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Cylinder knobs are grip elements that have a cylindrical shape. Such cylindrical knobs can be found on machines and operating elements. Cylinder knobs can also be found in the hobby sector. Stainless steel, steel or plastic is used in the manufacture of cylinder knobs.

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Today, it is impossible to imagine the modern industrial world without cylinder knobs. These cylinder knobs elements can be found today in almost all technical systems and devices in mechanical engineering and on machines themselves, in all possible variations. In this article we would like to clarify many different questions that are related to cylinder knobs. In detail, we would like to explain how such elements are constructed and also which materials can be used today on machines and technical equipment. We would also like to inform you about our stock program, so that you can see at a glance which of these cylinder knobs you can find in our online shop in order to realize your construction project with them. But not only these points are important, so we would like to finish with the production of such filigree manual control elements. In this article we would like to start again with the detailed construction and the different variations that can be produced on cylinder knobs. Basically there are three different versions of these hand cylinder knobs. Firstly, the cylindrical form, which is considered the basic version and is attached to the cylindrical shaft in a fixed grip position, is the most common of all cylindrical knobs. The extension is the rotating cylinder knobs handle, where the handle itself can be turned around its own axis, so that when the cylinder knobs are turned, the shaft can be turned separately from the knob. As the last variant, the rotating and folding knob is the most comfortable version of all cylinder knobs. A handle element always consists of two components. Firstly, it is the internal cylindrical shaft with the thread around the handle and the integrated grip piece. The shaft is always made of a metal material. This can be galvanized or nickel-plated steel or stainless steel V2A or V4A. The handle itself is often made of plastic, steel or stainless steel. Thus two different materials can be combined to form a cylinder knobs. Of course, full stainless steel cylinder handles are also required in industry, for example in canteen kitchens, where they are attached to hand wheels to operate large roasters with the hand cranks. Hygiene is a major issue here, and all materials must be made of stainless steel V2A, because these materials are not subject to corrosion when they come into contact with water. However, if such handles are used in the chemical industry or chemical plants, it should always be ensured that the material stainless steel is used as alloy V4A. Only this material is unconditionally resistant to all acids and alkalis and can be used in such systems.

Our stock range of cylinder knobs - buy online in our online shop

Cylinder knobs Stainless steel plastic V2A V4AIn the previous article we were able to tell you a lot more about the different cylinder knobs and their designs. Today, fixed cylinder knobs are used in machines and technical systems just as much as movable or rotating cylinder knobs or even retractable knobs. These manual control elements have turned out to be real miracle cures and so the demand for these elements has been increasing in recent years. Of course, this has not happened without reason, because these elements have been able to expand their position and convince with their simple construction and easy and safe application in all imaginable areas. As the demand is increasing, the online shops have had to adapt to the constantly growing demand and expand the cylinder knobs made of plastic, steel or stainless steel in order to purchase the required quantities. So we have also decided to expand our online shop with these useful hand control elements and thus to provide you with a series of technically mature knobs, even in larger quantities. With our Online Shop we offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy all your products fast and uncomplicated over our Online Shop. This only creates advantages, because you can order or buy your cylinder knobs from us around the clock and have them delivered quickly to your home. In order to ensure that this purchasing process is also secure, it is important that the subject of security is not lost sight of. Therefore we have decided to change the whole website to the secure SSL certificate, so that your deposited data is really safe. Let us also like to say a few words about shopping on our website. We are sure that you have found us, because you have found us via a large search engine and have entered the keyword "cylinder knobs head". You are now on our website and can select all your grips and put them in your shopping cart in the desired quantity. Once you have done this, step two follows, which now enables you to open your account with us. Please enter all necessary data. If this is done, you can now continue shopping while logged in and pay for the goods at the checkout. For this purpose you will be offered different payment methods. If you have chosen the right one, the payment and the completion of your order is now done. If the payment was successful, you will receive a mail with an overview of all data.

The production of cylinder knobs

Cylinder knobs Stainless steel plastic V2A V4ANow we have come back to the last article, which is intended to give you some information so that you can also see how such cylinder knobs can be manufactured in industry. Many of you are familiar with the different types of knobs and handles, but only few of you know anything about the production or manufacturing. In this article we would like to change that. We would also like to start again with the production of a grip shaft made of steel or stainless steel and then with the plastic cylinder knobs. In the further we also go to the production of a complete stainless steel cylinder knobs and its manufacturing. The steel shaft of a cylinder knob is always manufactured on a CNC lathe equipped with a loader. This means that the stainless steel or steel is stored in the loader and can be called up and fed into the CNC machine as required by the lathe. Then the first step is the turning of the shank with the cutting of the thread. After this first manufacturing process the shaft can be cut off. The plastic cylinder knobs is manufactured completely differently because it is an injection moulded part. For this purpose, a mould must be made which consists of two mould halves, which have the cylinder knobs contour worked into them, just as the knobs for the cylinder knobs will later look like. For this purpose, the mould must be clamped in an injection moulding machine and then the liquid plastic is injected under high pressure. Once this has been done, the mould can be opened after it has cooled down and the handle can be removed. Finally, the plastic cylinder knobs handle can be assembled with the shaft to form a cylindrical knob. The production of a stainless steel cylinder knobs is somewhat different. This is usually also produced as a moulded part. First of all a wax mould has to be made. This can then be dipped into a mud bath to be burnt out and hardened in a furnace. During the firing process the mud layer hardens and at the same time the wax evaporates. Now the hollow form can be filled with a liquid stainless steel, an alloy of V2A or V4A to be reworked afterwards. Once all knobs are polished and grinded and the thread is attached, the finished cylinder knobs can be stored in our warehouse. If we receive an order from you, we can send the goods to you.

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