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Fishing rod holders are elements among the maritime articles that allow the fisher to safely insert or fasten the fishing rod. Such fishing rod holders are mostly made of stainless steel as they are used in areas of water.

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Fishing rod holders made of stainless steel have become an essential part of boats and yachts. The experienced boat owner naturally wants to enjoy pure luxury when he has cast out his fishing rod and now wants to bridge the long period of "biting" with a tasty drink. Of course it makes sense to have both hands free. This purpose is fulfilled by a stainless steel fishing rod holder. These stainless steel holders are of course available in various designs. This fastening element is constructed in such a way that it can be aligned and fixed in many different directions. At the front a cuff is attached, which sits at a mounting tube, so that the fishing rod can be safely mounted. Thus, the entire rod holder for boats with velvet fishing rod can be brought into an ontimate position on the railing. The fixing can be done in different ways and always depends on the model of the fishing rod holder. We offer the right rod holder for every application.

Buy the fishing rod holder online in our Online-Shop

Fishing Rod Holder Stainless SteelFor several years we have been offering our customers a convenient way to buy individual products through our online shop to purchase our goods cheaply from us. We supply not only the private final consumer with fishing rod holders, but also small boatbuilders with some at accessories. All products for the boat and yacht area are made of stainless steel, primarily V4A or V2A and thus comply with the regulations for use in outdoor areas. A corrosion is excluded as long as the surfaces are clean, sealed and undamaged. A few years ago we converted our online shop to the encrypted system, so that access to our merchandise management system is no longer possible during data transfer. This contributes significantly to increased security and allows your data to transfer protected. In order to buy all products in our online shop quickly, please compile all the desired items and then put them in the shopping cart provided. Create your customer account and store all address data that are important for invoices and deliveries. Decide for the purchase conclusion for the best means of payment, which will suggest to you. After successful payment the dispatch of the order confirmation takes place. The ordered fishing rod holder with the possible other goods is now put together in our warehouse and sent to you.

The attachment to the railing railing - rotatable in all directions -

Fishing Rod Holder Stainless SteelThere are fishing rod holders which can be rotated and fixed to the railing of the yacht or boat. All you have to do is loosen the screw connection of the bracket and remove the clamp. Now the body of the fishing rod holder with the half side of the clamp can simply be placed around the railing. Place the second part of the rod holder - the clamp - over it and tighten it with the stainless steel screws. At the upper part of the attachment there is a rubber cuff, which holds the rod securely. The whole holder can be tilted over the railing and adjusted laterally. The angle can also be changed. Done! This is how quickly a fishing rod holder is attached to the railing of a boat. The holder is completely made of stainless steel. This procedure for the production is called investment casting.

Embedded in the ground - the elegant solution for fishing rod holders

Another possibility to attach a fishing rod holder to the boat is the holder, which can be screwed into the bottom. All you have to do is drill a large hole in the bottom of the boat or yacht. The fishing rod holder is screwed securely to the bottom with screws. With this variant no large drillings must be recessed into the ground. A very elegant solution if you don't want the variant on the railing. Also here is a reclosable rubber sleeve, which can be opened if necessary or closed watertight.

The fishing rod holder - fixing to the ground by means of a base plate

The third variant of fixing a fishing rod holder, which is screwed directly to a bottom plate on the bottom of the boat or yacht with four screws. The upper part of this element can be completely swivelled by a toothing. On the upper side there is an opening for the fishing rod, on which a cuff is inserted to hold the rod safely. With this variant no large drillings must be recessed into the ground and the deck remains untouched. If you would like more information on stainless steel rod holders, please read the blog post.

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