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Toggle nuts are manually operated nuts that can be tightened without tools. This makes toggle nuts the ideal solution when working without tools.

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Toggle nuts are enjoying ever increasing popularity, as these special nuts, like the other nuts, belong to the large family of fasteners. No other nut can compete in the generation of such a high torque when the nut can be tightened by hand and provides such a strong fastening without the use of tools. In this article we would like to go into more detail today about how Toggle nuts are constructed, how they can be used, as well as the material from which Toggle nuts can be made and, last but not least, of course, how Toggle nuts can be made from metal, steel or stainless steel. We would like to start with the regular construction of the Toggle nuts made of steel or stainless steel. The base on the underside of the nut is a massive accumulation of metal or steel which has on both sides a wing-shaped arrangement of two counter-rotating round steels which are attached at a certain angle from the base of the nut. These two steel wings, which have a round shape, are absolutely long in relation to the actual base nut. This is what makes the toggle nut so interesting in all technical areas, because this arrangement allows an extremely high torque to be applied when the nut is tightened by hand. In the middle of the nut there is usually a through hole with the corresponding thread. This thread can then be tightened on screws, threaded rods or bolts in technical systems or equipment without the need for any tools or pliers. This makes the toggle nut so interesting in all technical applications. Especially in construction or fixture construction, such small or large helpers are used thousands of times every day and perform perfect services. The basic material used for Toggle nuts is always bright steel, which is either bright and remains so or is painted, or is also burnished or nickel-plated. This type of material for Toggle nuts is the most cost-effective variant. Those who like it more noble or who want to have better protection against corrosion, choose stainless steel. This can consist of two different alloys. On the one hand it can be stainless steel V2A or stainless steel V4A. This is particularly resistant to all alkalis and acids and also to salt water. Thus a perfect alloy to be used on boats and yachts.

Our stock program of toggle nuts - buy online in our online shop

Toggle Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AToggle nuts made of steel or stainless steel are, as we have already informed you, perfect helpers in industrial production and on hoods and covers. Such Toggle nuts are also often used on constructions or in structural engineering, because exactly this advantage, which makes the tommy nut so interesting, can cover these areas of application. Due to the increasing demand for Toggle nuts, the sales volume has also increased in recent years. For this reason, we have put together the most common toggle nuts made of steel or stainless steel to provide you with a basic assortment, so that all common sizes are quickly available. With our online shop we offer all customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the possibility to order your goods and Toggle nuts made of steel or stainless steel quickly and easily via the online shop. More and more private customers and also business customers are taking advantage of this service to have their goods delivered to their home or company quickly. In order for the purchase to be quick and uncomplicated, it is also important that the purchase is secure and that all of your data that you have stored is also protected from access by third parties. This type of security of the shop is called SSL certificate. This certificate protects all your data and therefore the data is encrypted in such a way that no third party can access it. So we can pick up your orders via our merchandise management system and everything is secure. Let us also briefly explain to you in this section how an optimal online shop purchase should be carried out by your Toggle nuts, so that everything can be done quickly. We are sure that we can welcome you, too, because you have found us via the search word "Toggle nuts". We are very pleased about this and so you now have the possibility to assemble your own Toggle nuts and put them into your shopping cart. Please enter the quantity you require in the respective field when shopping. Now you have the possibility to enter all your delivery data, so that we can send you the ordered stainless steel Toggle nuts. If the purchase is now almost completed and you would like to check out, you will now be offered a number of payment options via the shop, of which you should choose one. After completing the purchase, you will receive a proof of payment by email if the order and payment are successful.

The production of toggle nuts

Toggle Nuts Stainless Steel V2A V4AOf course, many of you know how to use toggle nuts in industry or in the private sector and also on technical installations. But many of you do not really know much about how toggle nuts can be manufactured and are also produced in industry. Of course we would like to take a closer look at this point and explain how the production of such special nuts is and can be carried out. Basically, there are also two manufacturing possibilities for these nuts, which we would like to explain to you in more detail. On the one hand, there is the production of such nuts which are formed as forged parts. These nuts are formed under high pressure in a drop forge and the material is very resilient. The second possibility to produce toggle nuts is that they are manufactured from one piece. In this case a negative form is created, which is then formed by means of a hard wax. This wax is so stable that the wax mould has to be dipped into a mud solution and in a combustion chamber the mud layer is burned and also very hard. In this heating process it is also so that the wax layer can run out of the solidified mud layer and evaporate. All that remains is the empty shell, which can then be filled with liquid stainless steel or steel. The liquid material is now quickly poured into the sludge mould. Now it is necessary to wait until the mass has cooled down and then the cover can be knocked off. This process is the coring of the mould. Now the cast toggle nuts appears as a finished connecting element. Now it can be processed further and can be made very nice and attractive by a clean cut. Finally, the threaded hole is inserted into the toggle nut and this can then be stored in our warehouse. If we receive an order from you for toggle nuts, we can process your order and make everything ready for dispatch and hand it over to the post office. Then your order should arrive within the next few days and you can install the nut in your machine.


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