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Torx screws are so called because the head mounting has a Torx as drive. Torx screws can be tightened securely without the bit jumping out or overtightening.

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Torx screws are certainly one of the best known types of screws, which can be found more and more often in all common areas of industry and in private applications. Thus Torx screws were invented and introduced to the market relatively late. The background of Torx screws was a single and frequent problem, which occurred very often with the common screw heads. We speak here of "overtightening" the tool holder inside the screw head. All other wrench adapters for screws tend to "overtighten" the tool holder very quickly if used improperly. This has only technical, construction-related problems. The geometrical design and the resulting forces within the Electronic-Key adapters are the only reason for "overtightening" of all other screws. The Torx screw does not have this problem. You will of course ask yourself why this is the case? The solution is very simple and effective. Due to the star-shaped design of the individual flanks, which are arranged in a star shape, completely different force ratios are created, which press flat against the flanks and do not want to push the material away. This alone has given Torx screws a good reputation in recent years. A Torx screw made of stainless steel or steel can have plenty of play within the screw head and still withstand extremely high torques without damage. Thus there are Torx screws in V2A or V4A which have no centrally arranged pins whatsoever, as well as Torx screws which have these pins. These screws are then very special security screws, which can be used as theft protection. Torx screws are often used on cars, engines and in body construction. The screws can be tightened very tight without overtightening the key head. This is a great advantage, especially in the case of series production where cars are manufactured on the assembly line. The different head shapes of Torx screws vary from pan head screws to cylinder head screws and many other head shapes. Torx screws are not only available with metric threads, but also as wood screws, which are used in drywall construction and many other applications.

Our stock program of torx screws made of stainless steel - buy online in our online shop

Torx Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ASince Torx screws are so popular among craftsmen and in the industry, we have increased our storage capacity for Torx screws in all possible variations and diameters at a very early stage to meet the demand of our customers throughout Germany and the rest of Europe with the right fasteners. So we sell our Torx screws not only in the Federal Republic of Germany, but also to customers in far away countries, like Japan and sometimes to New Zealand. Of course these are only the exceptions, but also in these countries Torx screws from Germany are in demand because of the high quality workmanship and the serh good quality serh. So we offer our customers around the clock the possibility to buy your products in our online shop 24 hours a day. That makes shopping in our online shop so much sought after. In order to guarantee you all possible security when entering your address data when buying our Torx screws, we decided some time ago to convert the entire website to the secure SSL certificate. This has no disadvantages whatsoever, but only advantages for you as a customer. By encrypting your data, it is no longer possible for third parties to access your data during data transfer to our merchandise management system, so we can download your online orders with peace of mind. Of course we would also like to explain to you with this topic of security the procedure how you can buy your Torx screws quickly and easily in our online shop. First of all, take your time to find all the Torx screws made of stainless steel or steel and the other products you need and add them to your shopping cart in the quantity you require. Once this shopping stage is completed, you can move on to the next step. This is the creation of a customer account or a guest account inenrhalb of our web presence. Once you have completed this step and your details have been created and the account has been created, you can complete your order by clicking on the "Checkout" icon and you will be redirected to select the payment method you wish to use for your payment. Now you can comfortably pay your Torx screws and finish your online shopping. If the payment was successful, you will be redirected to the shop and you will receive an automatic order confirmation. Now we have also received your order with the Torx screws and start to process your order in our warehouse and prepare the goods for shipping. When all parts are packed together, everything is handed over to the transport company. After a few days you will receive your order.

The production of Torx screws

Torx Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn order to be able to install your Torx screws naturally, it does not matter whether they are equipped with a metric thread or with a wood screw thread, they must of course also be manufactured on machines for you. We would also like to give you an understanding of this section of the production process. Just a few years ago, all screws were produced on older screw machines that were equipped with a cam control. Of course, such old screwing machines can still be found in some companies today, but for cost reasons, the economic production of Torx screws made of stainless steel is no longer conceivable. Because the cycle times of these older machines are no longer related to cost-effective production. For this reason the old automatic machines replace the old ones by new CNC screw machines. These always have a wire feed into the machine and behind it the drum holder for the wire drum. On this drum the raw wire is made of stainless steel or another material to produce the Torx screws. Now the beginning of the wire is inserted into the machine and the program is loaded. First of all the raw wire is cut to length. Then the cone is upset again at the Torx screw and then the entire Torx head is upset. The outer contour of the Torx screw is formed and the tool holder of the Torx is pressed in the same operation. Now the screw is almost finished and only the thread on the screw shaft is missing. This is achieved by rolling the shank between the thread rolling plates, just like the other screws. Due to the high pressing pressure of the thread plates, the thread on the Torx screw is rolled in. Now the screw is almost finished and only needs to be cleaned or brought to its final surface by the electropolishing process. Once this process is completed, the Torx screw can be stored in the warehouse and shipped to you promptly when you place an order.


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