a distance and screw workpieces together at a certain distance from each other. During assembly, you must drill a small hole in the workpiece to be distanced and then screw in the head of the distance screw. Now you can screw the taylor-made part of the distance screw into the opposite workpiece. Now a defined distance is created and both workpieces (wood) have a defined distance. This means that each additional distance screw can be moved until the construct is finished. The material used for the distance screws is always normal coated steel or stainless steel, V2A or V4A.

Our product range of distance screws - Buy online in our online shop

Distance Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AEven with these screws, which are increasingly used in timber construction, i.e. in trade fair construction or other trades that are exclusively screwed together from inexpensive timber constructions, the distance screws have continued to manifest themselves in recent decades and have become a firm helper. Especially because the screws can be manufactured in steel or stainless steel at a reasonable price, the sales through the online trade has continued to grow. This has driven the demand for distance screws. So we have also decided to include the distance screws in our product range and thus supply our customers throughout Europe with these high-quality screws. So today you have the possibility to buy your distance screws fast and uncomplicated via our online shop. This gives you more freedom to purchase and the products are available 24 hours a day. Since we are also very concerned about security and we naturally want to offer our customers the greatest security, it is important that we have changed the entire Internet presence and now use the secure SSL certificate for several years. Only this type of data transmission, as an encrypted form, is permanently the most secure. Now let us say a few words about what makes the purchase process via our online shop and how it should proceed. How did you find us? Certainly also over the large search machine in the net? Then you are already in the right category of distance screws. Now take your time to select the best screws for your requirements and simply put them in the shopping basket by entering the quantity. After this has happened, step two will follow, which will make it possible for you to create an account with your customer data. Please enter your email address and your delivery address so that we can send the goods to you safely later. After this step please log in and if you now want to buy your distance screws, please only follow the further rejections of the shopping cart and the clicks that follow. After a few clicks, you will be shown the payment options that you need for the payment of your spacer bolts. If you have now decided to complete the payment and this was successful, you will now receive an automatic email from our system about the number of spacer screws you have just purchased. Now we can also summarize your order and send it to you. After a few days you should receive the parcel with the distance screws.

The production of distance screws

Distance Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we have arrived at the last chapter of this article again, in which we would like to introduce you to the production of distance screws, so that you can also get a small insight into this process, how such screws can be produced today on ultra-modern screw machines, which are CNC supported. Not too long ago, all screws could generally only be produced on so-called mechanical machines, the cam disk controlled ones. However, there was one problem. On the one hand, the set-up times were very time-consuming due to the many mechanical adjustments and the pure production of the distance screws was therefore very slow or limited. At that time it was not possible to start with the topic of economic efficiency. Today, however, this has become somewhat different. Today, the economic efficiency and competitiveness in the production of stainless steel distance screws or steel distance screws has become an important factor. For this reason, only CNC screw machines are used to carry out the work quickly and precisely. Such CNC machines always have to be fed by a software by feeding the complete paramers into the machine. Then the short set-up of the machine for the respective sizes of the distance screws and the adjustment to the material (stainless steel or steel) takes place. Once this has been done, production can begin when the drum loader has been loaded with the correct raw material outside the machine. Now the wire can be inserted into the machine. The machine now starts to cut the wire to the correct length. Now the head with the drive is pressed into the distance screw. Once this has been done, the thread is rolled on the two thread rollers, which work in opposite directions. Under high pressure the head and the shaft are now provided with the thread grooves, which are also called wood threads. Once the gift is received, the distance screw is almost ready and can be packed and stored in the warehouse. If we receive your order of distance screws made of steel or stainless steel, we can pack your delivery together and ship it with the other products to you. After a few days, the distance screw should be in your mailbox so that you can use it on your construction project.


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