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Concrete screws are special screws which are made for fastening in concrete. The concrete screws did not need any dowels during assembly.

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Concrete screws can be found today in all common areas of industry. These types of screws were developed when it was a question of making permanent and correct fastenings in concrete possible by means of screws. Concrete screws can be manufactured as stainless steel screws or as steel screws, which are then finished with a nickel coating or a chrome coating. This corrosion layer protects the concrete screws if they are driven into a brickwork or a concrete wall or wall or if they can be firmly cemented with an adhesive. However, these screws are almost exclusively used as stainless steel concrete screws for interior and exterior use. The material can be V2A or V4A. As standard, however, an alloy of V2A stainless steel is completely sufficient for a concrete screw. If, however, it is important that these screws are also used in the vicinity of acids and alkalis, it is better to use the material V4A. Thus the concrete screws withstand the acid attack and offer enough resistance. How would it be possible to fix them to walls made of concrete or other similar material, if there were not the many different versions of concrete screws? So in the next article we would like to briefly enumerate which versions of concrete screws might be suitable for you? On the one hand there are the screws, which have a long shank, which has a thread on one side, on which wood or metal pieces can be pushed over and everything can be secured by means of a washer and a suitable nut. The decisive design for finding support in concrete is the opposite end of the concrete screw. This is slotted in the middle of the shaft and the two wings are bent outwards. These claws provide the concrete screw with an optimum hold when it is glued in place or when it can be permanently inserted into the concrete by means of a proper cement and cannot be removed again. This type of connection is extremely resilient. The second possibility of a special concrete screw is the shuttering screw. This type of fastening is solved as follows: This concrete screw also has a long, pronounced shaft which has a thread on one side to which the fasteners can be attached. These can also be tightened using a washer and the corresponding nut. Then the shank comes and ends with another thread at the knock-in dowel. This anchor at the concrete screw is the most important part to make a connection between a concrete wall and the material to be fixed. First a hole must be drilled in the concrete so that the anchor can be placed in the hole and then the expansion anchor can be inserted into the hole using a mandrel. Now it can be driven in firmly. Now the anchor of the concrete screw sits very firmly in the concrete shell. Now it is time that the concrete anchor shaft can also be screwed into the expansion anchor. The connection is now firm and can be loaded to a high degree. If the shank of the concrete screw is no longer needed, it can simply be unscrewed again.

Our stock program of concrete screws - buy online in our online shop

Concrete Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AConcrete screws have become indispensable in today's economy because they can be found in all imaginable areas, such as plumbers and heating engineers, in the daily materials that can be embedded in concrete or cemented. This makes it possible to quickly and economically make very strong connections. We started to build up our company at that time and did not have concrete anchors in our range at the beginning, because we were not aware of how important such concrete bolts were. After some time, various customers also informed us and asked us whether it would also be possible to include concrete bolts in our range. Of course, we also responded to these requests and started looking for the right concrete screws for you as our customer and now we are permanently supplied with these products in larger quantities. Our internet shop offers our customers the possibility that they can buy the right concrete screws and all the other products quickly and easily around the clock via our online shop. In this context it was also important to us that your data are well protected when purchasing the products and can no longer be tapped by others. This security is only given if the entire website is managed on a secure domain and the data cannot be accessed by third parties when exporting your orders. For this reason, we have converted the entire website to the secure SSL certificate. This has only advantages for the purchase of your concrete screws. If we are already on the subject of buying, we would also like to give you a few words on how you can buy your stainless steel concrete screws quickly and easily through our online shop. Surely you have also come to us via a search engine and have entered any term in connection with "concrete screws". Now you are with us, congratulations! If you have found the right products with us, then you put this request in the desired quantity into your shopping cart. Add also all other products from our shop and create now your customer account. To do this, please open a login and deposit all your address data so that the order of your concrete screws arrives at you. If you are now finished with the purchase and want to complete the purchase, so you follow now simply the further instructions of our shop. You will now be prompted to choose a payment method that meets your expectations. Once you have made your choice, you will confirm your purchase by paying for the concrete screws. If the payment has been successful, you will receive an order confirmation of your purchase, which will confirm the quantities of concrete screws you have purchased from us. Once this process is completed, your order is sent to the warehouse and made ready for dispatch.

The production of concrete screws

Concrete Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow it's the same as with the other screws. If you want to process the concrete screws, they must first be manufactured and produced. Only then can you purchase the screws and use them in your building project. Now, of course, many people process a lot of the most different concrete screws on a daily basis, but almost none of them know anything about the production of such screws. With this we would like to briefly explain how such a production can take place and which machines are used in the past and today. In the past, the conditions for producing concrete screws were completely different. There were still no CNC screw machines that could run the processes quickly and smoothly and required short changeover times. In the past, the concrete screws were almost exclusively produced on so-called cam disk machines. The blanks were produced by storing and programming the cam plates, but the economy was very questionable. Due to this inefficiency, modern and more economical processes for the production of these concrete screws had to be used for a long time, but certainly for the production of concrete screws. For this purpose CNC machines were developed, which enable a faster and above all more economical production of the concrete screws. These automatic screw machines are always machines with a machining chuck, in which most of the work processes take place. Outside the machine there is always a storage drum for the raw material, which stores the wire for the concrete screws to allow an unmanned production in one process. As the wire, which can be steel or stainless steel, is introduced into the machines, the production of concrete screws can generally begin. At the beginning the shaft of the screw is cut to the desired length. This process is usually carried out by cutting with a saw blade. Then the thread can be rolled directly onto the concrete screw. This process is always done by rolling the shaft between two metal rollers with the threads. This process takes place under high pressure. Then the finished shafts of the concrete screw are washed and freed of the oil residues. Now all screws are ready and can be combined with the driving sleeves to a unit of a concrete screw. The finished concrete screws now come to our warehouse and can be sent to you promptly when you place an order.


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