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Pop rivets also belong to the large group of rivet joints that are used thousands of times worldwide. Pop rivets offer the possibility of quickly making a pop rivet joint. Pop rivets are usually available in steel or stainless steel.

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Pop rivets are now familiar to anyone who is involved in the mechanical joining of components or sheet metal. What actually is a pop rivet? Pop rivets are pull-in rivets, which are mainly intended for quick rivet joints. Only one thing is important. The pop rivets must have designated holes where the pop rivets must then be inserted. Usually pop rivets are used to create a connection in thin sheet metal without welding or screwing. It should also be emphasized that pop rivets can only be used once. If the pop rivet connection is to be released, the rivet connection must be destroyed. There is no other way to open the pop rivet connection. However, the easiest way is to drill out the pop rivet connection with a drill. The diameter of the pop rivet is used as a measure for the drill. The body is then destroyed and the pop rivet falls out of the hole. The good thing about this is that when the connection is made again, you only have to insert a pop rivet and a new pop rivet connection is created. Pop rivets are available in many different materials and shapes of the head. For every application the right pop rivet and the right material. Basically pop rivets are available in steel or in stainless steel V2A or V4A.

Our delivery program of pop rivets form A made of stainless steel - buy online in our online shop

Pop rivets Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn our delivery program you will find pop rivets form A made of stainless steel with a long pin for easy insertion into a pop rivet. We have many thousands of rivets in stock to supply you as a company or as a private person quickly. For pop rivets made of stainless steel V2A Form A the smallest pop rivet is 3 mm. Of course we also supply other sizes and lengths of pop rivets with pins. In order to be able to order all these articles quickly and easily in our online shop, we have expanded our Internet presence in recent years and adapted it to the security standards so that your order data can be transmitted to us securely. To buy the right pop rivets from us, please select your preferred quantity of rivets and put them into the shopping cart. When all items are in the shopping cart, you will automatically be directed to the selection of payment methods. Once this process is complete and you have selected the appropriate payment method, you will be redirected to the corresponding secure website. Once the payment is completed, you will be returned to our online shop and will receive an order confirmation by e-mail in which you can see exactly which stainless steel pop rivets you have ordered and in what quantity. After we have received your order in our system, the goods are immediately picked in our warehouse and prepared for shipping. The delivery should arrive within the next days.

The assembly of stainless steel pop rivets

Pop rivets Stainless Steel V2A V4AIf you have received the ordered pop rivets from us by mail order, you can use the rivets for your building project. If, for example, you would like to join two stainless steel sheets together and create a permanent inseparable connection (except by destroying the rivet), then insert the pop rivets into the pop rivet pliers. Open the pop rivet pliers completely, so that the collet is completely open. It is important that the pop rivet is pushed into the pliers as far as it will go. Then insert the pliers with the pop rivet into the drill holes. Make sure that the pop rivet lies completely up to the head stop in the bore of the parts to be connected, so that the pop rivet can then also create the bead from behind and, after the rivet pin has been sheared off, really connects both parts firmly. By pressing the riveting pliers firmly together, the material inside the pop rivet is bent apart by the balloon on the pin and thus compressed. When the riveting pin has reached the back by pressing the pliers further, the pin is simply torn off by the predetermined breaking point and remains in the pliers until it is removed. The stainless steel pop rivet is now very tight and the assembly is now complete and can be loaded.

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