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Eccentric levers are clamping elements which allow effortless clamping of components due to the eccentric effect. By transmitting the force, eccentric levers can be used quickly and effectively. Eccentric levers are found in materials such as steel or stainless steel.

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Many are looking for an eccentric lever. This type of lever is an ideal mounting method that offers many advantages when clamping a handle. But let us start slowly and calmly with the eccentric levers made of metal and also of plastic. These very special levers actually belong in the category of handles and tension levers. Such eccentric levers are mainly used in industry. On machines and technical equipment, certain clamping functions can be quickly implemented with these levers, which are characterized by the fact that the levers and the applied clamping force, as with the eccentric levers, is generated and can also be applied solely by the force of the hands. The decisive point here is that the eccentric levers are designed so that a very high clamping torque can be applied without the aid of a tool. But we would like to start at the very beginning. We want to start with the detailed construction of an eccentric lever. This has, like all other tensioners, a screw part, which is only used to make the screw connection safely. This screw always has a head area, where the eccentric lever is mounted tiltable. Below the head of the screw is the shaft and directly after that is the thread of the lever. The upper head part is, as already mentioned, movably connected to the eccentric lever. The lever itself is connected to the screw with a small bolt. Now comes the crucial part, which makes the excenter lever to what it is. At the lever itself, where the bolt is mounted, there is a halfround eccentric disc, which, when you fold down the eccentric lever, will shorten the distance between the eccentric and the end of the bolt. If the bolt is now screwed into a component, the lever is folded upwards and the bolt is screwed into the component until the eccentric lever disc touches the component, the clamping of the component can be done by pushing down the lever. Now the eccentric lever pushes itself through the eccentric disc and presses with more and more pressure against the component until the lever is completely folded in. Now the clamping process is finished and the component is clamped very securely. During clamping, the eccentric lever disc on the lever built up a very high pressure against the component. By releasing the eccentric lever the pressure is removed and the component is once again free of tension and can be removed. The materials used for eccentric levers are always plastic levers. Or also levers made of aluminium or steel, which still have to be painted. As the highest level of material composition, stainless steel V2A or V4A is used.

Our stock program of eccentric levers - buy online in our online shop

Eccentric Levers Stainless Steel Metal V2A V4AIn recent years, the use of eccentric levers made of metal, steel, stainless steel or plastic or aluminium has increased steadily. Of course, this is not without reason, because especially in mechanical engineering, where sheet metal parts or devices have to be clamped quickly by hand, eccentric levers have found their firm place in industry today. However, not only the industry has recognized the advantages of such quick-release levers, but also the sports and leisure industry, such as the bicycle industry, likes to use the eccentric levers in large quantities thousands of times when clamping wheels or axles or on saddles. So we have also thought about it and decided to offer the eccentric levers made of all kinds of materials for our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe, so that you can buy the goods quickly and easily in our online shop. This has many advantages when products are offered via an online shop, because you can then buy the goods from us around the clock. So that the purchase in our shop can also be carried out unproblematically and safely, it is important that security is also written large with us. So we decided some time ago to convert the entire domain to the secure SSL certificate and thus created a secure platform, which provides you with a secure purchase on eccentric levers. While we are already on the subject of shopping, we would also like to tell you briefly how a fast order process should be designed. Certainly you have also come to us via a search engine and the keyword "eccentric levers" so that you can purchase your products from us. Take your time now and select all your eccentric levers from the materials you want and put them in the shopping cart of our online shops. Once this has been done and you would like to proceed to the next step, create a login area and save all your data and your e-mail. If you now want to complete the purchase of your eccentric levers, you now have the possibility to pay the order and thus complete the purchase. For this purpose you will be forwarded from the shopping cart while logged in until the payment options are suggested to you. If you have completed the payment for the eccentric levers, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us after you have successfully placed your order.

The production of eccentric levers

Eccentric Levers Stainless Steel Metal V2A V4AHaving arrived at the last article, we naturally do not want to withhold the section on the production and manufacture of eccentric levers from you, so that you will not only know how these parts are used on machines and machine parts, but also how these elements can also be manufactured in industry. As the eccentric levers always consist of two parts, we would of course also like to inform you about the two manufacturing methods. Of course we would like to start again with the screw part, which has to be mounted to the lever, so that finally an eccentric lever can be produced. To produce such turned parts, CNC lathes are almost always used. These have a loader connected to them, which feeds the raw material into the machine and clamps it. Once the CNC program is loaded into the machine, the production of the screws can begin. First the head of the screw is turned off and then also the heel that is to receive the thread is turned down. Once the thread is cut, the cross hole for the bolt of the eccentric lever is drilled. Now the firmly finished screw can be cut off and falls into the collecting container. Now the lever is manufactured. For this the lever must be manufactured first once as a wax form. This section is always done with a 3D printer. When the wax mould is ready, it can be dipped into a mud mould and then burned out in a furnace. Now the wax also evaporates. The shell can now be poured out with liquid stainless steel to be mounted on the screws later. If plastic eccentric levers are used, these must of course also be manufactured. For this purpose a form must be made and milled by a milling machine. The two halves of the mould can now be filled with liquid plastic under pressure using an extruder. When the plastic is cold, it can be removed and assembled to a finished eccentric lever. If there are enough ready mounted eccentric levers in our stock, we can send you the finished clamps directly after you have placed an order. After a few days, the goods should have arrived at your premises, so that you can install the eccentric levers on your equipment.

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