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Triangular screws are among the very special screws that can be used in special applications. Triangular screws can be made of steel or stainless steel.

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Triangular screws, also known as safety screws, are familiar to all of you and if not, you have probably noticed them somewhere before. These screws also belong to the large family of fastening elements and safety screws. Triangular screws can be found in all imaginable materials today, including bare steel or stainless steel, but we will gladly go into more detail later. In this article we would like to highlight the following points, which focus on the exact structure of these screws and their application in industry. At the same time, we would like to discuss which production possibilities are possible today and how these problems can be implemented. In the following we will also discuss our stock of triangular screws made of steel or stainless steel in more detail. Nevertheless, we would like to start in this article, as always, with the detailed structure of such screws. The head of such special screws is designed as a triangle. If you look frontally at the screw head, it is nice to see that the triangle is formed. Under the triangle, a wider disks closes immediately, which is attached as a whole ring and enlarges the contact surface during assembly. This lowers the surface pressure enormously. At the underside of the triangular screw, the shaft of the screw opens directly into the connection, which continues underneath and ends with the thread. The shank can be designed as a metric full thread or as a partial thread. To be able to open and close this special screw, you also need a triangular wrench. This key also falls into the category of security keys. The special triangular head is an ideal solution so that these screws cannot be easily removed by unauthorised persons. You will find these screws in many public institutions as well as on machine parts or even on older Bundesbahn cars. Even today, fuse boxes or current boxes are designed with this special screw and thus prevent nasty surprises. The material used today is almost exclusively steel triangular screws or the much higher quality stainless steel triangular screws. Two alloys have to be undershot. On the one hand it is the stainless steel V2A and the stainless steel V4A. As a rule, V2A stainless steel is completely sufficient for all possible applications. However, if you want to use these screws on the high seas, i.e. on boats and yachts, you should also use the stainless steel V4A. Only with this alloy an absolute salt water resistance is presupposed. It is also used in the chemical industry and can withstand all acids and alkalis.

Our stock assortment of triangular screws - Buy online in our online shop

Triangular Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AWith the further industrialization also the special screws came more and more into the focus to be installed in technical plants and other safety environments. These screws fulfil a very special task, which can be fulfilled perfectly by the special head of the screw. This safety function can be assigned to the triangular screw. With the increasing demand for safety screws, the demand for triangular screws has also continued to grow. In order for the increasing demand to meet the needs of the industry, the online shop must also fulfil this task. So we have also decided to be able to supply you with the usual triangular screws made of steel or stainless steel quickly and easily. With our online shop, we offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to buy their special screws around the clock through our shop. So that the shopping pleasure is not clouded, it is important not to lose sight of the topic of security. So we have decided to convert the entire domain to the secure SSL certificate. This conversion has many advantages for your stored data. Data can no longer be accessed by third parties through encryption. At the same time, we would also like to demonstrate a short order process so that you know exactly how a quick order or purchase from us on the domain should take place. We assume that you have also found us via a search engine with the search word "triangular screws" and that you can now have a closer look at these screws. If you have now made the choice, which screws you need in which quantity, then you put these into the warning basket. If you have also selected all other products besides the triangular screws and placed them in the shopping cart, you can now create your account with us. If you have done this, you deposit all your delivery data and your email, so that we can send you the goods promptly. In the last purchase section you will now be accompanied through the online shop until the shop offers you the various payment options. If you now want to complete the purchase, you confirm the payment. Now we also receive your order and we can process your order with the triangular screws and send it to you.

Production of triangular screws

Triangular Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AArrived in the last article on this page we come to the decisive point, which should describe the production of these screws in more detail. Many of you who process and use thousands of triangular screws every day are certainly familiar with it. But most of them do not know how these screws are manufactured or how they can be produced. We would like to get closer to this point. Let us now begin to describe the machines in more detail and the processes that make a production of such triangular screws possible. Today these machines are called CNC screw machines, which work on the basis of CNC data and thus manage the production. A loading system is always connected to such a machine, already because of the efficiency, which makes available for the supply of the bright round material from high-grade steel and/or the bright steel. The machine is equipped with a machining chuck, which allows most of the production processes to be carried out. The production data is loaded via a server and brought into the machine. Now it is clear which rotation pin and feeds have to run for the screw production to run. Once the machine is set up, production can begin. Now first the pipe and tube material is drawn into the machine. The first step is to cut off the shank length of the triangular screw. Afterwards, the head is always pre-pressed so that the front side of the screw is already finished. The next step is the final upsetting of the finished head including the triangular head of the screw. Once this production section is completed, the next section is the one that rolls the thread. The shaft of the screw is now guided between two thread rolls, where the thread is rolled under high pressure to the triangular screw. The hardened rolls now transfer the thread to the shank. After this section, the finished triangular screws are washed so that the screws can be stored in our warehouse. If an order comes from you, we can process your screw order and have the goods sent to your home or company.


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