Item reservations

Item reservations of our stock program

It is often the case that companies would like to buy articles that we have completely available in our stock and no external additional orders are necessary. If our customers inenrhalb the companies are not yet sure about the purchase decision, we can gladly reserve the currently available quantities of the respective article for you. Since after the reservation the reserved stock is completely blocked for other customers in the online store and cannot be purchased, we hold the reservation for a maximum of 5 working days. If there is no feedback from our customers who have reserved the item, after 5 business days the reservation will be released and dissolved for all other customers.

Item reservations from external suppliers

In case of article reservations that are not in stock in our warehouse and have to be ordered from external suppliers, we will hold the reservations with our suppliers for you for a maximum of 7 days. You then have 7 days to make a decision whether you want to order the reserved goods bindingly. If there is no response, the reservation will be automatically cancelled after 7 days.

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Hinweis / Note