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Connecting screws are all screws that are to create a connection between two materials. Connecting screws are indispensable today, especially in furniture construction.

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Many people go in search of connecting screws, but the term is broad and we would like to reveal in this article everything that can be turned around a connecting screw. The term metal connecting screw actually only means that such a screw can or should only connect at least two parts with each other. It can therefore be said that a connecting screw represents a type of screw in the large family of connecting elements, which offers the user the possibility that parts or workpieces can be connected with each other in a re-detachable manner. We want to shed light on the dark, where we describe a typical connecting screw as a machine screw or a connecting screw for wood elements, which is used in pressboard for example, to make such screws for use in furniture construction. We want to go into detail about the materials that such screws bring with them and from which such screws can be made. We would also like to shed some light on our stock programme of connecting screws and of course in the last article we would like to go into more detail about how such screws are manufactured. However, we would like to start by describing a normal machine screw with a nut. This screw can also be used as a connecting screw if it is screwed together with a nut. This screw has either a cylinder head or a hexagonal head and is equipped with a metric thread. By screwing on a hexagonal nut, a screw becomes a connecting screw of metal, steel or even stainless steel. The second group of connecting screws is the sleeve nut paired with a screw. This type of screw connection is also very often used in the furniture industry to screw furniture panels firmly together. This is the only way to create a permanent and detachable connection which can be unscrewed again if necessary. The standard material used for such screw connections is the higher quality, harder steel, which is covered by a protective coating to such an extent that corrosion can be delayed if the screw is to be used outdoors. Those who naturally attach great importance to corrosion will not be able to get around the material of the stainless steel when using a connecting screw. This stainless steel can be designed either as an alloy as V2A or as V4A. Usually the material stainless steel V2A is completely sufficient for the use of a connecting screw, but if you want to use the screws in outdoor areas, where salt water or lyes are used, you should always fall back on the stainless steel V4A.

Our delivery program of connecting screws - buy online in our online shop

Connecting Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AThe use of connecting screws in furniture construction and also in mechanical engineering with machine screws has increased drastically and explosively in recent years. This barometer is pointing steeply upwards because the demand has risen so much that the online shops that offer these connecting screws must also serve the required quantities that the industry demands. Since thousands of pieces of such metal connecting screws are needed everywhere for production, especially the online shops that offer these screws at low prices must come up with enormous quantities. However, it is often the case that these quantities cannot be served by the online retailer because the warehouse does not allow this quantity. For this reason, our long-standing customers have also asked us whether we can also include connecting screws in our assortment, so that a quick and inexpensive purchase can be guaranteed. We have gladly taken up this thought and have created this category of connecting screws, so that our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe can buy such connecting screws from us quickly and easily at a low price. To ensure that the purchase is fast and secure, it is important for us to keep an eye on the topic of security as well, and thus to convert the entire website to SSL encryption. We have already implemented this plan some years ago and therefore we offer all our customers a secure solution when purchasing connecting screws. But not only that, we also want to lose a few words when it comes to the actual ordering process. Also for this we would like to inform you about some important procedures in short, so that you know exactly which points are important when buying your fasteners and understand the online shop procedures. If you have found us via a search engine and are now in the category of connecting screws, you can now look around directly in this category and put the desired connecting screws in the desired quantity in the shopping cart. Now the creation of a login and the storage of your address and the delivery data takes place. Afterwards, you will return to the shopping cart and follow the further steps that the shopping cart provides you with. After a few clicks you will see the payment selection that you can now choose the best payment option. With the confirmation of your purchase and the payment, the automatic order confirmation is now carried out. Now your order will also be packed up in our warehouse and sent to you.

The production of connecting screws

Connecting Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn the last article, we will also deal with the production of connecting screws, whether wood screws or machine screws. We would like to give a short introduction to the metal fasteners, how they could be produced from older machines, where not yet the economic efficiency was in the foreground, but the quality and the production on large lot sizes. These older machines for the production and manufacture of such connecting screws were necessary on purely mechanical machines. These machines received their control commands via a metal cam disk which was mechanically transmitted to the bits. This made it possible to produce connecting bolts semi-automatically. The set-up times for another product were so long that it was only worthwhile if the batch sizes were very large. Today, countless other criteria, such as economic efficiency and the qualitatively low-cost production of connecting bolts are a very important criterion in order to be able to survive on the market and achieve favourable end prices when purchasing connecting bolts. Such CNC screw machines are today the common way to produce high-precision fasteners and thereby achieve a high output of connecting screws at a consistently low price. In the machine there is the machining station, which enables the entire production of connecting screws. Outside the machine there is a loader for steel bars for thicker material or a drum loader for thin continuous material. Now the machine must be set up by applying the CNC program and all mechanical settings must be made and checked. Now the first piece of the round steel can be drawn into the machine. The calculated length of the connecting screw is now cut to length and made by upsetting the rear part of the head. In the second operation, the front part of the head and also the drive is finally pressed. This can be designed as a Torx drive or as a cross slot drive or even as a hexagonal drive. Now the bare shaft of the connecting screw must be rolled in with a metric or inch thread. This process is carried out by pressing the shaft into two counter-rotating rollers, which already have the thread. The production of the connecting screw is now complete. This process must now be carried out as often as you need the screws. If the collection container is well filled, the connecting screws can be stored in our warehouse. After an order from you, the desired number of connecting screws will be sent to you.


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