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Clamping lever mothers are also clamping levers which are not equipped with a bolt but with a nut. Clamping lever mothers can thus be screwed onto grub screws. Steel, stainless steel or plastic is used for the material selection of Clamping lever mothers.

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In this article we would like to explain a few more things about clamping lever mothers and go into more detail on four different points that cannot be explained in this depth. Today, it is impossible to imagine industry without such locking elements, which can therefore be found in almost all high-quality manufactured technical systems and perform very important clamping functions that can be performed by the hands as manual control elements. The best thing about such clamping lever mothers is still the tool-free adjustment or application, which is particularly important on such systems, where fast clamping techniques are required and where the operator does not need different tools to perform certain functions. Also in this article it was once again important to us to explain the individual details of such clamping lever mothers elements to you in more detail, so we would like to go into the mode of operation as well as the exact construction, so that you get to know the technical details better. Furthermore, we will go into the materials used to manufacture such lever nuts and even the production process will be explained in detail. We would also like to take a closer look at our stock of clamping lever mothers. You will see very quickly which possibilities we offer you to order such elements quickly and safely via our domain and have these parts delivered to your company. But let us start with the detailed structure and the mode of operation. Basically, clamping lever mothers made of metal or plastic or stainless steel always consist of different components that interlock and make a clamping lever mothers what it is. The base stock is always the threaded nut receptacle with the multi-toothing. This base part is the receptacle to be screwed to a screw or threaded piece. The actual clamping lever mothers sits on it and secures the position by the multi-toothing, which fits exactly on the base part and engages when the clamping lever mothers is let down. A safety screw, which is screwed into the base part, secures the clamping lever mothers against jumping out and serves as a stop. A spring pushes the clamping lever upwards again and again, so that it springs out of the multi-toothing and can thus be turned freely. So it cannot be unscrewed unexpectedly and suddenly and therefore the lever must always be pressed down into the multi-toothing with a certain resistance to cause engagement and entrainment. The materials used for clamping lever mothers are actually always several materials. These always include plastics, but these are only used on the clamping lever mothers itself. The rest is always steel or stainless steel. The second group is completely made of steel or stainless steel. These alloys are always V2A or also V4A.

Our stock program of clamping lever mothers - buy online in our online shop

Clamping lever mothers Stainless steel plastic metal V2A V4AEspecially the clamping lever mothers made of steel or stainless steel have found their place in the industry and thus a safe position on many technical installations and devices. It had never been easier with such modern clamping elements. to integrate quick-release fasteners that could be assigned to a specific function quickly and without tools as required. It had never been easier to secure these closures by snapping them into place by hand and to open or tightly close a screw connection by a twisting motion. Today, such functions are used and demanded in many different areas. Some time ago, we decided to include clamping lever mothers made of steel, plastic or stainless steel (V2A or V4A) in our stock range and thus to supply them to a wide range of industrial customers. With our online shop we offer all our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy their clamping lever mothers quickly and without any problems in our online shop. This creates enormous advantages in terms of purchasing, which can be done at any hour of the day. In order to ensure that the order or purchase can be carried out safely, it is even more important that all your data is stored securely and is protected by third party access. We have come very close to this goal because we have carried out and installed the entire conversion to the SSL certificate. Of course, we would like to talk not only about security, but also about how an order process via our website can be carried out. Therefore we welcome you in the category of clamping lever mothers and you can now choose all your desired products and put them in the shopping cart. In the following further section you can now create a customer account, which allows you to store all your data we need for the processing. If this is done and you now want to complete the order, you can now make the payment, which will be displayed as a selection if you follow the instructions of the checkout symbol of the online shop. If the payment of your steel or stainless steel clamping lever mothers was successful, you will receive an automatic mail from us, which allows you to track your order. Now we can also finish your purchase and send it to you (clamping lever mothers).

The manufacture of calmping lever mothers

Clamping lever mothers Stainless steel plastic metal V2A V4ANow we have come back to the last section, where we would like to introduce you to the production and manufacture of clamping lever mothers and go into the details of production. Certainly not everybody is interested in this topic, but some of you would like to get some insight into the technical challenges that can arise in the production of clamping lever mothers. But let us now start with the details. It has to be said that all nuts that work as clamping lever mothers always consist of at least two individual parts, or even three parts. The most important and largest parts are always the base shoe with the threads on the inside. This base always has a toothing, which is directly connected to the lever of the clamping lever mothers above it and can be connected to each other by the multi-toothing. This basic element is always manufactured on CNC lathes and these machines are connected to a loader. Once the material is placed in one piece in the CNC machines, the production of the nut can begin. For this purpose, the core holes must be drilled and the thread must also be cut. Afterwards, a milling process is carried out to insert the multi-toothing. The last step is the drilling, which is placed in the threaded piece to hold the clamping lever mothers. The lever itself can be made of plastic or steel or stainless steel. If it is made of plastic, a metal mould is required to do this, which has the form milled into it. Then the mould can be adjusted in an injection moulding machine and filled with liquid plastic. After cooling, the mould can open and the finished lever piece can be removed. The production of a steel or stainless steel clamping lever mothers is done by the wax-loss process. In this process, the form of the clamping lever mothers must be made from a wax. This is then dipped into a layer of sludge and burnt out in the furnace under the influence of heat. The shell becomes firm and stable and the inner core evaporates from awake. Once the firing process is complete, the casing can now be filled with liquid stainless steel. When the mould has cooled down, the cover is removed. Now the lever piece is finished and can be moved to the adjacent work. For this purpose, the holes must be drilled and the part must be ground or polished. In the last section the individual parts can then be assembled to a finished clamping lever mothers. The lever comes on the clamping lever mothers and is secured to the lever by a spring and a screw. If all parts are assembled in a sufficient quantity, these parts can be stored in our warehouse.

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