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Inbus screws is a designation for screws which have a very special drive, the Inbus. The Allen key on Inbus screws ensures that the tool is securely held.

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In this article we would like to give a little more details on Inbus screws. How they can be used in the world of technical connections, how Inbus screws differ from other screws in terms of design and, above all, what materials these screws can be manufactured and supplied from. Of course, it is also important for us in the last article on this page to deal with the production processes of inbus screws made of metal, steel or stainless steel on state-of-the-art machines, so that you not only know how this type of screw can be installed, but also how it is manufactured. These are all interesting topics that will certainly interest one or the other. Furthermore, you will get more information about Inbus screws, which we offer in our online shop as a standard delivery program for you. Today, in the modern civilization, where machines and technical plants and devices determine our daily life, nobody would like to imagine how it would be, without the so important connecting elements of the Inbus screws made of steel or stainless steel, a resistive and at the same time still highly loadable durable connection between two spatially separated components or workpieces to manufacture. The screws have revolutionized this type of connection. In recent years, a certain type of screw has crept into our company life, but also into private areas, more and more as the "standard connection type". We are talking about such coveted Inbus screws! In recent decades, this type of screw has increasingly replaced the hexagon head screws as external hexagon head screws and the inbus screws have continued to lead the triumphal march. On the one hand, this slow change was due to the optical aspect of an Allen screw as a cylinder screw with a hexagon socket, but what has become much more important is the fact that due to the geometric shape of the hexagon socket inside the inbus screw head, the hexagon cannot "turn round" so quickly. This effect is often seen when normal hexagonal bolts are screwed to machine parts with an external hexagon and you slip off quickly with a wrench, then the flanks are overtightened and it is almost impossible to unscrew the bolt. This decisive advantage comes with the metal Inbus screw and can be tightened much better with an Inbus wrench. Not only does this benefit the industry, but more and more private hobbyists have recognized this decisive advantage for themselves. A nickel-plated steel screw is usually used for the material of inbus screws. Anyone who has to make screw connections in the food industry or in humid places, or in outdoor areas, should fall back on stainless steel socket screws made of an alloy of V2A. However, if you want to use the Allen screws on boats and yachts, you are advised to choose inbus screws made of V4A. Because only these are able to withstand all weather conditions and salt water permanently. The same applies to chemical contact with the screws. Here we always recommend alloys of stainless steel, which consist of V4A. Inbus screws can be manufactured and installed with a high head or with a flat head.

Our product range of Inbus screws - Buy online in our online shop

Inbus Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ASince the demand for stainless steel inbus screws has been increasing rapidly in the last years, we have of course also increased this type of screw in our stock, so that the delivery times become shorter and you get to your goods faster. In the case of inbus screws made of steel or stainless steel, we always refer to a standard inbus screw as the screw head always being designed as a cylinder. This cylindrical approach makes this screw a visually appealing type of fastening. Inside the cylinder of the inbus screw is the recessed drive in the form of a hexagon. This hexagonal insert always takes an Allen key to tighten or loosen the screws. At the cylinder head, the shaft of the inbus screw leads directly to the partial thread or the full thread. This thread can be supplied in a metric version or an inch version. So we offer you with our online shop the possibility to buy your inbus screws made of steel or stainless steel around the clock in our online shop. That saves many costs and the purchase goes smoothly over the stage. When shopping online, we do not want to forget the security that must be guaranteed when goods and data are stored and transmitted to our merchandise management system so that the order can be processed and shipped. For this reason, we decided some time ago to convert the entire Internet presence to a SSL-secure encryption method that only brings advantages. You can now buy your metal inbus screws from us on our secure server without any problems. Let us also lose a few words, what the purchase and the completion within an order of you is to be considered, so that the inbus screws can be supplied fast and uncomplicatedly to you in your enterprise. Surely we can also welcome you, because you have reached our website via the search word "inbus screws". Now you have the possibility to place all inbus screws in the desired size and length in your shopping cart. Of course, this also applies to all other products in our online shop. If this ordering process is finished, please create your own account and enter all your data, which we need for the processing. In the conclusion of the purchase now the different payment possibilities for your inbus screws are indicated to you, whereby you can decide for one. If the decision has been made, you confirm by your purchase and pay your inbus screws. If the payment was successful, you will receive an automatic purchase confirmation by e-mail. At the same time, we can also commission your order of inbus screws in our warehouse and make it ready for dispatch so that you can receive the goods quickly.

The production of inbus screws

Inbus Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs already promised, we will also briefly describe how inbus screws were produced on older mechanical machines in the past and how they can be produced today on ultra-modern inbus screws. Of course, you will only find an edited article about the production of inbus screws in this article, which can give you a short insight, so that you have not only learned how to install and use these screws, but also how they can be produced. Basically, the inbus screws could already be produced on purely mechanical cam lathes in the past. Of course, the conditions were fundamentally different to the conditions in the present time. In the past there was no time pressure and cost pressure at all to keep prices stable or to keep energy costs low. So it had to be considered exactly how many Inbus screws produced in one batch size could be produced in one run, because a changeover to another diameter or another type of Scr hood was associated with a very long changeover time, which each changeover process had to be reset with the programming and adjustment of the cam discs. Today, things have changed completely. Today, Inbus screws are produced on state-of-the-art CNC machines that are designed for economy and energy saving. By using CNC, a changeover to other diameters of inbus screws is no longer a problem because all stored data is stored as software. Inside the machine there is always the machining chuck, which carries out all processing steps. Outside, the raw material is always stored on a drum as stainless steel or mild steel and fed into the machine. Once the bare wire has been inserted into the machine, the production of the inbus screws can begin after reading in the parameters. First the wire is cut to length, then the cylinder head is pre-headed with the coil. The next step is the final upsetting of the entire head of the inbus screw on the shank. Also included is the hexagonal drive. Now only the thread is missing, which can be designed as metric thread or as inch thread or fine thread. This process is done by rolling. The shaft of the screw is turned under high pressure between two thread rolls, so that the thread structure can be transferred to the shaft of the inbus screws. The last step is to clean the screws and store them in our warehouse.


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