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Star handles have a star-shaped grip. Especially people with five fingers can perfectly grip the star handle without slipping. Today star handles are provided by the industry in plastic or steel or stainless steel.

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Star handles are the new handles for all possible fastenings, which can be implemented by a user-friendly implementation of a screw connection without tools. Thus star handles have long since found their way into all technical companies to take over the most diverse tasks. The industry has quickly noticed how inexpensive and easy star handles are to handle and how they convince by stability and technical ravinesse. These handles offer an extremely good grip, so that gripping such a handle with the fingers or hands is a clean technical solution. In this article we would like to go deeper into the functionality of the star handles and discuss some points in more detail. On the one hand we would like to shed some light on the construction and assembly of such special handles and on the other hand we would like to go into the materials used in more detail. Once all these points have been worked through, the not unimportant point, the production of star handles made of metal / steel / stainless steel or plastic, will take place. But let us start with the construction of star handles in detail. However, we would like to start with the steel star handles or the stainless steel star handles. The handle head of these handles is created as a star-shaped arrangement of curves and indentations, so that the fingers receive an optimal star handle grip to ensure a secure grip. Due to the star handle shape, each individual finger can reach into a recess to build up a high torque. The large diameter of this star handle allows the high torque to be built up at the head of this star handle. This star handle is ideally suited for quick and easy tightening and loosening of machines and technical equipment such as hoods or tooling devices. And all this without any tools. At the lower side of the knitting head the hole with the thread is always located. This thread is the screw nut or the screw head to create a secure and removable connection in no time. As a meterial selection always the bright steel is used as a basis, which can either be burnished or has a lacquer finish. The more sophisticated version of star handles is usually always made of a stainless steel alloy, which is either V2A or V4A stainless steel. These star handles can be supplied as matt star handles or as a high gloss variant. The most inexpensive of all star handle variants is the plastic variant. Concerning the mounting of star handles you can not really say much, because it is actually like a normal nut or screw and can be mounted by screwing on or off.

Our stock assortment of star handles - buy online in our online shop

Star handles Stainless Steel plastic V2A V4AAs with the other fastening elements, the demand for star handles made of steel, stainless steel (V2A and V4A) or plastic has also continued to grow. The reason is very simple, because with the advent of the technical revolution, the fastening elements have also become increasingly complex and sophisticated. Every device, every machine and technical plant has operating elements or fastening elements such as the star handles permanently installed. Today, these elements belong in every sector of the economy and manufacturing industry. We have already been able to examine the individual areas of application in more detail in the previous article and do not need to go into them in more detail here. In order that you can easily order and buy your star handles from us, we have set up the online shop for you, so that all our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe can buy your goods and products from us at a reasonable price. To make sure that this ordering process is secure, we decided some time ago to switch the entire website to the secure SSL certificate. This has serious advantages when buying on our website. All data that you have to deposit with us, so that we have your delivery address and your email address, are now protected by secure encryption so that all your data cannot be easily accessed by third parties when exporting data to our merchandise management system. This creates more security. In this context, please let us explain the correct order process so that you can buy your star grips quickly and easily in our online shop. If you have now found us by searching one of the major search engines and the search term "Star handles", we would like to welcome you! You are now on our website and have now the possibility to put all your star grips with the star handles head in the desired quantity in your shopping cart. Once this order section is completed, the opening of a customer login via our website will take place. To do so, create a customer login and enter all your delivery address data. If you now have all your star handles made of steel or stainless steel in your wading basket and would now like to complete the order, simply follow the instructions in the shopping basket and you will be taken to the payment options. Now you can choose the best payment option and by confirming the payment you can finally buy the star handles. Now we will receive your order and can put it together for you in our warehouse and send it to you.

The production of star handles

Star handles Stainless Steel plastic V2A V4ANow, of course, all handles, including star handles, must be manufactured and produced first, so that they can first be incorporated into technical products and then start their work. If you are one of the fitters who install many different star handles on machines and systems every day, you will certainly know exactly how these operating elements are constructed, but unfortunately many of you know nothing about the production and manufacture. In order to shed more light on this point, we have decided to take a closer look at the production of star handles in this article. In order to be able to manufacture them, we now make use of ultra-modern machines, which on the one hand can supply an excellent quality of star handles with a star handles head and on the other hand can ensure a high degree of capacity utilization and economic production. Because today, unfortunately, time equals money and therefore the speed of production is of decisive importance. In order to produce a stainless steel star handle or a steel star handle, the first requirement is the production of a wax mould. Once this step is completed, the wax is dipped in a mud mould necessary. This is then burnt out in a furnace so that the sludge can harden and the wax can run out of the mould. All that remains is an empty hard shell shape of the star handle. This is now poured out with liquid stainless steel. Once the cooling process is complete, the mould can be destroyed and the casting removed. Now follows the finishing by grinding and polishing the surface and the insertion of the threaded hole. Afterwards all processes are completed and the finished star handle can be sent to our warehouse. The production method for star handles made of plastic or plastic star handles is different. With this type of star handle a mould must be made, which can then be injected by an injection moulding machine to produce the finished star handle. There is also a threaded sleeve in the mould, which must be overmoulded. When the injection process is completed, the star handle can be removed. This does not need to be reworked. If all parts are completely injection-moulded and there are enough finished plastic star handles in the collection basket, we can store these parts in our warehouse and if you order from us, we can pack the goods together and send them to your address. After some days your delivery should arrive at your place.

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