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Partially threaded screws have received the name because they only have a partial thread. The rest of the shank is cylindrical. Partially threaded screws are usually equipped with a machine thread and are made of steel or stainless steel.

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What are actually partially threaded screws? We often speak of a partial thread on a screw, but many people have little use for this term. In this article we would like to give you all the details of the large group of partially threaded screws so that after reading this article you will understand which screws are involved. However, we would like not only to take a closer look at this topic, but also to clarify a few more points concerning the partially threaded screws. On the one hand, we also want to deal with the construction of a partially threaded screw and we also want to show you where such screws are used. Similarly, many people are wondering what material such partially threaded screws can be made of. We would like to describe the production of such screws with a partial thread in addition to the other two points, such as our delivery program and also in the last section. A partially threaded screw is a screw that has only one part with a thread on the shank and not a thread over the entire shank of the screw. No specific type of screw is grouped under this term, but this term describes only the shank and the thread and its length. Thus, a partially threaded screw can be equipped with a metric thread or with an inch thread. A partially threaded screw can be designed both as a machine screw and as a wood screw. It is also possible that a partially threaded screw has a cylindrical head but also a hexagonal head on the shank. Basically, it can be said that partially threaded screws are used wherever two different materials are to be joined. The reason is very simple. Because only where there is no thread on a partially threaded screw can the first component be inserted and only then can it be tightened firmly in the second component. If the semi-threaded screw had a full thread, the screw could not really press the first inserted workpiece, if it had a thread, firmly against the component with the screw head. This applies equally to machine screws with a metric or inch thread, as well as to wood screws with a hexagonal or cylindrical head. In this case, it must always be decided separately for each application which type of thread is required for its type of fastening in order to create a screw connection with a partial thread or a full thread. When it comes to the materials to be used for such screws, the higher-strength structural steel with a protective coating is usually always used. This material is usually sufficient for most applications to delay corrosion for a long time. Whoever works with partially threaded screws outdoors and implements building projects should always consider stainless steel as this material provides the necessary corrosion resistance. The material stainless steel for a partially threaded screw can be the alloy V2A or V4A. As a rule, the material stainless steel V2A is sufficient for a partially threaded screw, but if you want to install your partially threaded screws near salt water, you should always use stainless steel V4A, because only this alloy defies all weather conditions without corroding. So a perfect material to work with partially threaded screws.

Our stock range of partially threaded screws - buy online in our online shop

Partially Threaded Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ANow it is the partially threaded screws that have grown so much in recent years. Particularly in mechanical engineering and drywall construction, more and more partial-thread screws are needed, because sometimes more than two separate workpieces have to be screwed together. This makes it easier to screw in the partially threaded screws than the fully threaded screws, especially in the wood sector. This has advantages and also disadvantages. Because the increasing demand for partially threaded screws made of steel or stainless steel, with a metric thread, or an inch thread, or a wood screw, is getting harder and harder to meet: Because these quantities, which have to be served today, have to be made available by the large dealers in their online shops on the Internet. So it is also nice if some online shops can offer your partial thread screws cheaply and in large quantities for purchase. Here, however, the question always arises as to the conditions of stockkeeping and how large the warehouse can be. In order to change this situation we have decided to offer our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe the whole assortment of stainless steel and steel thread bolts in all common sizes for sale. As a result, we have established this category of partial thread screws as a large category and summarize some important types of screws, which are all equipped with a partial thread. So that you can now buy your partial thread screws safely in our online shop, the subject of security is not to be neglected. For this reason, we have decided to convert the entire website to the secure SSL certificate. Only this encrypted protection helps you when buying your partial-thread screws, so that the data can be managed safely and cannot be accessed by third parties. In this context, let us also say a few words about the ordering process to make the purchase of your thread screws quick and easy. Of course, we assume that if you are reading this text, you have reached us via a search engine, because you are looking for the right thread inserts. So you are now already in the right department and can get a small overview of all shown stainless steel and steel partial-thread screws. If you have found what you are looking for, you now have the possibility to put the screws in the shopping cart in the quantity you require. You can now add other products to the shopping cart and store them, or you can complete the purchase and pay for the goods so that they can be shipped. Then you should now create an account and enter all your data. Now you can go back to the shopping cart, where you can store your partially threaded screws and click through until the payment options are displayed. Select now and buy your screws. If all was successful, you will receive an order confirmation with all details about your purchase of the partial-thread screws. Now we can also process your order and hand it over to the shipping department.

The production of partially threaded screws

Partially Threaded Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AHaving already arrived at the last section, we would like to take a look at the production of such screws after all the information on the subject of partially threaded screws and give you some more information on this topic. Surely many of you know now what can be called a partially threaded screw made of metal and where these screws can and should be used, but most of you know almost nothing about the production of such screws with a partial thread. We will go back to both manufacturing processes, the old mechanical machines for screws and the production on modern CNC machines. As always, we would like to start with the production of partially threaded screws on older, purely mechanical machines. These machines are equipped with cam controls, which control the entire control of the machine during production. The disadvantage of such older machines is that the changeover time from one product to the next takes a long time, because everything has to be set up purely mechanically. Furthermore, such an older machine also produces very slowly and only a few partially threaded screws compared to modern machines. The advantage was that such machines were hardly susceptible to breakdowns. Now we come to the modern CNC machines, where even small batch sizes can be set up without any problems and also a changeover is fast. This also increases the quality of the partially threaded screws. In order to equip such a machine and start a production, a CNC program must be loaded, on which all parameters, such as feeds or speeds as well as pressures are stored. Then only the loader behind the machine has to be loaded or also the wire drum loader for the endless wire and the partial thread screw production can start. Now the raw stainless steel wire is inserted into the CNC screw machine and first of all the wire is shortened to the pre-calculated length. Now the head of the partial-thread screw is pre-pressed. Afterwards the rest of the head is pressed with the drive. The drive can always be designed as a torx, cross slot or hexagon. Now only the partially threaded shaft with the correct thread has to be rolled on, either as metric thread or as inch thread or as wood thread or even as coarse thread in the case of the partially threaded screw. To do this, the partial thread screw with the shaft is pressed into two rotating rollers and the partial thread is rolled onto the screw under high pressure. If enough partial-thread screws are produced, the screws can be stored in the bearing. If we receive an order for certain part thread screws, we can prepare your order for dispatch and send it to you. After a few days your order should arrive with the steel or stainless steel screws, so that you can install the goods.


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