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Today, wood construction screws are used in all areas that work with wood products. Wood construction screws have a coarse wood thread and thus hold perfectly in wood as a building material.

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Imagine how you could arrange a neat connection of two individual parts or elements if there were no wood construction screws? These really demanding tasks can only be fulfilled by wood construction screws to a certain extent, as these special screws were explicitly designed for these applications. This article deals with how wood construction screws are constructed, in which possible designs these screws are available and in which material designs they can be used on construction sites. We would like to examine all these important questions in this article today. Wood construction screws can be found today in industrial production in many possible areas of the economy and can take over completely different tasks in the connection technology of wood or wood constructions. Mainly such screws are used daily thousands of times in the roofing sector, where wooden constructions have to be connected with each other. As a rule, very long wood construction screws are used, which are drilled through one rafter and can be screwed into the other. These screws have to bridge a large length. But also with all other fastenings, such as wooden boards on walls or the construction of a carport, it is essential to use such extra long wood construction screws with a coarse thread or a wood thread. These screws are so perfectly constructed that they have a serh coarse wood thread, which usually extends over the entire length of the shaft or has a partial wood thread. At the upper side of the wood construction screw sits always the screw head, which can be equipped with a different head form. This head form can be a plate head or a cylinder head or even a countersunk head. The possible head shape always depends on how you want to use this screw. If the screw heads are to be embedded in the wood, countersunk screws are usually used. At the head of the wood construction screw is always the shaft, which has the wood thread inside. At the beginning of the screw shank there is always a tip, which enables the fitter to screw the screw quickly and without enormous pressure into a wooden beam. The materials used are fundamentally different. The normal and standard wood construction screw is made of mild steel. Normal structural steel or steel is used, which has no special requirements, except for a slightly higher strength. This structural steel has no special properties or alloys, because for this reason all wood construction screws must be provided with a refinement on the outer layer. This finish can consist of anodised aluminium, a nickel layer or a black finish. This protective layer enables the screw to delay the corrosion in the air with oxygen and water, not to prevent it in the long run. If you want to use a really stable screw connection without corrosion in the long run, you should use a stainless steel wooden screw. Only these special alloys provide good long-term protection against all weather conditions and the associated corrosion. The normal stainless steel screw is equipped with an alloy known as V2A. Normally sufficient for all normal applications. However, if you want to use wood construction screws on boats and yachts, you should definitely use screws that are made of V4A. Because only these are resistant to salt water or sea water and acids and alkalis.

Our stock program of wood construction screws - Buy online in our online shop

Wood Construction Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AYou will quickly see how popular wood construction screws are, especially in industry and trade, and what an important role such special screws play. The interaction between the craft and the required wood construction screws we close with the offer in our online shop. So if you are looking for wood construction screws, you will certainly not be able to avoid our offer of these special screws. For many years we close the circle at need and the offer and place all possible products and goods to you over our on-line Shop around the clock at the disposal and thus you have then the possibility your wood construction screws over our Shop to buy favorably. In order to see all different screws from this category, please visit the following area, which presents you all wood construction screws in the structured advertisement. As a basic selection you have the possibility to distinguish between steel and stainless steel. The offer of wood construction screws made of stainless steel differs further in V2A wood construction screws and V4A wood construction screws. So that the purchase can be arranged also surely with us, we converted some time ago our entire on-line Shop to the safe SSL certificate, so that your data run now on a secured Internet operational readiness level. In plain language, this means that your entered data can no longer be tapped by third parties during data export. So you can acquire still more surely your wood construction screws with us and also all other products. So we would like to show you how an optimal and fast processing of your order should take place, so that the purchase can run quickly. Surely we may also visit you on our website, because you reached us via one of the major search engines using the search word "wood construction screws"? If so, then we welcome you warmly! Have a look at our website in peace so that you can put all your wood construction screws in stainless steel together in peace. Have you found the right park them simply in the shopping cart and also look which products could still be interesting for you for your building project? Once all the goods have been put together, you can now create a login and enter your order details such as address. If this process is completed and you would like to complete the order by your payment. so simply follow the instructions of the online shop. You will now be offered a selection of payment options to choose from. Choose the right one for you and complete the purchase by making your payment. If the payment process for wood construction screws was successful, you will receive an automatic order confirmation from us by e-mail. Now we can also assemble your goods in stock and send them all to you in your company or to your home.

The production of wood construction screws

Wood Construction Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AWe also received some emails about wood construction screws, which asked us if we could say something about the production of such screws in this article. Of course we were happy to answer your questions and would like to make this article more understandable for you concerning the production of wood construction screws. Many timber construction companies and enterprises are dependent daily on thousands of these screws, because these hold beams and scaffolds as well as roof trusses and partition walls firmly together in dry construction techniques. exactly for this reason the demand of these screws has risen continuously and must be available from the trade as timber construction screws in steel or stainless steel. In order to cover the strict demand permanently and to meet the inquiries, we would like to briefly explain to you how these screws were manufactured in former times and how the production runs today on modern technical plants. Since the time pressure and the economic efficiency were as pronounced in former times still for a long time as today, such screws were manufactured exclusively on curve turntable automats. This sounds confusing at first, but these purely technical-mechanical marvels were extremely reliable without long downtimes due to failures. The processes were programmed using the cam plates on the machines, because these operated the rams and chisels mechanically and made it possible to manufacture wood construction screws. Today, the bearings look a little different. Today, speed, a high number of pieces and extremely high efficiency of the CNC screw machines are what count. What we want to say is that today thousands of wood construction screws can be spit out in a few hours and in a breathtaking quality. These machines are marvels of technology when it comes to enabling fast and optimum production and keeping the cost factor very low. Only then is it possible to produce the wood construction screws at a reasonable price and to obtain market prices. Such a machine always has a chuck in which the actual production of such screws can take place. Outside there is always the drum mill, which stores the complete round wire in stainless steel or steel and thus enables a night shift operation without having to constantly add wire. When the wire is inserted into the chuck, the production of the wood construction screws can begin after the data programming. First the wire length is cut to length. The front piece of the wire is now pressed flat by a upsetting tool and the back of the waistband is pressed with the head against the screw. In the second step, the second section and the finished head of the wood construction screw are pressed. Also the drive, which can be pressed as Torx or hexagon or as slot or circular slot. In the last operation the thread is rolled. The screw shaft is moved back and forth between two thread rolls until the thread has transferred into the screw shaft as a coarse wood thread. The wood construction screw is finished with it and can be brought into the trade. This is best done via our online shop and our storage system.


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