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Pipe clamps are simple and yet important elements with which you can quickly fasten a pipe. Pipe clamps also belong to the large group of maritime articles and can be classified there. In order to avoid corrosion, stainless steel is the preferred material.

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These days, pipe clamps are indispensable. Pipe clamps made of stainless steel are an indispensable fastening element, especially in pipeline construction, which permanently fastens pipes to walls or routes by means of pipe clamps and loosens them again if necessary. A wide variety of pipe clamps are used by installation companies. There are half-clamp pipe clamps, all-round pipe clamps, pipe clamps with sound insulation and and and... But these little helpers are not only used thousands of times a day in installation companies. Meanwhile also machine construction enterprises need many pipe clamps made of high-grade steel around their water pipes for cooling purposes to install or however the high pressure lines for laser cutting machines to fasten surely. You can see how limitless the use of pipe clamps is. Many do not know that there are so many pipe clamps in different designs. For more information regarding pipe clamps and their installation, please visit our blog. A pipe clamp is a structure that wraps around a round pipe element to secure it permanently in the specified position. Today, modern pipe clamps made of steel or stainless steel are always used as single pipe clamps or as split pipe clamps. The structure of a single band pipe clamp is such that the band, which is placed around the pipe element, always has a hole at both ends, whereby a screw connection is inserted and the pipe clamp is then securely secured to the pipe element by pulling the band together. The split pipe clamps only have two split clamp halves, each wrapped around the pipe. The half ends have tabs with holes. The pipe clamp can now be screwed tightly together using two screw connections once it has been placed around the pipe. The pipe element is held securely by the static friction and the pressure of the clamp halves. The materials used for the pipe clamps are always steel or stainless steel. Stainless steel is followed by two alloys, stainless steel V2A and V4A. V2A is usually always sufficient for most applications. But if you want to use the pipe clamps in damp rooms with salt water or on boats and yachts, you should always use V4A, because only these alloys are absolutely resistant. In the following article, we will go into our stock programme in more detail and how an order in our online shop should ideally proceed.

Our delivery program of stainless steel pipe clamps - Buy online in our online shop

Pipe Clamps Stainless Steel V2A V4ASince many years, since the construction of our web page, we are successful with the sales at pipe clamps from V2A and/or V4A to the most different trades in the industry and in the handicraft. Our clamps are particularly popular in many locksmith's shops and installation companies for pipeline construction and air conditioning systems. However, we do not only supply companies all over Germany, but also all over Europe. This has enabled us to win many new customers from a wide variety of sectors, which further spurs us on to further expand our product range in order to meet customer requirements. So we offer our customers 24 hours the possibility to buy their pipe clamps in our online shop at a reasonable price and thus place your order at any time of day or night. In order to provide you with maximum security regarding your data, we have decided to completely convert our website to the serh secure SSL certificate. This ensures maximum security during the transmission of your sensitive data that no third parties can access the data. This has many advantages for your purchase in the online shop. But how exactly the order of your pipe clamps made of stainless steel and our other products is carried out, we would like to tell you in a few short words. Take your time to find all the pipe clamps you need and put them in the desired quantity in the shopping basket. You can choose between a very small quantity and a larger one. If all goods are selected and in the shopping basket, then you are asked to create your customer account and to deposit your data. If this step is also completed, you now have the opportunity to choose your best payment method. We offer several different payment methods. Now execute your payment and confirm it by pressing the button. If the payment was successful, you receive an automatic email from our system, which shows you again exactly, which pipe clamps you bought with us. Now your order is compiled in our warehouse and handed over to the responsible transport company. After a few days, you should find your stainless steel pipe clamps with the other ordered products in your mailbox. Pipe clamps made of stainless steel or steel, so that you could get a small insight where these clamps are preferably used and how they can be mounted to create a pipe fixation, so that the pipe can be held firmly in the respective position. Since the beginning of the technical revolution after the 19th century, more and more pipe clamps have been needed, because the pipelines have become more and more advanced and have become more and more complex due to industrialisation. As a result, the demand for stainless steel pipe clamps and steel pipe clamps has continued to grow. So the market on the Internet also had to adapt more and more and provide the necessary quantities of pipe clamps to meet the increasing demand. For this reason, we have also continuously increased our stock programme so that we can supply our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe with the appropriate stainless steel pipe clamps quickly and easily. It is agal whether the clamps are with or without rubber inlay. Thus we offer our customers light and heavy versions of pipe clamps in many variations. So all our customers have the possibility to buy your products fast and easy via our online shop cheap and have them delivered fast to your home or company. Security is also a big issue and so we decided some time ago to change the whole domain to the secure SSL certificate. This creates more security when handling your data. Let us also say a few words about purchasing or ordering pipe clamps. Surely we may count you among our customers and you have found us through a large search engine (search word pipe clamps). So you are now on our website and have all the time in the world to put your products in the desired quantity in the shopping cart. Afterwards you can create an account within our website. Thereby you deposit all your data, like the delivery address and if you want to finish the purchase now, just follow the further steps of the shopping cart, if you are logged in. Now you will be shown a selection of payment options, which will give you the freedom to choose which method you would like to use for payment. Now confirm the payment by clicking the purchase button! If everything was successful, you will automatically receive an order confirmation, which lists exactly what kind of pipe clamps you have ordered from us.

The different pipe clamps

Pipe Clamps Stainless Steel V2A V4AWith the pipe clamp as a bracket, this type of pipe clamp is most often used in most installation companies when it comes to drilling water pipes directly onto walls. These pipe clamps are made and designed precisely for this purpose. The bracket pipe clamp has two brackets on both sides of the pipe clamp in which the fixing holes are located. The pipe clamp is made of stainless steel and can also be installed in damp rooms. Here is the link to the pipe clamp with stainless steel bracket. The pipe clamps with straight brackets. With these pipe clamps, which are also made of stainless steel, the brackets lead down parallel to the side of the pipe clamp. In these brackets there are again the fixing holes to fix the pipe clamp to the pipeline or steel girders which have the same distance as the brackets from the pipe clamp. Especially in installation companies such pipe clamps must not be missing from the workshop equipment. The pipe clamp with straight long stainless steel brackets. Pipe clamps made of metal or stainless steel, because we see this as an important point, so that all those who work with pipe clamps, also get a small insight into how they can be produced. In the past, pipe clamps were produced on purely mechanical machines, the so-called strip steel forming machines. These did not have any CNC control or other systems. There was a device inside the machine that allowed a purely mechanical forming of the incoming steel strip with each rotary movement of the cam disc. In this process, a steel strip, which is unwound as endless material from a roll, is fed into the machine. Then the first half radius of the pipe clamp is bent and in the same step the holes on each side are punched. This is done at a moderate speed, which spits out the finished halves of the pipe clamps one by one. Today, only powerful CNC strip forming machines with punches are used in the manufacturing or production process. There are many advantages associated with this, because a changeover to a different shape is possible without any problems, so only the forming tools have to be exchanged and the zero points have to be readjusted. Afterwards all parameters can be loaded via the CNC program and thus all speeds are stored and all feeds are entered. Now only the stainless steel or steel strip has to be stored and prepared on a drum outside the forming machine. When the steel strip is fed into the machine, the production of the pipe clamps can start immediately. Now the pipe clamp is bent in half round form and the holes for the screw connections are punched. This process takes place at a very high speed, so that these forming machines can work very economically. Another advantage is that the quality does not have to drop. If enough pipe clamps are now collected in the storage container, the assembly can be carried out by means of the screws and the clamps are ready to be stored in our warehouse. If an order arrives with us via our online shop, we can process your order quickly and promptly and hand over the goods to the shipping company.


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