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Steel construction screws are screws that are used in steel construction. So it can be said that steel construction screws already have a certain size and are also very stable.

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Today we would like to write in this article about the so famous and interesting steel construction screws. What are actually steel construction screws and where did the name for this product come from? Since when are steel construction screws available and how are they used? Of course we would also like to write about our delivery program of steel construction screws and we would also like to take a closer look at the structure of a steel construction screw. Finally, we would also like to find out from which materials such steel construction screws can be manufactured and installed? As you can see, there are many individual questions that we would like to address in this article today. We would like to start with the history of steel construction screws. When the industrial revolution had already begun in the 18th century, larger and heavier projects made of steel followed and were to be implemented. In the past, it was the case that bridges also began to be fitted with steel structures, making them even more stable and durable. But until that time, the steel construction screw made of steel or even stainless steel was not ready to be used in bridge constructions. The predominant joining technique at that time was clearly riveting. Rivets could be inserted in every single hole, i.e. every bore hole, on bridges and could be connected inseparably with the steel parts by heating and with strong hammer blows. However, due to the non-detachable connection and the time-consuming application process, the rivet connection only lasted a few years. Soon the screws, here the steel construction screws, came on the market, a revolution in the joining technology of steel components of all kinds and gradually replaced the rivets. Today, only steel screws are used on steel constructions. The assembly of such steel construction screws is very easy and a subsequent retightening of the screws is no problem, as well as the connection of the individual steel parts can be replaced by these screw connections as desired. Steel construction rivets have almost completely disappeared from the program. The structure of a steel construction screw is very similar to that of a normal screw. The screw has a head, usually a hexagonal head. The shank is directly adjacent to this head. On the shank is the thread, which is attached to the screw by rolling or rolling. Only this procedure brings the extremely high load capacity of a steel construction screw with itself and the fibres of the steel are not cut in the direction of the shot but rolled in the direction of the shot. This is the only way to achieve this load capacity. The material used for steel construction screws is always normal, highly resilient steel. However, these screws can corrode and rust. To avoid this, most steel construction screws are nickel-plated or coated with another protective layer. However, if you need and want a heavy-duty and corrosion-free steel screw, you should always use the stainless steel version in V2A or V4A. Only these two steel construction screws are absolutely resistant to acids and alkalis.

Our stock programme of steel construction screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Steel Construction Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AThe demand for steel structures in today's modern times has increased immeasurably. Every company that works with steel construction screws, which can be used to connect steel constructions firmly and detachably, must take care to buy such screws in order to realize their own projects. This is primarily a matter of buying steel construction screws with a protective coating or stainless steel construction screws. These are used on stainless steel constructions and do not need to be covered with any protective coating. Only these stainless steel construction screws have the complete corrosion against all weather influences in V2A or V4A. However, it is also effective to cover the constant demand for such special industrial screws also by the online shops and thus also to guarantee a fast and cheap delivery for the companies. In order to do so, we have decided to establish a category for steel construction screws and to provide our customers in Germany and Europe with the necessary screws quickly, reliably and cheaply. Through our online shop we offer the companies a 24 hour access to buy your steel construction screws cheap. So that the purchase of such screws can also be processed safely and quickly, it is important that the security of our customers and the data stored with them cannot be accessed by third parties even when they are transferred to our merchandise management system. Only the secure SSL certificate can safely handle this encryption. Which brings us to the purchase of steel construction screws made of steel or stainless steel? We would like to recommend a few words about the actual process of ordering your steel construction screws online. Many often ask us the question? How should a correct online purchase proceed? First of all we would like to ask you how you found our website on the Internet? Surely we can assume that you have also searched for steel construction screws made of steel or stainless steel (V2A or V4A) on the Internet? Then the search engine will have suggested our website and offered you the possibility to have a closer look at our program of steel construction screws. At this moment you are also in the right category of the steel base screws and can take your time to look at all our offered screws. If you have found the right steel construction screws and you would like to buy them, you can put them into the shopping cart with one click, indicating the correct quantity. After this step the second step follows, which allows you to create your account on our website. In this step you will open a login and enter all your relevant data. These are the email address and your delivery address and billing address. You can now buy more products and screws from our assortment or you can pay your steel construction screws now. If the last step comes into consideration, just follow the shopping cart instructions and after a few clicks the different payment options will be displayed. Now you can choose the best payment option and with the click you can also buy. If the transaction was successful, you will receive an order overview with all details about the purchase of your steel construction screws.

The production of steel construction screws

Steel Construction Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow we are already in the last section of the steel construction screws made of steel or stainless steel again. In the previous articles, we have already been able to give you some information about the history of the development of steel construction screws made of metal and also about the different materials that are used. We were able to explain in more detail how steel construction screws have fought their way forward in the last century and gradually succeeded in displacing the rivets. But not only this information is important for the steel constructor who is busy with steel construction screws every day, but also the important point of the production of such special screws. Surely you would now say that every screw is the same, but it is far from it. Steel construction screws, we usually talk about larger sizes, such as over M16 upwards, can be produced today on heavy CNC screw turning machines. But such a machine alone is not enough to start such a production and to produce such thick lumps of steel screws. Outside such a heavy machine there is always a heavy loader, which can position the raw bars, usually 6 meters in one piece, to several tens of bars in the loader shaft. The CNC machine has a chuck inside, where all important production processes take place, which are important for the production of steel construction bolts. All essential parameters such as feeds and cutting speeds as well as other tool parameters are stored within the CNC program. When the machine is now ready to machine a steel construction screw and everything is adjusted, the first bar of stainless steel or steel can be drawn into the machine. Now the automatic cutting to length of the previously calculated length of the future structural steel screw begins. Afterwards the rear part of the head is pre-pressed and formed by means of a head press. Now, in the second step, the drive is inserted into the head area. Here the head of the screw is end pressed and now only the shank without the thread is left. Now comes the moment where the thread rolls are used. These rolls have the thread form as metric or inch thread already integrated in the roll. Due to the constantly increasing pressure that is applied to the shank and the counter-rotating rolls and the pressure, the thread path can be transferred to the shank of the steel construction screw. This thread on the steel construction screw is now also finished and the goods are stored in our warehouse. If we receive an order from you, we can pack the goods together and send them to you. After a few days you will receive the goods by mail and can install the steel construction screws made of steel or stainless steel in your building project.


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