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Hand cranks are designed for operation by hand. Such hand cranks can be quickly attached to all kinds of shafts and axles. Hand cranks can be made of plastic, steel or stainless steel.

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Hand cranks are the number one hand control in the industry today! There is a reason for this, because these elements, which are quite simply constructed, can easily generate rotary movements, which are transmitted to shafts by means of a certain torque without great effort and thus set other components, such as spindles, in a rotary movement. But what exactly is a hand crank and how is it actually constructed? There are many more questions that can be clarified and which we would like to discuss in more detail below. After the detailed construction, these include the materials that can be used in hand cranks and also our product range. But not only that we would like to explain to you, we would also like to go into more detail in the last section about the production and the associated production processes that go hand in hand with production. Let us start most simply with the detailed construction of different hand cranks and how this is converted from a manual operation into a clean rotary movement. Basically, hand cranks are simple hand control elements that enable a technical system or device to generate a clean rotary movement by means of a hand movement on a hand crank element. A certain generated torque is always transmitted to a connected shaft. In this way, for example, spindles on machines can also be moved and thus adjustments can be made. A hand crank is an element that consists of a basic hand crank element, the base, and has a receptacle at one end that connects the base to the shaft. On the opposite element of the crank handle is the part that firmly connects the handle to the base by means of an axle. There are two or three types of hand cranks. Such a crank handle always has a rigid, non-rotating handle as the basic model. The extended version of such hand cranks have the handles rotatably attached to the base. The advantage is that when the hand is placed on the crank handle, the handle can be rotated as well and can thus be held firmly in the operator's hand. The third possibility of the hand cranks is that these have rotating handle elements that can be hinged to the axle and also rotated. Not only the handle itself is foldable but also the whole base of the hand crank can be folded inwards towards the shaft. The materials used are almost always plastics, because they can be produced economically and are also light in weight. But also metal hand cranks are often used today. These include aluminium hand cranks and stainless steel hand cranks. These have the highest quality and can be produced as alloy V2A or V4A. However, we will go into these processes in more detail later.

Our delivery program of hand cranks - buy online in our Online Shop

Hand Cranks Stainless Steel Plastic V2A V4AAs mechanical engineering in particular has become more and more complex in recent years, the demands made on the hand cranks made of plastic and aluminium or stainless steel in V2A or V4A have also increased. With the rising requirements the hand crank elements have also increased in flexibility as well as the possibilities to deliver the cranks with a turnable handle and as foldable hand crank. Due to this increased demand, the online shops are also required to meet the demand of the industry in a large scale and to be able to supply the desired quantities of hand cranks. This is the problem that online shops face. For this reason we have also decided to include the hand cranks in our stock program and thus to be able to supply our customers safely. Through our online shop we offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy their hand cranks made of plastic or metal or steel or stainless steel in our online shop for a reasonable price. This creates the advantage that you can order and buy your goods from us around the clock, so that the delivery can take place in a prompt window. So that the purchase can also be carried out safely, the subject of security is a big issue, because it is in connection with your data. So we have decided to change your entire domain to the secure SSL certificate. Now access by third parties within your hand crank order is no longer possible because all data is securely encrypted. While we are on the subject of shopping, we would like to briefly explain how an optimal and fast order processing can be carried out, so that you can also buy your ordered hand cranks. Surely you have also found us, because you have found us via a search engine under the search word "hand crank" and are now in this category area. Please take some time to put together your hand cranks in the desired size and put them in the shopping cart. In a further step, create your customer login and enter your delivery address. If you would like to complete the purchase and pay for the goods after this step, follow the shop instructions, which will now suggest the bazaar types to you. Choose the payment method that suits you best and pay for the hand cranks. After we have received your order and the goods have been successfully paid for, we can assemble your goods in our warehouse and ship them to you.

The production of hand cranks

Hand Cranks Stainless Steel Plastic V2A V4ANow we have already arrived at the last section, which is intended to give you the basic knowledge of how today hand cranks made of plastic and hand cranks made of steel or stainless steel can be manufactured so that these hand control elements can also be safely installed on machines in industry. A hand crank made of plastic is a completely different manufacturing method, like the production of a hand crank made of metal, steel or stainless steel. However, in this article we would like to start with the production of hand cranks made of plastic. These parts usually all consist of a plastic material, which is produced in an injection moulding process. The axle bolt holding the handle is always made of steel and is turned on modern CNC machines. To inject the basic body crank, a metal mould must always be produced as a CNC part. The mould is then placed on the injection machine and can be filled with liquid plastic under high pressure. After cooling the mould can be opened and removed. The same manufacturing process is used for the grip, which is connected to the hand crank. This too must first be produced in a mould as a CNC part and can then be filled with plastic under the high pressure of the injection moulding machine. Finally, after the manufacturing process, it can be assembled and stored in our warehouse. The production of a steel hand crank handle or a stainless steel hand crank handle is essentially completely different. In order to produce such handles, the manufacturing processes are possible as castings using the wax-loss process. A wax model of each part of the hand crank has to be created, which then has to be dipped into a liquid mud bath to be burnt out in a furnace under the influence of high heat. During this process, the shell solidifies to a solid structure and the interior evaporates, leaving the shell behind. In the subsequent process of hand crank manufacture, the shell can be filled with liquid steel or stainless steel. After cooling, the shell can be destroyed to get to the cast part. Now the finishing can be done by grinding and polishing the stainless steel parts. It is also necessary to make holes and threads to mount everything firmly to a stainless steel hand crank. Once this process is completed, these elements can also be stored in our warehouse to be shipped to you when we receive your order.


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