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Solar panel screws are specially designed so that solar panels can be quickly attached to the racks. Solar panel screws thus provide a long-term and secure hold.

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Solar panel screws? What are these special screws? We would like to explain these and many other questions in this article and give you an understanding of the whole range of optional possibilities of these very special fastening elements, because you will also find out which types of screws belong to the category of Solar panel screws. Basically, Solar panel screws are also a relatively normal type of screw, which are simply assigned to this group. We would also like to explain how such screws are constructed and how they can be mounted. Furthermore, we will discuss which materials are suitable as base material for Solar panel screws and are also used to ensure a long service life. We would like to start with the general structure of these screws. So that everyone who is interested in the text and the description can read exactly how such Solar panel screws look like in terms of construction. Purely outwardly these screws are similar to the hanger bolts. Like the Solar panel screws, these screws have no head that can take over the function of firmly connecting workpieces or assemblies to a second workpiece. The Solar panel screws have a long shaft. This shaft is usually equipped on one side with a wood thread or a coarse thread and then a distance of about 10 mm follows between the two threads. Then the metric thread, or the imperial thread, begins. Within the small distance between the two threads there is a hexagon. This hexagon is used to pick up the open-end wrench in order to generate the appropriate torque, which is necessary to screw the Solar panel screws firmly to the substructure of the roof in wood. If the hexagon is missing, these screws often have a hexagon in the head area of the metric thread to insert an Allen wrench and create the torque to tighten or loosen. Now we come to the material of Solar panel screws. As mentioned before, these screws should also have a long life span. If normal steel Solar panel screws are already in use, then these screws should also have a protective coating, because otherwise the corrosion would endanger the safety of the solar systems in a storm too quickly. However, the standard for Solar panel screws today is that they should be made at least of V2A stainless steel, but even better of V4A stainless steel. Because only then an absolute security is given even if the rain should be acidic, only this kind of stainless steel for Solar panel screws represents the necessary security, which must also exist.

Our delivery program of solar panel screws - Buy online in our online shop

Solar Panel Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ADue to the steady increase in the number of solar systems in recent years, the demand for solar panel screws has also risen dramatically. No wound, because through the promotion of solar energy, many new solar systems could be installed. These installations naturally also require the necessary connecting elements, such as solar panel screws made of V2A or V4A stainless steel or coated steel. As a result, more and more suppliers and wholesalers or online shops have to offer these metal solar panel screws, so that the demand for the installation companies can also be covered. In the past, the screws were ordered from the stationary offline screw dealer and had to be picked up later. This buying behaviour has changed a lot in the last few years and so today all accessories for a solar system and its installation, such as the solar panel screws, are bought online. The advantages are obvious. On the one hand, the solar panel screws are much cheaper to buy through the online shop and you no longer have to pick up the ordered parts yourself. With one click, over 98 percent of all our customers can now send their solar panel screws conveniently to their home or company. This saves time and the online shop enables you to buy your solar panel screws made of stainless steel or metal 24 hours a day at a reasonable price. In order to ensure that the purchase remains secure, we decided a few years ago to convert the entire domain to the secure SSL certificate. This means that your data can no longer be accessed by third parties when transferred to our merchandise management system and is securely encrypted. Aprppo encryption and purchase of your solar panel screws? Let us also explain a few words about the actual process of your online order via our online shop in a few short purchase steps, so that you can quickly get the order result and your solar screws are delivered. Surely you have found us, because you have entered the search word "solar panel screws" in a big search engine and the search engine has shown you our site as recommendable? Then you are already in the right category of solar panel screws made of steel or stainless steel. You can now take your time to look at our entire assortment and when you have found the right product, you can simply add the solar panel screws to your shopping cart, indicating the quantity. Once this is done, the next step comes, which allows you to store your data with us. To do so, you open a login area and leave your data, such as your email address and your billing and delivery address. You now have the possibility to buy other products, except the solar screws, or to buy the goods now? If you would like to buy the goods, you can now simply follow the further instructions in the shopping cart and after a few steps you will be given several payment options to choose from. Now choose the best payment method and confirm the purchase by clicking on it. If the payment was successful, you will receive an email with all quantity data of your purchased solar panel screws. Now we can also process your order and make the goods ready for shipment.

The production of solar panel screws

Solar Panel Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we have arrived at the last post again. We assume that you, as a searcher looking for stainless steel or steel drywall screws, know exactly which type of screw you need for your building project and how drywall screws can be assembled and installed. That is the first point. But surely only a few people know how such solar panel screws can actually be manufactured today? To give this question some emphasis, we would like to shed some more light on this part of the story. By way of comparison, we would also like to explain how the production of such solar panel screws was carried out just a few years ago. Since an economic aspect was not yet an issue, the quantities could only be a few and the machines could still be operated purely mechanically. Due to a cam control and a purely mechanical control, a slow production was possible, combined with a high set-up time factor. However, the advantage in the production of solar screws was that hardly any machine downtime was caused by downtimes. Today, the situation in the production of such solar fasteners is much different. Today, what counts is speed in terms of the number of pieces produced and short set-up costs when changing to another element. At the same time, a very high quality must be guaranteed during production. Such CNC screw machines are therefore highly dynamic and fast in terms of piece number production. Inside such a complex machine there is always a machining station that takes over the entire process of manufacturing the solar panel screws. Outside is the loader, which is available as a bar loader or rotary drum table. Once the machine is loaded and ready for production, the wire enters the machine. Now the wire of the solar panel screw is first cut to the correct length. Afterwards the head area is finished by pressing the drive into the head. Now the wood thread or the rough thread can be attached to the solar screw. In the next step, the metric or inch thread is attached to the opposite part of the stainless steel solar panel screw. When all these production steps are completed, all screws are cleaned with a solution. All collected solar panel screws are now counted and stored in our warehouse. If an order comes in, we can pack it and send it to you. After a few days, you should have the package in your mailbox and can install the goods on your solar system.


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