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Roll pins are slotted sleeves. These Roll pins are inserted or driven into bores to secure positions. These Roll pins are usually supplied in steel or stainless steel.

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Today, Roll pins are used again and again in all kinds of industrial sectors, such as construction, mechanical engineering and mould making. Roll pins are primarily bearing safety elements which are an important part of the safety elements. Roll pins are only one important element in the mechanical field in industry, but more and more hobbyists and other users are finding out how useful metal Roll pins can be in application especially in model making. But we will come to this later in detail. But let us first come to the general structure of metal Roll pins. Basically, these securing elements are made of a rolled strip steel, which can be made of steel or stainless steel (V2A or V4A). This sheet metal sleeve, which has a slot over its entire length, is rolled and formed in such a way that it has a so-called manufacturing oversize. This means in plain language that the Roll pins, if they are intended for a through hole or a blind hole of 6 mm, have a manufacturing oversize of 6.4 mm in diameter. However, this should only be an example for a Roll pins. Due to this desired manufacturing oversize, the following effect can be expected later on during installation. Due to the massive tension that the Roll pins displays when it is driven into the bore, the pin is pressed against the wall of the bore with enormous pressure and receives an extremely firm fit due to the high surface pressure. The forces exerted during driving in, which cause the Roll pins sleeve to compress, proportionally increases the surface pressure within the inner wall of the bore with every mm where the Roll pins can be driven further into the bore. Roll pins are ideally suited, for example, to connect shafts and hubs on drive axles quickly and cost-effectively with a Roll pins. the pin can absorb high shear forces without affecting the transmission of torque. A through bore is inserted through the shaft and hub into which the Roll pins must be driven over its entire surface. We would like to report not only about the assembly of a Roll pins made of stainless steel or steel, but also about the point of disassembly of a Roll pins. This is because such a locking element is a detachable locking element which should only be used once and must then be replaced by a new roll pin because the clamping force is exhausted. In order to remove such a safety element again, it is advisable that the Roll pins can be driven out from the opposite mounting side in any case. If this is not possible, simply drive it out in the same direction. This process can be carried out either with a suitable punch with a flat face or with a pin which is inserted into the hollow space of the Roll pins and can thus be guided throughout the entire expulsion process.

Our range of Roll pins - buy online in our online shop

Roll Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4ASince the demand for Roll pins has increased in recent years, as in all other areas of fastening and connecting elements, the demand for Roll pins has also increased considerably. This is also the reason why we are able to supply our customers in Germany and the rest of Europe with the right sizes of steel roll pins or stainless steel roll pins quickly and inexpensively via our online shop, so that machine downtimes or accidents can be quickly remedied if the reason is roll pin breakage or simply the lack of new roll pins. For this reason, we have given our customers the opportunity to buy their roll pins quickly and cheaply in our online shop and have the goods delivered to your company or to your home. The possibilities of buying the goods are therefore not limited and fully usable through our online shop. In order to offer you maximum security when ordering, it has become especially important to us to secure and protect your data that you deposit with us. For this reason, we decided some time ago to convert our entire Internet presence to the secure SSL certificate. This process is now complete and fully functional. Your data can now no longer be accessed by third parties and is even more difficult to access because all data is securely encrypted. May we also inform you how a purchase of roll pins should be handled in our shop, so that your order can be delivered quickly and easily. We assume that you, like most of our customers, have found us via one of the major search engines such as google using the search word " roll pins"? If so, then we would like to welcome you very warmly! Now take your time and look around carefully which of the roll pins you would like to buy and put them in the shopping cart in the quantity you need. If this ordering process of the articles is completed, you now have the possibility to create your customer account. To do so, please open a login on our website and enter all the required information, such as your address and your email, and then save everything. If you would like to buy more than one article, except the roll pins, please add them to the shopping cart. When the purchase is completed, you will have the possibility to choose one of the following payment options for your roll pins. Please pay for them in the following procedure. If the payment was successful, you will receive an order confirmation of your purchase of roll pins and we can process your order in our warehouse.

The manufacture of Roll pins

Roll Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4ASo that all the roll pins can be made of metal, or steel or stainless steel, they must of course, like the other fasteners, first be manufactured. Surely many of you know and work with roll pins all the time and know how to deal with such position locking elements. But how many of you actually know how to manufacture metal roll pins? Have you surely asked yourself this question, or have you ever asked yourself? In order to get to the bottom of this open question about the production of roll pins, we have decided to take a closer look at the production and the manufacturing process, so that you can also understand in a rough outline how such a manufacturing process can be carried out. Basically, it is possible to produce on today's modern machines, which can produce all roll pins in a cost effective way permanently and above all quickly. The costs for the production of hollow roll pins are optimized to such an extent that machine costs and material can be amortized and all CNC machines can be paid for. Such CNC-machines for the production of roll pins must be quickly convertible, so that costs can be reduced and downtimes can be avoided as far as possible. In order to avoid this state of affairs, it is important to use modern and fast technical equipment with CNC control to drive the roll pin production. These CNC sheet metal forming machines are designed in such a way that they can take up a drum with the strip steel outside and can carry out long-term production on their own. If the steel strip is now fed into the machine, the production of the roll pins can take place. First, the steel or stainless steel is pressed into a forming mould, where it begins to curl and finally is rolled into a roll pin. It is important that the slot is large enough so that the pin can be compressed when pressed into the hole. Once the steel strip has been rolled to form the roll pin, the chamfering for the beginning is carried out when pressing in the hole. The end is simply cut off smoothly and thus the first roll pin is finished. After this constant process thousands of roll pins can be produced in a very short time. When enough pins are collected in the collecting basin, they can be washed and freed from oil residues and can then be stored in our warehouse. If we receive an order from you, we can then prepare and send you the roll pins you ordered.

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