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Screw in nuts are special repair nuts that can be screwed into worn threads. Screw-in nuts have the advantage of saving costs of new components.

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This article is only about screw-in nuts made of steel or stainless steel. Such fasteners belong today in the industry in every tool box and especially for cabinet makers to the most important element when it comes to creating a secure screw connection that can not tear out of chipboard or wood panels. But more about that later. We would like to go into more detail on how screw-in nuts made of steel or stainless steel are constructed exactly and in which industries these parts must function as important intermediate connectors. We would also like to shed light on the subject of material and properties as well as the manufacture of all types of screw-in nuts. Of course we would like to start with the detailed structure. Basically, such nuts always have a continuous threaded hole on the inside. The nut is about 1-2 cm long and has enough threads to take a screw or another type of thread. This tube-like shape with the inner thread has the same thread on the outside, but in a much coarser version and fewer threads. The flanks are extremely far outward and tapered. The pitch of the wood thread on the outside is very coarse, so that a stop in a piece of wood or a wood hole is possible without any problems. Now we come to the installation and application in a wood. In order to screw in the screw-in nuts quickly and firmly, you must first drill a hole in the wooden plate that corresponds to the core diameter of the screw-in nut. Now you can place the nut on the hole and screw it in with a screwdriver or a metric screw with a nut that has been locked. This should be quite difficult, because then you can be sure that this nut cannot be torn out. If you want to be even more sure, you can also glue the nut in. If this screw-in nut is now mounted, it should not protrude over the end of the wood. Now the possibility is created that a screw connection with a metric thread, a machine screw can be screwed in inside the screw-in nut. This now has a very secure hold! The screw can be removed and re-inserted very often without causing any damage. The material used for the basic screw-in nut is always plain steel. Who likes it naturally also gladly resitantly against water, that should fall back on high-grade steel V2A or V4A. Furniture panels, for example, which have been installed on a boat or yacht, are always made of V4A stainless steel. This has also a reason. V4A is resistant to salt water and also alkaline solutions and acids.

Our stock range of screw-in nuts - buy online in our online shop

Screws in Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs the furniture industry is producing more and more high-quality furniture, the number of screw-in nuts has of course also continued to increase. The demand has not only increased in the furniture industry but also among hobbyists in their own four walls. No matter where the screw-in nuts made of steel or stainless steel are used, they are produced in ever increasing quantities and sold to the industry. Also the private persons need these parts in smaller quantities, which we gladly offer to our customers. In the last few years we have been able to win more and more customers who come from Germany or the rest of Europe and who can buy the screw-in nuts at a reasonable price in our online shop. This makes it very easy to buy over the lop and therefore the subject of security is an increasingly important aspect, which we also do not want to ignore. So we have recently converted our entire domain to the secure SSL certificate to ensure maximum data security. So your data is even more secure and completely encrypted. Now the data can no longer be accessed by third parties during data export when the data is transferred from the shop to our merchandise management system. Of course we would also like to go into more detail about how a complete order process on our website should look like, so that you can receive the nuts you have ordered safely, quickly and easily. We are sure that you, like most of our customers, have also come across one of the search engines which have entered the word "screw-in nuts" as a search word and have now landed on our website. We are very pleased, because now you have the possibility to choose your nuts and put them in your shopping cart in the quantity you want. If this section is completed and you want to proceed to the next step, you can now create an account within our website. Once this step is completed and you wish to pay and complete the order, you will have the opportunity to choose the payment method you prefer and complete your purchase. Afterwards, if the order was successful, an order confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail. Now we can also become active and send you the order.

The production of screw-in nuts

Screws in Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AMany of you are confident in using these nuts (screws in nuts) and apply them thousands of times every day in everyday life, at work and at home. However, most of you know almost nothing about the production of such fasteners. We would like to shed some light on the dark, so that you know exactly how such screw-in nuts are manufactured and how they can be produced. For this purpose, very modern machines are in use today, which work on a CNC basis and can handle the production almost unmanned during a night shift or even during the day with a connected loader. The raw bars are inserted into the loader and the bars are then gradually processed by the lathe. Once the CNC program for production has been loaded and all parameters have been entered, production can begin. Now the raw bar is drawn in and the first thing to be done is to drill the hole in the stainless steel bar. The next step is to cut the thread. If this process is also completed, the external thread can be screwed in. Each thread flank is screwed in separately and precisely. Now the nut can be cut off. This process is repeated again and again until enough of the screws in nuts are collected in the box. Now they can be removed and washed once so that all oil residues are wiped off. After this procedure, the nuts are stored in our warehouse. If we receive an order from you, we can pack your order together and hand it over to the dispatch centre. Now the goods are collected and delivered to you.


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