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Glass strip screws are special screws used for fixing glass strips. Thus, glass strip screws offer an optimal hold between the glass strip and the wall.

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Many questions arise more and more often as to exactly what the glass strip screws are and which task these screws should take over. For this reason, we have decided to write this article so that we can give you detailed information about the glass strip screws and after reading the contents you will know exactly how such screws can be mounted for the glass strip fastening and from which materials these glass strip screws can be made. Furthermore, we would like to know which tool holders these screws can have for the insertion of the tool and also which stock assortment awaits you in our online shop. As always, the curious should be able to see how such screws can be produced on today's modern machines. However, we would like to start with the construction of such screws for glazing beads. Basically it can be said that a glass strip screw is also a screw which, like any other screw, is also used to fasten two different materials to each other and to loosen them again. The advantage of such a screw is that if an opening of the connection is desired, no destruction of the glass strip screw is necessary. It can be said that with glass strip screws the head is usually designed as a countersunk head. The string surface of such a glass strip screw is always designed as a lens head. The Torx drive has established itself as the standard drive in today's world, as it can easily forgive irregularities in the angle within the centre. But cross-recess drives are also still common drive types for glass strip screws of all types. As with any other screw, the head of the glass strip screw has the shaft with the coarse thread or the wood thread. This thread is usually equipped as a partial thread, but can also run as a full thread up to the head of the screw. At the beginning of the screw and the thread there is a tip, which lets the thread run up to there. This allows the glass strip screw to be perfectly attached to a wooden surface and screwed in without having to apply too much pressure to the screw. As materials or materials always high-strength steel is considered which is coated with a protective coating or in addition, the high-grade steel glass strip screw, which is available as V2A version or V4A version.

Our stock program of glass strip screws - Buy online in our online shop

As the production of glass used in buildings and other surfaces becomes more and more common, the attachment of the associated glazing strips continues to increase. This is not surprising, because modern design has taken hold of us all and we want to have glass all around us. Because this pure material is a perfect solution. So that the glazing strips can also be securely and permanently connected with the right screws, it is so important that the right fasteners are also chosen to create an uncompromising connection. The task of online shops and online dealers is to provide consumers and the industry with the right glass strip screws in the desired quantity quickly and easily, so that all can buy the screws through the online shop systems quickly and cheaply. However, this wish is not always realizable, because nobody can stock one hundred external types of screws. For this reason, it is important that there are more and more online shops that offer the glass strip screws, so that a favorable and fast processing can take place. For this reason, we have also extended our online shop with the category of glass strip screws made of steel and stainless steel to give our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the opportunity to buy your products quickly. So that such a purchase can also run off surely, it is important that also the security is given over an encoded certificate. So we have integrated this certificate to further increase the security of our customer data. This makes it possible to access or retrieve data quickly and efficiently when ordering your steel or stainless steel glass strip screws without the data being tapped by third parties. In this context, let us also say a few words about the ordering process. Surely we can also welcome you to our website, because you have found us via a search engine and the search word of the glass strip screws. You are now already in the right category and can now select all your screws and buy them in our online shop. Put now with indication of the quantity, the desired glass strip screws into the shopping cart and create an account with us. enter all your data and go back again into the shopping cart. Press now on further and follow the shop instructions. After a few clicks you will be shown the payment option. Choose and pay the glass strip screws. If the process was successful, you will now receive an order confirmation of your glass strip screws and the quantity of your order.

The production of glass strip screws

Arrived in the last section, we would like to introduce you not only to the construction of a glass strip screw, but also to the production of glass strip screws. Surely there are many of you who are interested in this topic and who would like to know how such manufacturing processes work to produce such special screws. Shortly we would like to show you, how today, on modern machines, such glass strip screws are produced and also put together for the trade to then initiate the dispatch. We would like to start with the presentation of the machine. In order to produce screws for glazing beads, CNC machines are used today, which have a machining centre and a thread rolling system as counter-rotating hardened rollers. This roller system is not a standard, but it is often used to produce high quality glass strip screws. In order to be able to run the production relatively automatically, the manufacturers always use loading systems that can be connected directly to the machine. Bar loaders for thick steel or stainless steel are used, as well as a drum loader that can hold stainless steel wire as a bundle. If the machine is now ready to start and the parameters responsible for feeds and cutting speeds are loaded, the machine can still be set up mechanically. When everything is ready, the start button can be pressed and production can start. Now the raw wire is inserted into the machine as stainless steel or steel wire. The first step is the calculated cutting to length of the future screw for the glass strips. The next step is to pre-upset the rear tip part, which is to be designed as a countersunk screw head. The head is then upset at the front, including the Torx drive or the cross-recess drive. Now the shaft is ready with the tip. Now the thread is rolled. The shaft screw, i.e. the glass strip screw, is placed under high pressure between the two counter-rotating thread rollers and the coarse thread or the wood thread is transferred to the shaft. Once enough screws have passed through this manufacturing process, they can be stored in our warehouse and shipped to you if required. After a few days you should receive the delivery of your glass strip screws and can install the screws.


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