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Expansion screws also belong to the large family of screws. The expansion screw has retained its name because it can expand and thus generate a basic stress.

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Many questions often arise as to exactly what an expansion screw is and what it can be used for? We have chosen this article by explaining everything about expansion screws so that you can quickly get an overview of what these special screws can and must achieve. In this chapter, we would like to explain the exact structure of an expansion screw in more detail and also explain the manufacturing possibilities. Furthermore, we would like to briefly present our stock program of expansion screws and also explain the material structures. However, we would like to start with the exact structure of an expansion screws made of steel or stainless steel and its material properties. Such a high-strength expansion screws can be designed and constructed as expansion bolt or expansion screw. As a rule, an expansion bolt always has a shank and a hexagonal head designed as machine screws. Now it is the case that compared to the conventional screw, an expansion screw never has a complete thread over the entire length of the screw shank. There is a reason for this! The shaft between the head of the expansion screw and the beginning of the partial thread of the screw is exactly the piece, why the expansion screw made of steel got its Neman. This section is partly 13 percent smaller in diameter than the core diameter of the thread section. Exactly this "tapered" expansion piece makes the expansion screw what it is. The shaft of the expansion bolt is tightened by a controlled torque and until the expansion shaft of the bolt is only slightly stretched, and this preload on the workpieces means that the bolts can no longer be loosened by themselves. Since this prestressing was initiated via the expansion shaft. This tensile force is permanently maintained until a static deformation has occurred. This condition of an expansion screw is called "setting". A certain basic preload is still to be expected. Only in this way can an expansion screw be perfectly secured in the desired position without additional screw locking. However, if a static condition changes to a dynamic load cycling condition, the expansion bolt can almost completely lose its pretension. Now you can try to further increase the torque at the bolt head, but there is a high chance that the expansion screw can quickly tend to overstretch. This should be avoided at all costs. In this case it is advisable to replace the old expansion screw with a new one. Today, expansion bolts are used in mechanical engineering, as well as in steel construction or bridge construction. The material used for expansion screws is high-strength steel or stainless steel. This can consist of V2A or V4A. The areas of application for expansion bolts have steadily expanded in recent years and therefore it is not to be expected that such bolts will not be used from a technical point of view.

Our stock program of expansion screws - Buy online in our Online Shop

Expansion Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow the demand for expansion screws made of steel or stainless steel has also increased drastically in recent years. This is a normal reaction when screws are used in more and more areas of technology. Especially mechanical engineering or bridge construction can hardly do without the important expansion screws today. However, now it is the case that these types of scrubber hoods cannot simply be bought cheaply everywhere, but companies have to search for them in order to find the right expansion screws. The few online shops that offer such expansion screws are often no longer able to meet the high demand. This has to change, because when companies search for such special screws, the online shops have to be able to serve the demand. A few years ago, we decided to serve our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe with such metal expansion screws in the desired quantities. For this purpose, we have searched for a supplier who can reliably supply us with a sufficient quantity of expansion screws. The rest is taken care of by the online shop, where you can order our products 24 hours a day from us conveniently at the click of a mouse and buy them cheaply. So that the purchase can also proceed safely, it is all the more important that the entire website also works in a secure mode. For this purpose we have converted the entire website from the secure SSL certificate. Only this certificate enables us to offer the greatest possible security when it comes to data transfer after your purchase. Now we can safely assume that you have also found us via a large search engine on the Internet, because you have started to search for expansion screws. The search engine then provided our category of expansion screws as a suggestion. So you are now with us and are already in the right category. Now take your time to look around in this segment. If you have been able to find the right expansion bolts in our shop under certain circumstances, you can now define the quantity that you need for your building project via the number of pieces. Place the desired quantities in the shopping basket. Now you can select further products or screws within our web page and put also into the shopping cart. Would you like to check out now? Then you now have the possibility to create your account and enter and leave all relevant data. If this next order section has also been completed, you can now, if you want to pay for the expansion bolts, follow the further shopping cart instructions and after a few clicks you will see the selection of payment options. Now select the best one and buy the goods. You will then receive a purchase confirmation with all the details for the purchase of your expansion screws. Now we can also become active and process your order and make it ready for shipment.

The production of expansion screws

Expansion Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AHaving arrived at the last paragraph of the expansion screws, we have already been able to convey to you some information about the expansion screws, their construction and the places of use. We have been able to expand your knowledge and know what expansion screws can be used for. Of course, steel constructors and other manufacturers and assemblers and steel construction companies are very familiar with the use of steel or stainless steel expansion bolts, but many actually have no knowledge about the manufacture of such special screws. So that we can bring some light into the dark, we have also thought in this last paragraph to bring you a little closer to the manufacturing process of such expansion screws made of metal. Of course we would like to do that as well. In today's modern world of screw production, automatic screwdrivers are more and more in demand to produce such screws. Such highly complex machines are equipped with linear drives and measuring instruments, which allow a high-precision production of such expansion screws in a highly economical scope. This was not always the case. Because only 30 years ago CNC screw machines were not so well known and very expensive to buy. This has changed and more and more screw manufacturers are now able to produce high-precision expansion screws at low cost on such complex machines. This is the only way for every dealer to be marketable on the market and to keep up with prices. So that such a machine can also set itself in motion and know exactly which screw is to be manufactured, it is important to load this a CNC program with all parameters. It contains feeds and speeds as well as pressure and pressing movements, which are extremely important in the production of expansion screws. Within such a machine there is always a processing station, which can take over all processes of the manufacture of expansion screws. There is also a thread roll in the machine, which has two counter-rotating rolls. These rollers are hardened and can then transfer the thread contours to the screw shaft. Outside, loaders for stainless steel rods or a drum loader for endless thin material are used. If the start button is now pressed, the round material is drawn into the machine and cut to the previously calculated length. In the second part, the pre-pressing of the head takes place and then the final pressing of the hexagonal head. Once this section has been completed, the partial thread is reduced by extrusion so that it later becomes the expansion part of the expansion screw, which has no thread. In the last section of the shaft, the thread must now be rolled on. To do this, the shaft of the expansion screw is pressed between the thread rolls under high pressure so that the thread can be transferred piece by piece. Now the expansion screw is almost ready and can be stored in our warehouse after cleaning. If you place an order, the expansion screw will be packed and shipped to you.


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