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Aerated concrete screws are intended for aerated concrete blocks and their fastening. Aerated concrete screws can be partially screwed into an aerated concrete block due to the special thread.

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In this article, we would like to explain a secret of how cellular Aerated concrete screws are used and how they are constructed. Also with these screws, it must be said that AAC screws belong to the large family of screws. Today, in many buildings, almost exclusively cellular concrete blocks are used, which of course means that the right fixing material for cellular concrete blocks is also available. Now it must be said that cellular concrete blocks naturally have a very recent past. These stones were first brought to life about 30-40 years ago. So it is only natural that there must of course also be the right aerated Aerated concrete screws. So resourceful engineers came up with a very special type of screw, the aerated Aerated Aerated concrete screws were drilled. These screws have a very special thread, which makes it possible to "grip" in a concrete block. The problem with the aerated Aerated concrete screws had been that aerated concrete blocks are quite fine-grained and brittle rocks, which consist more of air than of a piece of stone. In principle, the aerated Aerated concrete screws has to grip in a material which makes it almost impossible to screw in screws. Therefore a solution had to be created, the cellular Aerated concrete screws is the solution to the cellular concrete blocks. This screw is characterised by the fact that it has a relatively large screw head. This extremely large collar is important, because if an aerated Aerated concrete screws is screwed into the aerated concrete, the wide screw head can support itself on the Aerated concrete screws without sinking into the concrete. The shaft of the screw is located directly at the screw head. The thread is worked into this shaft, which has a very special structure. We all know the "fine thread" which is attached to machine screws or wood screws. These threads all do not have enough pitch to be screwed into the cellular concrete. But it is not only the pitch of the aerated concrete screws that is decisive, but also the depth of the threads that move around the screw shaft. The interplay between thread pitch and flank width is the key to a clean fastening in an aerated concrete block. The head of the aerated concrete screw is always equipped with a drive, which is usually fitted with a Torx drive. Only this drive is reliable when it comes to screwing in with slightly increased torque. Furthermore, the material used is also decisive, which can be used for aerated concrete screws. The normal standard cellular concrete screw always consists of normal structural steel, which is overlooked with a protective layer. This protective layer is important if corrosion is to be prevented for at least a certain time. Thus, especially when using aerated concrete screws, stainless steel screws have become more and more popular. The material is available from us as V2A or V4A aerated concrete screws.

Our stock programme of aerated concrete screws - buy online in our online shop

Screw Aerated Concrete Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs you have just read in the previous article, cellular aerated concrete screws made of steel or stainless steel V2A or V4A are an increasingly important component in connection technology, when it comes to creating a permanent and strong connection that meets the load requirements and impresses with the strength of the screwed-in material. Aerated concrete screws meet these requirements perfectly. This type of screw is of course not available from everyone, because the demand has become very high at the moment, so that high-strength joints between two different materials can be created. So today we offer all our customers around the clock via our online shop the possibility to buy your aerated concrete screws quickly and cheaply. To ensure that the purchase also meets today's security standards, we decided some time ago to convert the entire website to a secure SSL connection. This has no disadvantages whatsoever when buying our products via our online shop, but all data that you have to enter will of course be completely encrypted during data export. This makes it impossible to access and read out all of our customers' orders and thus the data is now well protected. You can now order all your aerated concrete screws in stainless steel quickly and easily via our online shop. So that you know how to place your order quickly via our website, we would like to inform you quickly about the individual steps so that nothing can go wrong with your purchase. Surely you have also reached us via the search word "Aerated concrete screws", which we are very pleased about. Now you have the opportunity to look at all the cellular aerated concrete screws at your leisure and to put all the sizes and lengths you require in the shopping basket. Once this first order process is completed, you now have the opportunity to create your account with us. To do so, simply open a login area and enter all your data such as your address and delivery address. This completes the registration process. You now have the possibility to select other products or to complete the order by making a payment. For this purpose, you will now be presented with a selection of payment options from which you can choose one. By your payment confirmation the purchase becomes legally binding. Now you have bought all your cellular concrete screws and the other products. Now we will send you the order confirmation so that you can see exactly what you have ordered. Now we can put everything together in the warehouse and send it out to you.

The production of aerated concrete screws

Screw Aerated Concrete Stainless Steel V2A V4AAerated concrete screws can be made of stainless steel (V2A or V4A stainless) or steel, in which case they are additionally coated. Today, these aerated concrete screws belong to the absolute fastening means in all construction areas, or in the connection technology in general. Aerated concrete screws are used wherever coarse aerated concrete-like bricks are used, which are filled with a lot of air in between. In order that this type of screw can be installed thousands of times a day, there must be manufacturers or companies that also produce these screws on their machines. For this purpose, modern CNC machines, so-called automatic screw machines, which can produce the preset types of screws fully automatically, are available. These screwing machines are very expensive and require regular maintenance, so that the machines can perform their services for a long time. The older machines were robust and made of steel. The entire control system is based on a cam plate. Only this sequence of cams allows the screw machine to carry out all operations automatically. These automatic machines, which also produced and still can produce aerated concrete screws, have been the basis for the development of today's CNC machines, because the demand for them has increased steadily. This has resulted in a better economy and faster production of all cellular concrete screws, so that this acceleration process must of course also have an effect on the price. The modern machines are equipped with a CNC control for the production. This CNC control alone allows a quick changeover to another type of screw during the production of the cellular concrete screws. To do this, the machine only needs to be fed with the CNC data and all zero points need to be reset. The wire thickness of the respective aerated concrete screws can also change. Additionally the pressing tools have to be exchanged. When all these works are done, the new production of another type of screw can start. To do this, only the raw stainless steel wire has to be inserted into the machine and production can begin. The length of the shank is always cut to length first, so that the pre-compression tool can compress the head of the cellular Aerated concrete screws. This always results in the collar first. This is important, because the screw must have a stop when screwing in. Now comes the final upsetting of the finished aerated concrete screw head. The drive is also pressed into the head. The rough thread is now brought to the screw by rolling. When all these steps in the production of aerated concrete screws are completed, the screws can be stored in our warehouse. If your order is now received by us, the order is now sent out to you.


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