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Hexagon head screws are machine screws in the actual sense, which are equipped with a machine thread. The head of the hexagon head screw is hexagonal and can be tightened with a wrench.

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Do you know that the hexagon head screws are the most well-known and the oldest type of screws that we want to explain in more detail in this article? Of course you do not know it to this extent, but the first fasteners after riveting were the metal hexagon head screws made of steel and stainless steel. However, with the serious difference that a riveted joint cannot be loosened without destroying the fastener. This is not the case with the hexagon head screw. So we want to answer some questions like: How exactly is a hexagon head screw constructed? Or the question: Which materials are used today for hexagon socket head screws? Furthermore, we would like to shed light on the possible applications of hexagon head screws and also explain our stock as well as, as always in the last section, how such steel construction screws can be manufactured. Let us start with how such a screw is constructed. A hexagon head screw is basically a machine screw that is equipped with a head that has a hexagon drive. This screw can then, if it is to be mounted, simply be packed with a wrench or a fork wrench and tightened by a torque and a rotary motion or loosened again. A very high torque can be transmitted to the screw body by the external hexagon on the screw head, without overtightening the drive when the tool is new and undamaged. This high torque can, however, be generated at this hexagon head screw because the hexagon head has a large diameter. At the head is then the shaft of the screw with the appropriate thread. Either a metric thread or an inch thread, if we speak of machine screws, or the screw that can be turned into a piece of wood, as a coarse thread or as a wooden thread. When we talk about the material, a higher strength steel is used where the entire screw body is usually given a protective coating, i.e. a nickel coating. However, if you like the fact that the hexagon head screws do not rust at all, you cannot avoid the material stainless steel as V2A or as V4A variant. Basically, hexagon head screws made of steel or stainless steel are always used on mechanical constructions or bridges or steel constructions if the screws are designed as metric or inch screws. These screws can then be provided with a full thread or a partial thread. Depending on the application and thickness of the material to be screwed.

Our stock program of hexagon head screws - Buy online in our online shop

Outside Hexagon Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4ASince the external hexagon head screws made of steel and stainless steel are the most well-known and oldest screw connections, it is not surprising that the demand for such fastening elements is almost limitless. These screws are used in all steel construction companies and locksmiths who want to transfer a strong torque from a tool to the hexagon head screw. However, due to the ever-increasing demand for such standard screws, the availability of such elements in online shops must be constant, especially for large quantities for industry. Some of the Internet Online Shops already offer such screws, but when ordering a larger quantity of hexagon head screws, the delivery time is often very high or almost gear not given. For this reason it is very meaningful, if ever more of the on-line Shops these screws favorably and freely available to buy offer. So that the circle can be closed, also our customers and asked whether not also we want to extend our category of the external hexagon screws, so that the availability for our customers from Germany and the rest of Europe at each day and night time your screws can buy fast and uncomplicatedly with us favorably. Of course this is only one point, but there is also the security issue of an online shop that offers so many products for its customers. This has led us to convert the entire domain to the secure SSL certificate and thus make an important contribution to the topic of security. Through this procedure, it is no longer possible to access the data of our customers through third parties when they are handed over to our merchandise management system when purchasing the external hexagon head screws made of steel or stainless steel. But this is not the only point we wanted to address when purchasing your hexagon head screws. We would also like to take a closer look at the order process in this context, so that you can see exactly how an order process is put together via our online shop. We assume that you have found our online shop with the offer of hexagon head screws made of steel or stainless steel via one of the many search engines on the net. Then you can take a closer look at the products in this category to select the appropriate hexagon head screws and then place them in the shopping basket in the quantity you require. Afterwards you have the possibility to buy further products too cheaply or to pay for the screws. If you would like to initiate the payment process, you must first create your own login and enter your order data. Then go back to the shopping basket where your hexagon head screws are placed and press the "Next" button until you see the selection of payment options. You can now choose which payment method you prefer and buy your screws. If everything was successful, you will receive an order summary of your purchase and can complete the purchase of your hexagon head screws with it. We can now process your order and ship it to you.

The production of hexagon head screws

Outside Hexagon Screws Stainless Steel V2A V4AIn this last article, we would like to explain the production of hexagon head screws in more detail, so that you can get an idea of how such technical processes work, until finally, at the end of production, a finished and installable hexagon head screw made of steel or stainless steel sees the light of day and also complies with the regulations and current standards. Today, this requires state-of-the-art production facilities so that a high-quality screw can be produced. Let us now begin, briefly introduce you to the CNC screw machine, so that you can get an insight. Basically, such steel construction screws or machine screws, if they are very small screws, are always wound on a drum loader as endless goods. If, for example, the production involves thicker hexagon head screws, the hexagon rods are deposited in a bar loader as steel or stainless steel variation. In the CNC machine there is a machining centre, which carries out all production steps, which are necessary for the production of the screws. Once the CNC program is loaded with all the parameters and the machine is set up, production can begin and the hexagonal material in the loader or on the drum loader can be introduced into the machine to start manufacturing the screws. At the beginning the core diameter for the respective thread is turned down first. Now the thread can be rolled onto the screws. This is done by holding the screw between two counter-rotating rollers and under high pressure the thread is transferred to the shaft of the screw. Afterwards the hexagon head screw is almost finished and only the chamfers around the hexagon are left. Once this has been done, the screws can be tapped off and fall into the collection container. If now enough of the manufactured screws are produced, these screws can be sorted into the compartment of the hexagon head screws in the bearing. After an order from you the dispatch can now be prepared.


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