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Countersunk screws have a countersunk head which ends at the screw bolt. This makes countersunk screws perfect when it comes to screwing the screws flush with the material.

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Countersunk screws are a very special species in the large family of screws in general. In this article we would like to explain briefly why a countersunk screw differs so much from the design and application of normal screws. Let's take a look at the fundamental differences between a normal cheese head screw with a standard thread and a countersunk screw with a standard thread (i.e. a metric thread). Cylinder head screws are to be found in today's production on machines and technical equipment in all imaginable areas of the economy and in private areas, because these screws have become more and more popular in the last decades. These screws are optimal for almost all applications and can be installed quickly and easily. Countersunk screws, on the other hand, are already intended for more special applications and these screws are clearly designed to ensure that they must never protrude above a screwed level or protrude over a screwed component. This countersunk option has a specific reason. This wish is always needed when components have only a very small distance to another component, so that normal screws that would protrude beyond it would cause a collision when they meet the other component above. For this very reason countersunk screws were invented. As the name "countersunk screw" suggests, this screw is countersunk into the existing material flush with the surface. This means that countersunk screws, which are to be embedded in covers of sheet metal parts, for example, must always be flush with the surface of the component. The countersunk screws then do not protrude under any circumstances and do not represent a source of accidents. Other components that are close to each other can therefore slide over the countersunk screws without collecting them and without spotting. Countersunk screws are manufactured in such a way that they are always inserted into a countersunk hole. The angle of the countersunk hole is always 90 degrees and thus optimally matches the head shape of the countersunk screw. In order to countersink a countersunk screw cleanly, a hole is always drilled into the sheet metal part first. This hole must be drilled through the cover material and into the carrier material. The core hole in the base material is provided with a standard thread or metric thread, which can later accommodate the countersunk screw. The hole in the cover material must then be countersunk with a countersink until the head of the countersunk screw is cleanly and flushly embedded in the cover material. This is the only way to ensure that the countersunk screws are absolutely flush and finally embedded in the material.

Our stock assortment of stainless steel countersunk screws - buy online in our online shop

Countersunk Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ACountersunk screws, also known as countersunk bolts, have become indispensable in industrial production today. The use of such special screws, which have a conical head shape, has increased steadily in recent years. As we explained in the previous article, there is a reason for this. A stainless steel socket head screw can be perfectly embedded in straight thin-walled materials without any problems. The countersunk head shape thus creates a flush surface within the material. This construction-related advantage for the fastening of materials or components can only be achieved by using a countersunk screw made of steel or stainless steel (v2A or V4A). For this reason, we have decided to include the large family of countersunk screws in our stock range as a dealer and manufacturer in order to supply you as a customer in the industry and private sector quickly and promptly. So our online-shop offers the perfect platform to buy 24 hours a day your countersunk screws made of metal cheaply. Some time ago we decided to put our online shop on a very secure basis when it comes to data security when shopping in an online shop. Up to now our website was running on an insecure server where your data could be accessed by third parties during the transfer to our merchandise management system including your purchase of countersunk screws. We could finally close this gap so that the entire Internet website now runs on an SSL-secure server and you can now buy your countersunk screws and all our other products with the highest data security. This has many advantages for you when buying. If you now have your countersunk screws in our shopping cart and enter your data, they will not be tapped by third parties during data export. In this breath we would also like to explain to you a little bit more detailed how a purchase in our online shop should proceed, so that you can buy your countersunk screws fast and uncomplicatedly via the shop and a fast delivery of the screws can be delivered to you internally or privately. Surely you have become aware of our online shop via a search engine to order your countersunk screws from us. Simply find all sizes and lengths you need and put them in your shopping cart in the quantity you require. That sounds complicated, but it is not. If you have packed all the different sizes of countersunk screws together and all the other products from our online shop, you can now create your customer account. To do so, open your account and enter all relevant data, such as your address, and simply stay logged in. If you now want to complete your order on countersunk screws and buy all the products, you will now continue in the menus and reach the selection point where you can choose your best payment method from the many methods. With the confirmation and your final payment, the purchase is now confirmed and if the payment is successful, the countersunk screws will be sent to your desired address. In the same breath you will also receive the invoice by mail. All countersunk screws can now be assembled for you in our warehouse and handed over to the transport company.

The production of countersunk screws

Countersunk Screw Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs with the other screws, countersunk screws or countersunk bolts must also first be produced or manufactured so that they can also be installed on machines and technical equipment. Many screwing or processing thousands of countersunk screws every day, but many do not know how they can be produced at all. Also about this part we would like to report to you in the following, so that you will know in the future how such countersunk screws can be produced on machines. In order to produce such screws, it is first of all important to know which types of machines can be used for this purpose. In the past, it was the case that countersunk screws in particular could be produced primarily on so-called cam-type automatic lathes with special functions. The disadvantage of these screw machines was, however, that especially in the production of countersunk screws, the cycle times were extremely long and also the set-up and changeover times to other diameters and lengths or also to other types of screws. The other important and not to be neglected part was that these purely mechanical machines were extremely robust and could produce countersunk screws for years without being repaired even once. Today, only modern CNC screw machines are used for the production of countersunk screws, which can be produced very economically. On the one hand this includes short changeover times to other screws and also the cycle times have become extremely short. These are all important criteria when it comes to producing a cost-effective countersunk screw made of steel or stainless steel. Such screwing machines always have a processing chuck, as most of the work steps in the production of countersunk screws take place. Outside of the screw machine, there is a drum store which has the wire raw material coiled up and ready to hand for unmanned production. This stainless steel or steel raw wire always has the diameter of the future shank of the countersunk screw. This wire is then placed in the processing chuck of the CNC machine and fed into the machine. Now the first step is to cut off the length of the raw shaft. Once this manufacturing process is completed, the countersunk head is pre-swaged at the screw. The second step is the final upsetting of the countersunk head with the desired drive inside the screw head. This work step is combined in one pressing step. Now the countersunk screw is only missing the thread. This is not, as many think, cut to the countersunk screw, but always rolled up in a rolling process. For this purpose, the countersunk screw shank is clamped under high pressure between two counter-rotating hardened thread rolls or is allowed to run with them, so that the threads are transferred to the screws by adding press oil. This step completes the production of a stainless steel countersunk head screw or a steel countersunk screw and now all the screws only need to be washed to remove the production oil residues. Now all countersunk screws can be stored in our warehouse to be shipped to you when you order.


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