The different payment methods

We offer our customers a variety of different payment options so that the order can be processed quickly and easily and the ordered goods shipped to you.

Public institutions and facilities

Now it is often the case that public institutions or facilities (offices, authorities, schools, churches as well as all facilities with public carrier within Germany) have to process your orders almost exclusively with a purchase on account. With pleasure we offer you the purchase on account from the first order with us. Please inquire about your purchase directly by e-mail. Please also remember that it must be clearly evident that you are one of the institutions described above. If it is not clearly evident within the mail, you can send us this credibility by mail attachment.


As a company you are welcome to order your goods from us. As a new customer we offer you the payment options listed below, except for purchase on account. The purchase on account is only possible for you as a new customer after the 2nd - successfully paid - order. If the first 2 orders have been processed in an uncomplicated way, please contact us and we will activate the purchase on account for you in our online store.


Many of our customers order our goods for their private home use. In this case, all payment options listed below are available to you with the exception of purchase on account. We do not offer this option for the private user.

1. Bank Transfer / Preypayment

2. Invoice (exclusively for companies, offices, authorities, schools, churches and all institutions with public support within Germany and after 2 successful prepayment-orders - will be activated after 2 orders in your account). Not for private buyers!

3. Paypal

4. Credit Cart

5. Mastercard

6. Visacard

7. Instant bank transfer

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Hinweis / Note