Raised Countersunk Head Screws

Oval Raised Countersunk Head Screws are semicircular countersunk head screws that have a lens at the top of the head and a cone for countersinking under the screw head.

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Oval Raised Countersunk Head Screws or also oval head screws have become a big topic when it comes to an adiquate connection by means of a screw connection. Did you know when the raised countersunk head screw was first knowingly mentioned? This question was sent to us by mail and we went looking for it to show you when such types of screws were knowingly mentioned for the first time. This should have been around the year 1908 in Germany. At the same time the industrial revolution began in the factories, where the workers could be replaced very slowly by ever more spreading machines and the labour productivity increased. Machines in the factories also made it possible to produce many new types of screws at ever faster speeds, such as raised countersunk head screws. This point was extremely important, because as fast as the economy grew, the fasteners had to be produced as well. The first screws were still forged manually onto fixtures, but a large production of raised countersunk head screws was unthinkable and the quality of the individual screws varied too much from each other. This is how the first automatic machines were created, which, in contrast to manual production, could of course be produced much more accurately and productively. At the same time, we would like to bring you a little closer to what distinguishes a raised countersunk head screw from a half-round screw or half-round head screw. The half-round head screw is basically constructed in such a way that it has a half-round head and cannot be countersunk in the material. This would also make little sense with such a screw. The raised countersunk head screws, on the other hand, are designed in such a way that they are in principle also raised countersunk head screws, only these do not have a flat head surface, but a slightly curved lens head shape. Like a half-cut lens, which is placed on a normal countersunk screw. The screw head of such Raised Countersunk Head Screws is always so pronounced that they can be screwed into metal or wood. The only thing that stands out is the flat, curved lens head that protrudes harmoniously over the metal surface or the wooden surface, but is by no means disturbing. This slightly convex Raised Countersunk Head Screws body is not disturbing because the lens head shape only rudimentarily looks out. Below the lens head body, as with any other screw, there is also the shaft, which is equipped with a metric thread or an inch thread. The raised countersunk head screw for wood is designed in such a way that it has a coarse thread with a wide flank distance and a tip on the screw shank. This means that the raised countersunk head screw can be screwed into wood material or beams quickly and without great pressure, and all without piercing. The material of the raised countersunk-head screws is always steel (metal), i.e. mild steel with a coating to slow down corrosion. Today's classic raised countersunk head screws are made of stainless steel (V2A or V4A) in permanent use, both indoors and outdoors and defy the weather because stainless steel simply cannot rust due to the alloy. V2A is completely sufficient for normal use. V4A must, however, be used if caustic solutions and acids are used or if the raised countersunk head screws are used on boats and yachts. because sea water, which consists to a large extent of salt, can cause V2A screws to corrode.

Our stock program of raised countersunk head screws - Buy online in our online shop

Raised Countersunk Head Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs with many other screws, we only started to fill our online shop with the standard screws, so that we started to supply our customers in Germany and Europe with these screws, like the cylinder screws. After some time we received requests from our customers, who simply wanted to buy the Raised Countersunk Head Screws together with the other screws from us. Of course we followed this request and searched for Raised Countersunk Head Screws made of stainless steel or metal to find a supplier who could also supply us with a high quality Raised Countersunk Head Screws in larger quantities. This search was all other than easy and so after a few months and a lot of time and telephoning we have some samples of raised countersunk head screws in our hands, which also could show an impeccable quality. Of course, we have not yet added the full range of countersunk head screws for wood or metal to our online shop, but this area is gradually being filled. As the purchasing behaviour of stainless steel raised countersunk head screws for wood and metal or steel continues to increase, our online shop must of course also be adjusted to a very safe level with regard to safety. This includes in any case that the entire website has been converted to the encrypted version of the SSL certificate. This conversion took place some time ago without any problems, so that your data deposited with us can be entered into our system when you buy your cheap Raised Countersunk Head Screws, without these data being retrieved by third parties during data export. At the same time it is important for us to inform you how an order for your raised countersunk head screws or other products should be carried out. Certainly you have also come via a search engine that has something to do with the search term "raised countersunk head screws". Now you have landed with us. That's nice! Now find all your required raised countersunk head screws from our online shop at your leisure and add all products in the desired quantity to your basket. If you have all products in your shopping cart, you now have the possibility to enter all your data via the login of our shop. If you have all the desired countersunk head screws and all the other products in your shopping cart, simply follow the instructions of our online shop. This will now provide you with all possible payment options to choose from, from which you can choose one. Once you have made your choice, you confirm your purchase by making your payment. If the payment was successful, you will receive an automatic order confirmation via our web server. Only then will your order be shipped from our warehouse to you.

The production of raised countersunk head screws

Raised Countersunk Head Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AEvery day, millions of raised countersunk head screws are screwed together by mechanics and technicians in thousands of companies and used in technical parts and apparatus. These people, like technicians and engineers, know exactly what you can do with a metal raised countersunk head screw and how it can be used in a wide variety of materials. For example, stainless steel raised countersunk head screws can be used as metric threaded screws or as inch threads on metal parts with a machine thread or on wood or wooden constructions that have a coarse thread or a wood thread and are equipped with the famous tip. All these raised countersunk head screws must of course be manufactured and produced somehow on modern automatic machines manufactured as CNC machines. We think that exactly this point of the production is still unknown with many mechanics, so that we would like to bring some light into the dark topic of the production, so that also this question can be clarified. In order to cover the constantly increasing demand for raised countersunk head screws made of metal or stainless steel, many companies work in 3-shift operation and are manufacturers of such raised countersunk head screws and all other types of screws. Today, only state-of-the-art CNC screw machines are used. Because these automatic machines have the possibilities to do justice also to the economic aspects. The quality of the raised countersunk head screws also becomes better and better when all parameters on the machine are optimally set. Within such an automatic machine there is always a chuck which has to perform most of the work tasks in order to produce the raised countersunk head screws. Outside is the storage drum, which holds the entire wire as metal wire and can only enable night shift operation as unmanned operation. Once all the CNC data has been loaded and the wire drum is loaded with the raw wire, production can begin. Now the wire has to be inserted into the machine and the first step is to cut the newly produced raised countersunk head screws to the desired length. This is one of the most important processes, as all further work steps depend on it. This is followed by a first pre-heading stage, which presses the collar of the screw. As a second step, the final raised countersunk head screws is pressed with the lens shape and the drive or without. Once this operation is completed, the unrolled thread shaft can now be inserted between the thread rolls. The wood thread or the metric machine thread is rolled in. The screw now only has to be freed of the oil residues, i.e. the production residues, and can then be stored in our warehouse as a finished raised countersunk head screws. If you place an order, the screw can be shipped directly to you.


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