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Window frame screws are special screws which are used exclusively in window construction. Especially when new window frames have to be installed, such window frame screws are used.

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Who does not know them, the window frame screws, which must be used in all windows, so that a window frame can also be safely held in the reveal of the window and thus ensure a secure hold. In this article, Wior would like to explain to you all about window construction screws and window frame screws. Many also try to fix new windows to the wall with a standard screw, but this is not possible. We would like to explain how such a screw is constructed for a window and also how it can be mounted on a window frame. Furthermore, we would like to explain in more detail how our stock of window frame screws is equipped and which material is used for the window frames. We would like to start again with the construction of the window frame screws. These screws belong like the other screws also, to the large family of the screws and fastening elements. Screws in general serve inemr a certain fastening, which was conceived by the special structure of a screw, for a certain purpose. The window frame screw is a very special screw to securely screw a window frame to a reveal, i.e. a window frame. These screws are usually very long, so that they extend safely through the thick window frame and also safely into the masonry. The cabinet of such a window frame screw is designed in such a way that it can be very compact or even flat. That depends on how the plastic layer on the window is so that I can bury the head safely. The special feature of such a screw is always that the thread is very coarse and the drive of the head is equipped with a Torx drive. The advantage of such a window frame screw is that it can simply be screwed into the bare stone during assembly. A dowel is not necessary, because by the coarse thread an assembly is possible directly into the stone or the brickwork problem-free. A dowel would also not be possible with the window installation, because the window frame must always be drilled in the inserted condition and also screwed immediately. This is the only way to maintain the exact position. Two types of material are used for window frame screws. The galvanized window frame screws or also the stainless steel window frame screws. These can be made of V2A or V4A.

Our stock assortment of window frame screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Window Frame Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs more and more windows have to be replaced in the apartments in need of renovation and new windows are installed thousands of times a day in new houses, the window frame screws must of course also be made available, because the window frames must also be securely screwed. If you consider how many windows are installed every day today, you can imagine exactly how many window frame screws are needed. In order to be able to supply these quantities of screws for window frames safely, we have also decided to offer you the screws in our online shop. So all our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe have the possibility to buy their window frame screws safely and promptly via our online shop günstrig. That has many advantages, because you can buy your screws over the on-line Shop system around the clock with us. So that the purchase of such products can run off also surely, the topic security is also a large problem and thus we decided to convert the entire web page and to the safe SSL certificate. This has no disadvantages, only advantages. You now have your stored data so secure that they are completely encrypted and can no longer be tapped by third parties when we transfer your data to our merchandise management and export. If we are already with the topic shopping, then we would like to inform you also einges, how a safe and fast expiration in the Shop system should run itself, so that also you can complete your order fast. We are sure that we can welcome you as well, because you have also found us on the website via a large search engine and have entered the keyword "window frame screws". We welcome you warmly! You now have the opportunity to put all your metal window frame screws in the desired quantity in your shopping basket. Once this ordering process is completed, you can either continue shopping or complete the order. If you now want to pay for the goods, simply follow the instructions in the shopping cart and you will be directed to the payment options. Now pay your window frame screws with the desired payment method and name your order. If the payment was successful, we can assemble the window frame screws in stock and send them to you.

The production of window frame screws

Window Frame Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the last article we would also like to give you an idea of what the production of window frame screws on today's modern machines brings with it. So that these special window frame screws can also be used and screwed, it is important that these screws are also produced today quickly and economically on ultra-modern machines. We would like to start by letting you know which machines are required. For this purpose we always use CNC lathes or CNC screw machines, which are exactly matched to the economic production. A loader is usually always connected, which communicates directly with the machine. Once the correct CNC program has been loaded and the loader equipped, production can normally begin. This means that the round steel product in round form can be pulled into the machine and clamped in the machining chuck. Now the process of manufacturing window frame screws can begin. The first step is always to cut the actual length. Once this is done, the screw can be upset at the head so that the string side has been pressed. In the next section the drive is pressed in as Torx and the head is finished. Now it is time to clamp the window frame screw between two thread rolls and let it run along so that the thread paths are transferred from the hardened rolls to the window frame screw. Once this process is complete, the last step is carried out, which removes the washing of all oil residues and finishes the window frame screws. Once all the screws are in the collection container, they are taken to our warehouse. We can now send them to you when we receive your order. The goods will then be sent to Siue as soon as possible.


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