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Taper pins are centric pins which are intended for joining components together. These conical taper pins are a perfect fit. Dabi can be used to drill holes in components that are reamed with a conical reamer. Taper pins are available in steel and stainless steel.

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Today, taper pins are indispensable in the industrialized world of mechanical engineering and jig and fixture construction as well as in many other technical areas. A metal construction, of whatever kind, would be almost impossible to realize without taper pins. In this article we would like to give you an understanding of the use of taper pins, as well as their design and manufacture. We would also like to take a closer look at the material of taper pins. Basically, taper pins are used almost exclusively in metal construction companies or in the manufacturing industry or trade, including locksmith's shops. Only in these companies, which deal with and process metal, steel or stainless steel, taper pins are used, so what is the task of taper pins made of steel or stainless steel? This question is asked by many new engineers or prospective trainees, who come into contact with the subject of "taper pins" for the first time and want to clarify the question in principle. A taper pin made of metal has to fulfil one single task in mechanical engineering, it is always a matter of securing the bearing or position, which once achieved can be secured forever. Now the problem that the taper pin must solve! If the final position on a piece of metal, or a component to another is precisely determined and is tightened by screws, the position is secure. But if the component is to be separated from the other on a machine part, because a defect has occurred or maintenance on a technical system must be carried out, the position cannot be so easily restored to one thousandth after unscrewing and retightening. In the case of a mechanical high-precision system, this can mean "off". Now the metal taper pins are used. Once the final one hundred percent position of a component has been determined and fixed so that the screws can be tightened, the preparations for the use of the taper pins can be made. How are taper pins mounted? For this purpose, defined hole positions are determined on the two screwed components and a center punch is applied. Now a metal drill bit with the diameter of the narrowest taper pin, i.e. the narrowest side of the taper pin, can be used to drill into the components. Attention: Make sure that the drill can be drilled straight through both components. As a rule, there is always more than one hole, i.e. at least two holes on components, which must be drilled as taper pin holes. This is the only way to ensure a secure position in both axes. Once both core holes have been drilled, the taper pin reamer is used. This is conical, just like the taper pin, and is slowly rubbed into the existing hole with a machine. Now make sure that the conical part of the taper pin reamer is only rubbed in until the taper pin can protrude just flush with the upper part. Now the metal taper pin can be inserted into the cleaned taper bore and connected with a few blows of the hammer. If the screw connections are now opened, the bearing is secured one hundred percent. The parts can be separated by slightly pressing the two components apart. The assembly with the exact position is now a piece of cake!

Our stock range of taper pins - buy online in our online shop

Taper Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4AFor some years now we have been able to successfully supply many customers in Germany and also in Europe with our standard stock range of taper pins. Today, taper pins are offered on the market in the materials steel and stainless steel in the alloys V2A and V4A. These three basic materials are sufficient when it comes to fixed position locks in industry. A distinction is now made as to whether taper pins should be used unhardened or hardened, depending on the area of application. At the beginning, i.e. in the development phase of our company, we did not deal with the metal versions of the taper pins and did not offer these products in our online shop for consumers and industry. however, due to our intensive customer contact, we quickly found out that metal taper pins have a fixed size in the industry and that the demand for them has been increasing in recent years. This is not a coincidence, because the industry with its modern applications, must pay more and more attention to the fact that exact position positions must be maintained. Even after an assembly of one component from another, it must be guaranteed that the exact position can be restored by the taper pins! This task is fulfilled perfectly by tapered pins! For this reason, we have created an online shop by giving our customers the opportunity to buy their taper pins at low prices through our online shop. So that the purchase can be done fast and uncomplicated, the topic security is of course very important to us and so we have changed our online shop to the secure SSL certificate some time ago. Now all of your stored data that has to be deposited when purchasing the taper pins is well encrypted and protected. Now a data access is no longer possible when the orders are transferred to our merchandise management system. Did you also come to us via a search engine using the term " taper pins"? If so, we would like to welcome you warmly! Please take your time now to put all your taper pins you need in the desired size into your shopping cart. Once all articles have been put together, you now have the opportunity to create your login with us. To do so, create an account and enter all the necessary data. If this ordering process is completed when you purchase the taper pins and you wish to pay, simply follow the shopping cart and its instructions. You will now be offered and suggested a number of different payment options. Choose the best one and carry out the payment. If the payment was successful, you will receive an order confirmation for your purchase of the taper pins after placing an order. Now we also know that you have placed an order and the goods can be shipped.

The production of taper pins

Taper Pins Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn this article we would like to give you an understanding of how taper pins are manufactured today on modern machines and which measures and steps are necessary during production so that the finished taper pins find their place in our warehouse and can be shipped to you. Basically, every taper pin used and processed in industry must first be manufactured and produced on machines. Today these machines are CNC-machines, which were especially designed for turned parts. In order to ensure uninterrupted production, even at night, these machines usually have a bar feeder attached, which is connected to the machine by a communication line. For the production of taper pins, which of course have a ground surface, an additional grinding device must also be present within the machine. The stainless steel or steel raw material is then inserted into the loader as bar stock. The individual bars are now drawn into the machine one after the other and processing begins. First of all, the cone is turned to the pin so that the angle is precisely maintained. If a hole in the taper pin with a thread is still required, this is now drilled in and the thread is cut. This hole is called a tie rod hole. Now comes the most important part in the production of a taper pin, which involves grinding the fine surface of the taper pin. A grinding wheel is pressed against the taper pin surface under the influence of coolant. When the grinding is finished, the chamfers on both sides of the pin are turned. Now the taper pin is firmly finished and can be cut off. It now falls into a collecting basin which collects all the individual pins. Now the pins are only freed from the oil residues and put together as packages and stored for you in our warehouse. If an order for a certain quantity of metal cone pins arrives from you, they will be put together and shipped from our warehouse.


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