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Fence screws have been given the name because they are intended and designed for fence construction. Fence screws are almost exclusively intended for working on wood.

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Many people who need to renovate their property or build a fence around their business cannot get around fence screws. These types of screws have become indispensable in the fencing industry today, because how else could these fast and stable connections between a fence post and the fence element be created. All screws used in fence construction are often referred to as fence screws, because the designation clearly defines what such screws can be used for as their main application. The matriral from which fence screws can be made is always made of steel or mild steel as the base material. In order to prevent corrosion of this structural steel, all screws must be coated with a black finish or a thin nickel layer. Only in this way, of course, can corrosion not be completely prevented, but only slowed down. So that one has forever peace and quiet when building a fence and does not have to unscrew the rusty screws and replace them with new ones, in the last few years one has switched to using only stainless steel fence screws. These defy all weather and usually an alloy is sufficient for the stainless steel screws of V2A. If however fences are built, which are used in the proximity of salt water, then always fence screws in the high-grade steel variant V4A are to be used. Because only these defy the salt water and their acid. Basically, screws with a half round head or a lens head are always used for fence screws. The holders for the drives are always designed as Torx or slotted or cross slotted. These are the typical drive forms for screws used in fence construction. These screws are once designed to create a connection between a fence post and the fence element, which can also be wood, and for this purpose wood fence screws are used. These screws have the famous semicircular head area and at the head the shaft with the wood thread or the coarse thread ends with the tip of the fence screw, so that it can be pressed against the wooden beam with only little pressure and screws itself into the wood by itself. Similarly, fence screws are also used, which are intended for connecting metal fences. Here the head is again semicircular and the shaft of the screw is designed as a metric machine thread. The drive of these special screws is usually made possible again by a Torx drive. These screws are used with all standard wire fences for the connector. But also screws that take up the foundation of a steel base to hold a wooden beam are called fence screws, because these screws are also directly related to the fence.

Our stock assortment of fence screws - buy online in our online shop

Fence Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AAs you have already seen in the previous article, especially fence screws are nowadays an enormous demand and demand that has to be met by the trade. The reason for the extreme demand for metal fence screws is that most of today's plots of land will be equipped with a wire fence made of metal, as this type of fencing is one of the cheapest variants that can be made in Im Zaunbach right after the wooden fence. So not only fence construction companies need fence screws in large quantities, but also more and more private hobbyists who want to build their fences themselves, so that costs can be saved. For this reason, and also after an increase in demand from our customers, we have tried to find a supplier or manufacturer who can supply us with large quantities of fence screws at low cost. Of course, we gladly took on this task and after some searching we found a suitable manufacturer who can supply us with high quality fence bolts on a permanent basis. For this reason, customers from Germany and the rest of Europe have the possibility to buy their fence screws at a reasonable price around the clock from us. So that the purchase can be carried out safely, it is also very important to us that your data is managed securely via our server, so that third parties have no possibility to access your data and addresses. The SSL coding prevents exactly this problem and by the coding your high-grade steel fence screws are fast in our on-line Shop favorably ordered without bad surprises to go through. Now you surely don't mind if we explain the fast and uncopied online purchase a little bit more exactly, so that you know exactly how such a purchase should take place, so that the fence screws arrive fast at your home or company, so that they can be mounted. Surely you have now also come to our website via one of the big search engines by using the term "fence screws" and we would like to welcome you. Now you have the possibility to search for all your products made of metal, steel or stainless steel (V2A or V4A) and put them in the shopping cart in the quantity you want. Of course this also applies to all other products which are available for purchase in our shop. If all fence screws are now in the basket and you would like to complete the purchase, please create your account with us by entering your delivery address or email address. This completes the second important order process. If you now wish to check out completely, you will be guided through the instructions and now have the possibility to choose your payment option. By paying for the fence screws you now confirm that the purchase is complete. You will also receive an order confirmation from us and we will go to the warehouse to prepare your order for shipment.

The production of fence screws

Fence Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ASince the quantities of fence screws are of course constantly increasing, it is also necessary to adjust the production conditions to the increased conditions. In this section it is of course important to us to give you an understanding of the production of metal or stainless steel fence screws with metric thread or wood thread or coarse thread during production. Most fence builders are certainly aware of how to use these screws and how they can be mounted quickly and safely so that the woven fence or fence panels can be enjoyed by their owners for a long time to come. However, most fitters do not know how these fence screws are manufactured. We would like to shed some light on this point for you in this article. In addition we must also say that we also want to briefly touch on the earlier production methods, so that you can make a direct comparison between a production in the past and today, we have been able to see for ourselves how these screws can be manufactured in production. In the past, they were all more mechanical and therefore a little bit more remedial. This does not mean that production was very slow. No, it is essentially the fact that the mechanical machines were "programmed" exclusively via cam discs and that the changeover times to other sizes and diameters of fence screws had to be planned in the long term. Today, on the modern CNC screwing machines, this situation looks completely different. The economic efficiency has risen extremely and the demand has also increased proportionally. This means a constant demand with constant quality. In order for these criteria to harmonize together, the production possibilities of the fence screws had to be adapted. This process was only possible by integrating the CNC machines. In each machine a chuck is incorporated in which most of the production processes are controlled. Outside is the drum which stores the wire. If the wire is now inserted into the drum, production can start quickly. Now the steel wire is first cut to length and the desired head shape is pressed together with the collar. Then the final pressing of the head of the fence screw takes place. Now, in the last process, only the desired thread is rolled onto the screws, which can be a wood thread or a machine thread. If this process is also completed, the screws can be stored in our warehouse and shipped to you when you place an order.


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